This year, Jupiter enters into an opposition with Uranus, which lasts ten months and spans 20 to 27º of Cardinal signs, affecting those with Sun in Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn everywhere. Uranus brings revolution, revolt, rebellion and large shifts in consciousness, while Jupiter expands everything it touches. The opposition is a stressful aspect—what could this mean for us here on Earth? The script below describes one way it could go, but first, how will you know if this even matters to you?

Does this transit affect you?

If you were born within the following dates, you will feel this transit strongly:
April 9 through 17 of any year
July 11 through 19 of any year
October 12 through 20 of any year
January 10 through 18 of any year

This post is for you if. . .

  • You’ve been trying to make a change but banging your head against a wall—possibly for years
  • You have difficulty making the large breakthroughs in your life, perhaps because of a lack of courage or confidence
  • You’re ready to bust through that glass ceiling

How Jupiter opposed Uranus works
(this part is technical, but brief)

The connection between Jupiter and Uranus is strongest when it’s exact and there are 3 days this year when that happens. I’ll show you images of these connections below but first, please know that if one of those days happens to be your birthday or within a few days on either side of it, then Jupiter and Uranus will have powerful lessons expressly for you in this birthday year. A reading of your birthday chart (called a Solar Return) can help you discover what it means for your year and how to use it to the fullest capacity. These are the dates of the exact Jupiter-Uranus connections this year: December 26, 2016, March 2, 2017 and September 27, 2017.

The first pass happens on December 26, 2016, while Jupiter is direct at 20º Libra and Uranus is retrograde at 20º Aries. If you have anything in 20º of a Cardinal sign—such as your Sun, Moon or Ascendant, and so on—you will feel this (see diagram for pass 1).

Jupiter opposed Uranus pass 1

The second pass happens on March 2, 2017, while Jupiter is retrograde and Uranus is direct and both are at 22º of their signs. If you have anything in 22º of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, you will feel this (see diagram for pass 2).

Jupiter opposed Uranus pass 2

The third pass is where this transit ends, on September 27, 2017 with Jupiter direct at 27º Libra while Uranus is still retrograde in 27º Aries. This will affect you if you have anything in 27º of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn (see diagram for pass 3).

Jupiter opposed Uranus pass 3

What could this stressful planetary aspect mean? The following story illustrates one way it could go. . .

Jupiter is strolling around at the top of Mount Olympus and encounters Uranus, who is wearing a bright red superhero costume and wielding a hammer.
Jupiter: Uranus dude, what are you up to?
Uranus: These really need breaking. We need some new ideas around here.
Jupiter comes closer to see what Uranus is talking about. Uranus has assembled a bunch of pieces of wood, which are nailed together in squares.
Jupiter: Are those. . . frames?
Uranus: Yes, they are! They are conceptual frames.
But before he can explain further, they hear footsteps and the sound of panting approaching. It’s Human Being, who is laboring his way up the mountainside.
Human Being: Here, Uranus, I’ve brought you some more.
He dumps about 20 more frames on the ground at Uranus’ feet.
Jupiter: Wow, feeling godly today are we, Uranus?
Uranus: You bet! Now it’s time for some destruction!
He takes the hammer to the frames, sending splinters of wood everywhere. Jupiter and the hapless Human Being cover their faces. When the noise is over, they peek out between their fingers. Uranus is looking very satisfied with himself. Human Being looks lost.
Human Being (breaking into a wail): What am I going to do without my cherished conceptual frames? How will I understand things?
Jupiter puts a fatherly arm around Human Being and leads him off to the side.
Jupiter: You know, Uranus can be that way sometimes. Perhaps it’s time you turned to religion for some answers.
Uranus: Science!
Jupiter: Religion!
Uranus: Science!
Jupiter: Religion!
Uranus: Forgive us, Human Being, it’s a sort of shared tic we have. We can’t help it.
Jupiter: Back to the point. The world is a lovelier place when you have a view that encompasses fairness.
Uranus: You only think that because you’re Libra.
Jupiter: And you only want to destroy things because you’re in Aries.
Human Being (breaking in): But which of the world’s religions is fair?
Jupiter: Umm, wish I could answer that.
Uranus (pulling Human Being aside): You can’t just accept the beliefs that were handed to you. You’ve got to experiment with life! Think differently! Outside the box! New and unusual! (He’s flushing with excitement)
Human Being: Frankly, you both scare me. Do you realize that when you shout, explosions happen down on Earth? And caught in the middle between you, what will I and all the other Human Beings do?
Uranus: Become a radical! (kaboom!)
Jupiter: Turn to religion! (crash!)
Uranus: Experiment! (bang!)
Jupiter: Grow as a person! (smash!)
Uranus: Form a hypothesis! (poof!)
Jupiter: Tell a story! (kapow!)
Uranus: Make an experiment! (bonk!)
Jupiter: Look at the big picture! (bash!)
Uranus: Distance yourself! (kabing!)
Jupiter: Involve yourself! (kaplooie!)
Human Being: It’s getting way too hot around here. I need to take a vacation someplace peaceful. This radicalized atmosphere is too much for me.
Neptune in Pisces appears, shimmering in the air like Glinda. She sweeps him up and begins to carry him away, patting his head in a soothing way. With a deep sigh, Human Being instantly goes to sleep.
Uranus: Hey, where are you going?
Neptune (as she drifts off with Human Being in tow): Off to find a nice island somewhere. And if that’s not possible, probably just going to fill up this Human Being with some escapist drugs.

If you are feeling this transit
and want to understand its meaning in your life,
an astrology reading will clarify this and much, much more.

How to find out more

You can read more about Jupiter’s activity this year here.
You can read more about Uranus’ activity this year here.
You might also try Are You Currently In Transition?
And to get oriented to the other transits going on this year, check out Transits This Year.



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The Moon in your chart tells what has you feel safe, secure and well taken care of. If you satisfy your Lunar needs, you are able to relax, rest deeply and engage in the healthy form of self-care that matters most to you.

Your Moon sign is the key to experiencing deep emotional well-being and happiness. 

Do you have the Moon in Libra in your astrology chart?

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Pandora Astrology Moon in Libra infographic

How to find out more:

The infographic above can only hint at the deeper understanding of your Moon in Libra that astrology has to offer.  To find out more about Moon in Libra (in your chart or in the chart of someone you share a home with or care about), get this teleclass recording: Moon in Libra Teleclass Video.

The Moon In Libra Teleclass is an MP4 video recording lasting approximately an hour and costing $19.97.
To get the recording, use this webpage for a fast and easy MP4 download. May it feed your soul!

If you don’t have the Moon in Libra, you can find out about YOUR Moon sign by joining the free teleclass for it, coming up this year:

Sign Up For Free Moon Sign Teleclasses



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March’s Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, with Shadow Agents Mars and Mercury in attendance. Mercury aligns with the Sun in Aries, demanding logic and swift thought. Mars cheers from the sidelines in support. But the Moon in Libra wants balance instead of impulsivity. And all the while, the thoughts are flying thick and fast. What to do? Make a mental net to capture all the ideas that may come along this swift, intuitive stream. Do you have a good idea-capturing system? Now might be the time to begin.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: March 23, 2016
Time of eclipse: 5:01 AM Pacific Time
Type: penumbral (weak in intensity)
Visible in: North America, northwest part of South America, Australia, eastern Russia, China, Japan, Mongolia, India.
At: 3º Libra
Nodal Orientation: the eclipsed Moon conjunct North Node creates an Initiating (not Releasing) nodal orientation
Shadow Agents:  Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury in Aries

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
March 18 to 28
June 19 to 29
September 21 to October 1
December 19 to 29

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable. A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).

This lunar eclipse falls at the North Node, making this an initiating eclipse, one which is capable of sparking events that can lead to a new beginning. Be courageous and try new things under this eclipse. You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after). The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You are resting at home, when the doorbell rings. Not expecting any company, you walk to the door and curiously open it a crack. The Sun in Aries, and his small, feisty pal Mercury in Aries, come bursting through the door. “We REFUSE to compromise!” they both scream in unison. Before you have a chance to open to your mouth and ask questions, both planets begin ranting. You suddenly realize that once you’ve let unbridled, Aries energy into your house, there is no way to simply ask it to leave…

“I just moved in with my girlfriend, the Moon in Libra,” whines the blowhard Sun in Aries. “And now, my life has been totally hijacked by this relationship! When I was living on my own, I could do whatever I want! If I didn’t feel like washing the dishes, guess what? They wouldn’t get washed ‘till I felt like it! Also, I could come and go every time I pleased, without ever having to check in with anybody!” The Sun was puffed up with anger. His face became redder and redder as he continued his petulant tirade.

“Ever since my girlfriend moved in, everything I do becomes a long discussion. If I want to decorate, I have to clear it with her first. If I want to invite my buddies over, I have to ask her if it works for her too. I’m sick of this! I want to be a bachelor again!”

The Sun and Mercury storm into your living room and plop down on your couch. They put their feet up on your coffee table. You hesitantly offer some advice, “Well relationships can be tough, because they require lots of communication…” but then you get interrupted by brash Mercury in Aries.

“Who is better at communicating than me?” he exclaims as he clearly hasn’t heard anything you have just said. All of a sudden, a text pings on your phone. It’s from the Moon in Libra: “Excuse me, but would it be all right if I stopped by? I’m having problems with my boyfriend, the Sun, and I’m at my wit’s end about what to do with him. I would appreciate some advice about it.”

As the Sun and Mercury whine on about how lame it is to have to talk about everything, they don’t even notice you texting the Moon back. You write: “Of course you are welcome to come over. But the Sun has already beat you here!”

Half an hour passes, and the Sun and Mercury have not stopped talking about how much the Sun is ready to move out from his home with the Moon. In fact, neither of them has even asked you one question about how you are doing. You’ve already begun to sense where the root of the problem in communication may lie…

The doorbell rings and you get up to answer it. As you expected, the Moon in Libra is at the door. She is standing there politely, and has even brought over some flowers in a gesture of consideration. Behind her is Mars in Sagittarius, one of the Sun’s best friends. As they enter the living room, the Sun and Mercury jump up from the couch. “Hey, Mars buddy!” the Sun exclaims. “Did my girlfriend drag you over here? Oh, hey babe….” the Sun says as he glances over at Moon.

Mars in Sagittarius has often played the mediator between the couple, diffusing tensions and suggesting actions that can help things move forward when they’re stuck. The Aries Sun loves his bluntness, and the Libra Moon enjoys his travel stories. They’re both happy to see him, sensing an end to the tension between them.

“Guys, it’s time you two sit down and discuss you problems,” Mars says, as the Sun rolls his eyes. “Discuss?! That’s all we ever do! I guess I have no patience for living with someone else. I’m not much of a compromiser.”

“Oh, shut up and grow up, Sun!” replies Mars in his typical shoot-from-the-hip style. “You’ve been hanging around with that Peter Pan Mercury in Aries too much. He may never want to grow up, but you’d better, if you expect to have the lovely and talented Moon in Libra in your life.” It’s just the kind of directness that the Sun in Aries needs to make him actually listen. “I could never have said that to him,” whispers the Moon in your ear.

“There’s no reason to be afraid of having your independence taken,” says Mars. “The Moon is in an Air sign. She’s perfectly capable of giving you space when you need it. But now that you and she are living together, naturally she expects you to tell her about things ahead of time, because they affect her too.”

For the first time you can ever remember, the Sun is at a loss for words. Even Mercury in Aries can’t argue with that kind of logic.

Mars in Sagittarius continues, “Sun in Aries, you don’t want to be single. You’ve been on your own for most of your life. This is merely a new experience—and there’s no one better than you at trying new things. Maybe underneath all of your complaints, you are just really afraid of something…maybe it’s becoming more mature, maybe it’s losing your independence…but those fears are all ungrounded. You see, Libra Moon isn’t your adversary, she’s your teammate. And with her, your life is so much better. You live in a beautiful home with someone who cares about what you’re up to. What could be better than that?”

The Moon in Libra relaxes noticeably because Mars has cut straight to the point. And the Sun relaxes too. “Thanks, my brother,” he says. “I needed that.” Mercury looks on in amazement that Mars has stated both positions and brought the two into alignment by being soft on the Moon and tough on the Sun. It looks like magic to him. He sidles up to Mars, whispering, “Can you teach me how you did that?” Mars signs him up for a teleseminar on the spot.

The Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra look adoringly into each other’s eyes, then link arms and happily stroll out of your home towards their own, trailing a cloud of little pink hearts.

Read about 2016’s eclipses here.

If you’re feeling this eclipse
and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above
contact Jamie for a reading.



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September’s Full Moon is a total Lunar Eclipse featuring a battle between Vesta in Aries and Juno in Libra. With a retrograde Mercury joining Juno and the Sun in Libra, will infidelities come out?  This one could be messy and you’ll have to talk it through. If you want more freedom and self-determination in the relationship, say so honestly and gently. If you want to take the partnership to the next level, say that too. The things you say, as well as how you say them, really matter here.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: September 27, 2015
Time of eclipse: 7:50 PM Pacific Time
Type: total (strong in intensity)
Visible in: North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, western Asia and Antarctica.
At: 4º Aries
Shadow Agents:  Mercury Retrograde in Libra, Juno in Libra, Vesta in Aries

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
March 20 to 30
June 21 to July 1
September 22 to October 3
December 21 to 31

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock on the door. You answer it. Juno enters, dressed in the height of fashion, accompanied by the equally well-dressed Sun in Libra, a man with an elegant profile. They sweep into your living room with a flourish. They look quite polished, and both are exceedingly gracious.
Juno: (to the Sun) Is he dawdling again? Where-oh-where is that Mercury?
Sun: He is retrograde, you know.
Mercury in Libra comes in behind them, looking frazzled but with a warm smile. You invite your pleasant guests into your living room to have a seat, and Juno pulls several pairs of knitting needles from a seemingly bottomless bag and hands them to everyone in the room. As you all start knitting together and conversing in the most civilized manner, a loud rapping is heard from the back door of the house.
Juno: (startled) What on Earth?
You excuse yourself and run toward the kitchen where the back door is. The Moon in Aries is outside and is impatiently banging his fists on the door, windows and anything else he can find that will make a loud noise. Vesta is with him. You hear their muffled voices through the door as you enter the kitchen.
Vesta: (to the Moon) Try knocking louder so they can hear you. Have you tried calling them all on their cell phones?”
When you open the door, the Moon falls inside, immediately followed by Vesta, who is wearing a saucy red dress and 1940’s style bright red lipstick.
Vesta: (straightening her overly-short skirt) Excuse us!
Moon: (in exasperation) We must have been waiting outside FOREVER!”
You: (impatiently) It’s been about ONE minute and you’ve made me leave a peaceful knitting circle for WHAT exactly?
Moon: Why, we’re here to cook, of course!
Vesta: (in a throaty voice) You know, heat things up. . . (she turns up the stove full-blast)
Moon: Get a bun in the oven. . . (he pulls out the baking dishes and a mixing bowl)
Vesta: Makin some bacon!  (she digs into the refrigerator)
Moon: Here to spoon!  (he opens the silverware drawer)
Vesta: Tying you up in apron strings! (she approaches the Moon, who looks pleased at the idea)
You: Oh please, must you? Really? I didn’t invite you!
Moon: Bad luck for you then, because we’re IMMORTAL DEITIES!
Vesta: And if you can’t stand the heat. . .
Vesta and Moon together:  . . .get out of the kitchen!
They dissolve into giggles together and end up smooching on the kitchen island. Irritated, you return to the front of the house, where things are a little tense. You seat yourself quietly and take up your needles, while the others glance at you amid the rising clamor coming from the kitchen.
Juno: What on earth is going on back there?
You: (embarrassedly) Oh, nothing really.
There’s a loud bang in the kitchen which can only mean that the pressure cooker has been knocked off the kitchen island. You sigh and continue knitting. Suddenly there’s a buzz from your phone. A text has arrived. Furtively, you read it. It’s from the North Node, who says, “Excuse me. I don’t mean to interrupt, but I heard from my friends in your living room that you seem a bit frazzled by having to harmonize all of your guests. If there is any way I can help you with your party, I can come over immediately.” Heaving a sigh of relief, you text back a grateful, “Yes, please.” Soon there’s a polite knock at the door. You answer it and the North Node is there, wearing an ambassador’s outfit, ready to negotiate peace. She enters your home, shakes your hand politely, and elegantly strolls down the hallway into the kitchen where the Moon and Vesta have been cooking furiously.
North Node: Would you two like to join us in the living room?”
Vesta: That sounds really boring.
Moon: Yeah, I’m really not in the mood.
The North Node grabs them by the collars and they trudge down the hall together.
Juno: (spotting Vesta) I refuse to be in the same room with THAT WOMAN!!
Vesta: How about if I agree to be Second Wife?
Juno snorts.
Vesta: In some cultures, it’s a perfectly normal scenario.
Juno: This is America, and it’s the 21st century!
Vesta: (deflated, sits down) Why do I always have to hide in the shadows, while SHE (pointing at Juno) gets the valid social position as wife? I am so much more fun than she is! Is it never going to be my turn? (She moans.)
The North Node and Mercury have been whispering in the corner. Mercury pipes up.
Mercury: I’ve been thinking about relationships. . .
Moon: Thinking? What’s that?
Mercury: The answer actually lies in the Gemini Man section of Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs. It’s in the final sentences of that section. (He goes to the bookshelf and gets a copy of the book.) It reads, “the Gemini Man needs two loves. Not necessarily two women. That’s a riddle. If you truly understand him, you’ll know the answer to it.”
Moon: Oh I get it! He needs someone with Borderline Personality Disorder!
Juno: Would somebody please cover his mouth with duct tape?  (the Moon looks pleased at the idea)
Mercury: Look everybody, the battle between the Wife/Husband (bows to Juno) and the Other Woman/Man (winks at Vesta) has been going on for centuries. Millenia. You’re just going to have to agree to disagree. AND we’ll have to separate you two.
Vesta: I call dibs on the bedroom!
Juno: I’m perfectly happy here in the parlor. (The Sun whispers in her ear) I mean the (Juno uses air quotes) ‘living room.’ Does it really matter what century and continent it is?Vesta grabs a bottle of wine, then another, then takes the Moon’s hand. Together they loudly sneak off to the bedroom, where more ruckus ensues while Juno and the Sun pretend not to hear. The North Node pats you on the back, while Mercury beams from across the room. Another cosmic problem solved!

Read more about 2015’s eclipses here.




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Saturn in your chart points down a career path that can satisfy you and bring you success.

Knowing your Saturn sign orients you, motivates you and gets you unstuck.

Do you have Saturn in Libra in your astrology chart?

If you do, then you need October’s free teleclass from Pandora Astrology.

How to find out more:
The infographic above can only hint at the deeper understanding of Saturn in Libra that astrology has to offer. To find out more, get this teleclass call recording: The Great Work of Libra.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • What’s behind Saturn in Libra’s greatest fear—and crowning achievement
  • More about apt career directions for you if you have Saturn in Libra
  • Libra’s Mission Orders—and how fulfilling on them can bring success and satisfaction

The Great Work of Libra is an MP3 recording lasting approximately 45 minutes and costing $9.97.
To get the recording, use this webform (the same one used for signing up for the teleclasses as they happen) for a fast and easy MP3 download. May it speed your success!

You have Saturn in Libra if you were born in these dates:

  • 10/7/1921 to 12/19/1923
  • 4/6/1924 to 9/13/1924
  • 11/20/1950 to 3/7/1951
  • 8/13/1951 to 10/22/1953
  • 9/21/1980 to 11/29/1982
  • 5/6/1983 to 8/24/1983
  • 10/29/2009 to 4/7/2010
  • 7/21/2010 to 10/5/2012

If you don’t have Saturn in Cancer, you can find out where YOU have Saturn here.

Libra heart 1Do you love a Libra?
Are you a Libra in love?

Human relationships are complex, layered things.  Every sign responds to love differently and has needs that are particular to it.  Also no individual can be categorized by their Sun sign alone.  Every person is a mixed bag of astrological traits, but an emphasis on Libra in your chart (or its ruling planet, Venus) will result in distinctly Libran experience.  In particular, if you have the Sun or Moon in Libra OR if you have Venus or Juno in Libra, this article is just for you.

Are you a Libra in love?
Have you noticed that sometimes you can fall in love with love itself?  The sensation of love and the romance that goes with it is intoxicating to a Libra.  And when that sensation takes you over, it’s easy to give too much or to yield too much.  Here we find Libra’s core dilemma—is it better to love or to be loved?  It gets tiresome being the nice guy and you may prefer to have the power of the relationship in your own hands and to be able to pull a partner in at will.  For this reason, ultimately you prefer to charm and seduce rather than pursue.  Why chase someone who isn’t really interested—and who can’t be wrapped around your finger?  That just throws you—and the relationship—off balance.

How to manage your relationships as a Libra. . .
Fairness is one of the most important factors in a relationship for Librans, but striking the balance between giving too much (which is Libra’s natural tendency) and taking too much (to compensate for over-giving) is hard—especially for the Scales.  Your desire to be rational is very right-minded, but how do you know what’s really fair in every situation?  Your mind doesn’t have the whole answer.  It can come up with endless, perfectly logical lists of reasons why to do A or B, but without arriving at a clear conclusion.  For that, you need your gut.  Get good at consulting your emotions, Libra, and decisions—and decisive action—will get easier.

Do you love a Libra?
Do you ever get the feeling that your Libra is just a little bit. . . vain?  Does your Libra secretly like holding all the cards by being “the cute one” in the relationship?  Is the idea of making a decision on his own excruciating for your Libra?  What will happen when your Libra ages beyond the cute years?  Has she gotten lazy, accustomed to getting by on charm?  How does your Libra know what’s really fair?  These things may be a minor annoyance for you, but for your Libra, they are a real problem and if you can help with them, you will prove invaluable to your Libra.  Begin by respecting your Libra’s mind, rather than getting distracted by his/her smoke-and-mirrors charm and beauty.

If you have Venus or Juno in Libra in your chart, the chances of you dating Librans is very high.  How to handle the Libra you love. . .

  • Appreciate the effort she puts into bringing beauty into your life—then tell her that you love her for her inner beauty, not her outer beauty
  • Encourage him to quit being such a “Mr. Nice Guy”
  • Remind her to stand up for herself and to check her emotions for a decisive answer, rather than arguing both sides until total lack of clarity ensues
  • Encourage him to practice making decisions without asking your opinion first, and also without overthinking them
  • When he plays Devil’s Advocate, consider that perhaps he is just presenting a counterpoint for the sake of balance and not because he believes it.  Ask him what he actually thinks and feels about it.
  • Libra’s polished and rational ways can lead to superficiality.  Although it’s distasteful, being a little less civilized (for once!) and a bit more raw might be a good antidote.

How to find out more:
In this article there’s only room to hint at the deeper understanding of Libra that astrology has to offer.  To find out more about being a Libra in Love or loving a Libra, get this teleconference call recording:

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Why your Libra can be fiercely argumentative, but also delightfully sweet–and why tough decisions are like kryptonite for Librans
  • What your Libra needs in order to sink into committed relationship with you
  • Signs Libra is most compatible with, and why
  • And if you are a Libra, you’ll learn the benefits you bring to every relationship you’re in and the relationship-killers you absolutely must avoid

Libra In Love is an MP3 recording lasting approximately 45 minutes and costing $9.97. To get the recording, email me at for a fast and easy MP3 download. You’ll love it!

Check out this EXCELLENT description of Mars in Libra individuals, posted by a blogger whose name I could not find on her blog.

Charming, Strategic, Non-Confrontational
People born with Mars in Libra would rather not fight. They are aggressively peaceful. That may sound oxymoronic, but these are the cool Pink Panther types that derive joy out of killing people with kindness.  The angrier their opponent gets the nicer they will behave. These people wrote the book on remaining cool under pressure.  They actually thrive there.   They will drive their opponent insane with their lack of cooperation in the anger game. These people are usually very skilled debaters. They are usually very good at talking their way out of confrontations and charming their way into their love interest’s bed. They hide their intentions behind manners and chivalry.  They are violently charming, so be very careful trusting these people.  They are experts at hiding possibly dubious intentions behind flowers petals, perfume, and smiles.

A man born with Mars in Libra will be one of the coolest people you will ever meet. He will be. . .

Read more here

Find out more about getting a reading
Or see what kinds of readings are available. 

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Birthday Reading and receive a free gift with it.

If you want to find the trash and the treasure in the zodiac, all you have to do is count by eights.  Each sign looks 8 signs forward to the sign it treasures.  Each sign also looks 8 signs behind itself to the sign it regards as its own trash.  Each sign finds its treasure sign alluring, mysterious and impenetrable.  Each sign has little respect for its trash sign, which is the sign that worships it.  Check the diagram to see what I mean.

zodiac signs in quincunxFind Your Treasure and Trash
Begin with the sign you’re counting from, then go counterclockwise and follow the arrows.  Aries treasure?  That’s Scorpio.  But Aries trash?  That’s Virgo.  So the red Aries arrow points to Scorpio (which is 8 signs away if you start your count with Aries), while the Virgo green arrow points to Aries (8 signs away if you are counting from Virgo).

Here’s how the path runs:  Aries trashes Virgo, which treasures Aries.  Virgo trashes Aquarius, which treasures Virgo.  Aquarius trashes Cancer, which treasures Aquarius.  Cancer trashes Sagittarius, which treasures Cancer.  Sagittarius trashes Taurus, which treasures Sagittarius.  Taurus trashes Libra, which treasures Taurus.  Libra trashes Pisces, which treasures Libra.  Pisces trashes Leo, which treasures Pisces.  Leo trashes Capricorn, which treasures Leo.  Capricorn trashes Gemini, which treasures Capricorn.  Gemini trashes Scorpio, which treasures Gemini.  Scorpio trashes Aries, which treasures Scorpio.

Treasure and Trash, by sign:
Aries is fascinated with Scorpionic depth and power, but can get burned by it, because Scorpio finds Aries’ directness and honesty very easy to manipulate.  Scorpio has no respect for Aries’ courage, because Scorpio feels Aries is too simple.  Virgo is thrilled by Aries because Aries moves fast and gets a lot done.  That kind of efficiency is exciting to Virgo.  But Virgo is meticulous and worries too much, which Aries can’t respect.  Aries moves on to more interesting pastures, leaving Virgo in the dust.  What sign treasures Virgo?  That would be Aquarius, sign of science, which venerates cold, Virgoan logic and attention to detail.  But Aquarius can’t get any respect from Virgo, who thinks Aquarian thinking is undisciplined and too detached to be truly useful.  Aquarius is beloved by Cancer, sign of family, which views Aquarian community and humanitarianism as a social extension of family.  But Aquarius thinks Cancer’s family-centered lifestyle is too preferential and insular, because everyone deserves, don’t they?  Cancer views Sagittarius with scorn, because good old Sag is always in motion and can’t stick around long enough to really connect.  Sag worships Cancer’s sense of place because “the end of every Sag journey is to return home (Cancer) and recognize the place for the first time.”  Sagittarius is venerated by Taurus, which is blown away by the sheer fertility of Sagittarian creativity and the proliferation of ideas that abundantly flow from Sag.  Sag doesn’t give a fig for Taurus, that slow, stodgy, stubborn, provincial stick-in-the-mud.  The sign that does worship Taurus is Libra, who can’t believe the way Taurus seems to remain centered in the midst of whatever chaos life might bring (Taurus is accustomed to being opposite Scorpio—that’s how you get that kind of centering!).  Taurus looks down on Libra, because Libra perpetually waffles, can’t make decisions and pretends to be all about balance while swinging wildly from one extreme to another.  Libra is adored by Pisces, the spiritual side of all of us that is drawn to beauty as a metaphor for spiritual truth.  For Pisces, Libran beauty has a truly compelling nature, speaking to the ideal.  But Libra ignores wallflower Pisces or takes advantage of her, then throws her away.  Leo has the sense to see the value in Pisces.  Like a lion trying to catch a fish, but also trying to avoid the water, Leo is captivated by the glamour of illusion that Pisces weaves all around her and can quickly find himself out of his depth.  Who worships Leo?  Capricorn, naturally, who works hard to gain a leadership position, while Leo simply assumes the throne—how does Leo do that, anyway?  Leo scorns Cap’s hardworking nature and finds Capricorn unglamorous (too true).  Capricorn finds favor in Gemini eyes, however, and that’s because Gemini senses that all of his beloved information, facts and data are nothing compared to Cap’s wisdom.  And who worships silly, flighty Gemini?  None other than Scorpio.  Gemini is the Fatal Attractor’s own fatal attraction, by virtue of being the butterfly even Scorpio (the Great Seducer) can’t pin down.

And there you have it.  A romp around the zodiac by way of treasure and trash.

What’s in it for you?
Take a look at the sign listed here that you trash. If you’ve ever been told (in an astrology sun-sign book or online horoscope) not to date people of that sign, this article should tell you why: because you might find it easy to seduce them, but you will lose respect for them over time. ESPECIALLY if their birthdate falls within a week of yours  (but in their own birth month, obviously).

Now take a look at the sign you treasure.  Aren’t you a little bit (or maybe, if we’re truth-telling here, a LOT) susceptible to that sign?  Isn’t it like a moth to the flame?  Can they wind you around their little finger, then leave you wondering what really happened there?  Hmm, maybe you should avoid that scene.

Now what?
Hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did writing it!  And if you’ve just found (to your dismay) that you’re in a relationship with someone entirely unsuitable, don’t panic.  Instead, consider getting a Lifelong Love reading with me about it.  I have no doubt you are with who you are with for a reason, and your Sun signs are not the whole picture of how you relate.  Not by a long shot.

(This article is about an astrological aspect called the “quincunx.” More about quincunxes here.)



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Mars warrior with symbolThe Warrior in the Sign of Grace–Wha? 
Mars is spending about 12 weeks retrograde this year (from March 1 to May 19, 2014) and is traveling through Libra.  This is an uncomfortable sign position for Mars.  Mars is the Hero, the Warrior, the Pioneer, the Athlete, while Libra is concerned with beauty, grace, fairness, tact and diplomacy.  Thus Mars in Libra is the expert negotiator, the verbal sparring partner who pushes every point, the ultimate litigator.  It’s hard for Mars to do his usual job in Libra—he’s supposed to fight, to guard the perimeter, to be aggressive, and all these things are exactly what Libra hates most.  Mars in Libra will do everything to avoid a fight, and will try other tactics first, such as persuasion, charm, even seduction, before resorting to fighting.  Even then, fighting takes a verbal form and Mars wishes to come out smelling like a rose.  When it comes down to physical fighting, Mars would rather retreat until the battle can be joined on a more intellectual field.

Iron Peeps of the Past
Not that I’m saying Mars in Libra is a slouch in the battle department—far from it.  Some famous Mars-in-Libra individuals of the past include Margaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady,” well known for her stubborn, uncompromising negotiating style and Winston Churchill, whose use of the phrase “Iron Curtain” (in his “Sinews of Peace” speech) led to this phrase’s common use throughout the Cold War and up to today.  It’s no coincidence that both these phrases contain iron and refer to martial strength.

But there’s something Mars in Libra hates more than fighting, and that’s injustice.  In defense of the weak, the disenfranchised, the unfairly accused, this Mars rears up and brings all the fierceness he’s got.

Returning to Old Battles
When Mars is retrograde, we’re invited to go back and fight old battles, with the hope that a new resolution will come.  Those who habitually avoid asserting themselves can relearn to fight, and restore balance to their lives.  Habitual aggressors may meet with more resistance than usual—and those who evade rather than defend may find themselves uncharacteristically fighting back.  Some of us may be pushed against the wall, forced to fight when we don’t want to, but seeing that if we don’t draw a line, someone who really needs help may go undefended.

Mars wants to know:
Where’s your battleground?
Can you resolve an old battle once and for all?
Can you learn to fight effectively, but in a more gracious way?
Can you engage in fair fighting?

Mars is asking all these questions while he goes retrograde from March 1st, 2014 to May 19th, 2014.  What are your answers?

If you read my blog, then you know Pluto and Uranus are busy “toppling the Great Edifice” right now. Read more about Mars Retrograde and its interaction with the intense T-square involving Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus, that’s in the sky now (spring of 2014): Who Invited Jupiter To The Party? And Who Said Mars Could Crash It?

Is Mars bugging you?
If you want to find out how this tricky transit affects you,
contact Jamie about a reading.

This Is A Pivotal Day
If you are one of the millions of people having a Saturn transit this year, today is likely to be pivotal for you.  Sometime around January 25, when Saturn turned retrograde, you were cast on an inner journey to discover what your unavoidable responsibility is.  By now you should have done a lot of soul-searching and reached some conclusions about what’s in front of you.  You’re work is cut out for you and now it’s time to hunker down and, in a serious push lasting several months, complete all those tasks leading to a tremendous accomplishment.

“What is a Saturn transit like . . .”
When Saturn is affecting your chart it tends to feel heavy. You feel the weight of life more than usual. You feel serious, and the pressure to take a more professional approach is enormous.  You are more aware of your limitations than usual and you feel you must take steps to improve your situation.  A Saturn transit is never comfortable, but it calls out the best in us and demands that we perform to, or even beyond, our standards.

“. . . and how do I know when I’m having one?”
First of all, you know by feel.  If what I’ve described resonates for you, it’s likely you’re having a Saturn transit.  (If it resonates, but only a little, you may be having a transit, but by a planet other than Saturn.)  That sensation of heaviness and duty that’s peculiar to a Saturn transit is because there’s hard work to be done in some area of your life and Saturn is making you aware of it.

You can find out whether you’re having a Saturn transit by peeking at your chart.  This year Saturn is covering the space from 10 to 17 degrees of Libra.  It will affect you if you have any planet in the space from 10 to 17 degrees of any of the four Cardinal signs (Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer).

If you don’t have your chart, or don’t know how to read your chart, you might want to order your own personal Astrology Chart Decoder.  This is a special tool I’ve invented that puts your chart’s details into English, instead of astrology symbols.  Your Decoder tells you where every planet in your chart is located:  the sign it’s in, the house it’s in and the exact degree it occupies.  When you’ve got your Decoder in front of you, check to see if you have anything at all in 10 to 17 degrees of Libra, Capricorn, Aries or Cancer.  If you do, you are definitely having a Saturn transit this year.  And knowing that gives you a chance to understand the change you’re involved in and to make use of the pressure, instead of feeling overwhelmed by it.

“How long does it last?”
A Saturn transit will typically last for about 9 months.  This year’s Saturn transit will be over in September of 2011.  Today is just one part of it, a pivotal day in its flow.  If this transits is affecting you, the timing of it will be unique to you.  It takes an astrologer to look it up—it’s not something I can just tell you in a blogpost.  In an astrology reading you can find out the timing of it and how to move through it consciously, instead of spending this valuable time agitated and disturbed.  You can also find out which part of you (i.e. planet in your chart) is feeling the pressure to take responsibility.  Is it Relationships (Venus)?  Career (Saturn)?  Home (Moon)?  Or it could be something more subtle.

“What do I do now?”

People generally respond to a Saturn transit one of two ways: either they roll up their sleeves and get to work on the area of life where the pressure is or they run away and stick their head in the sand.  Are you using the pressure as a motivation to accomplish things you’ve been wanting to accomplish for a long time or are you avoiding the responsibility you know darned well is right in front of you?  The good news is that the moment you decide to be responsible and you take action towards that responsibility, the feeling of heaviness lifts.  Saturn has been propitiated and he eases off.

Saturn’s Gift
The principle behind Saturn’s pressure is extraordinarily simple:  do the work and you’ll get the reward.  That’s all.  It’s a simple input/output machine and there’s nothing complicated about it.

Face the hard work.  Approach it in a practical way.  Break down what there is to do into small tasks and do them.  Awaken your ambition to build something great out of what you have, and let it take over.  Paradoxically, practice, when done properly, does lead to flow, that elusive state where time melts away and you are one with your practice.  Ultimately your effort will pay off—that’s Saturn’s promise and believe me, his word is good.

When it’s over, it’s over
Every transit only lasts so long and this one will only last a few months longer.  I’m a big fan of taking advantage of transits while they are happening, instead of spending the precious time resisting or waiting for them to be over.  A transit is the most powerful while you are in the thick of it.  That may be the hardest time to change but it’s also time when the most pressure to change is brought to bear.  You cannot afford to be lazy during a Saturn transit because it feels so much worse than laziness usually does.  If you decide that Saturn’s pressure is your friend, you can get him on your side.  And with Saturn beside you, you can climb—and move—mountains.

Want to know more about how this Saturn transit affects your life?
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This month’s New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse and it’s also an occasion for lightening up.  That may seem like a contradiction, because an eclipse tends to have a heavy feel, plus Saturn is involved, which also feels heavy.  But this eclipse falls in the Air sign of Gemini, and draws on Libra, another Air sign.  Lightening up could be the most responsible course of action during an eclipse like this one.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: June 1, 2011
Time of eclipse:
2:03 PM PST
Type: partial (moderate in intensity)
Visible in: eastern Asia, northern Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, northern Scandinavia.
At: 11 degrees Gemini

Shadow Agent
: Saturn (in Libra)

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
May 28-June 7
August 30-September 9
November 29-December 8
February 25-March 7

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Saturn stands there, appearing today as a well-manicured older woman in a twin set and skirt.  Her graying hair is in an attractive, streamlined cut.  She is the very model of social appropriateness.
Saturn:  Good afternoon.  I’ve brought you something.
You:  What might that be?
Saturn extends her hand to you, opening it, palm up.  In it is a small, beautiful butterfly, flexing its wings.
Saturn:  Consider the butterfly.  A butterfly does not live long, but enjoys the days it’s given.  A butterfly stays light and follows the moment.  A butterfly is always well-dressed.
You look closer at the little insect and notice its beautiful coloring.
You:  Do you think I should be more like that?
Saturn:  You take life too seriously sometimes.  You need to lighten up.
You:  Look who’s talking!
Saturn:  Sometimes everything depends on rising above the dirt and grime of life.  Sometimes everything depends on a graceful word spoken at the perfect moment.  Sometimes everything depends on good manners.  You’ve got to have the ability to respond in those moments.
You:  I’ll think about that.
Saturn:  Please do.  Especially in your relationships.  All of them.
With that, Saturn opens her handbag and releases a flock of butterflies into your living room.  You panic and begin chasing them down, in an attempt to catch them all.
Saturn:  Stop that!  There’s no need!
You:  But they’re everywhere!
Saturn:  Just observe.  It’s a meditation.  Relax.  Let them have your home for a while.  They will die soon enough.  For now, just watch them move.
You sink into a chair and soon are lost in a trance, watching the colorful wings flutter, land, flutter again.  Eventually you realize that Saturn is gone and you are alone in a room full of beautiful moving symbols of pure grace.

Read about other eclipses coming up: 2011 Eclipses.

All Air types (people with a strong Gemini, Libra or Aquarius influence in their chart) have some things in common.  They tend to live in their heads and they love abstract thoughts.  They prefer a beautiful theory to a hard reality and they are interested in communication, sharing ideas and networking.  But there are some interesting differences that show up when Air is strong in the chart of a woman as opposed to that of a man.

There’s a marked tendency for Air-type males to be strongly intellectual (leaning toward math and science) and to not develop their social skills, while Air-type females tend to be strongly social and not as math-and-science-oriented as their male equivalents.  Why should this be?  Are men and women really so different physically that the same astrological influences should bear out different results in the bodies of two different natives?  Why do Air-type men grow up to be techies and scientists, while Air-type women grow up to be social mavens?  Why do Air-type women sometimes talk so much and say so little, while Air-type men can be logical to the point of being cold, critical and boring?

It’s not because of biology—it’s that nasty little virus sexism at work again.  Just when we thought we were living in modern times and had evolved into a post-feminist utopia, how uncomfortable to discover that we’re actually still promulgating sexist ideas and limiting our children.

Even today, it’s still ok for men to be smart in ways it’s not ok for women to be.
Boys get rewarded for smarts, while girls get rewarded for social skills.  While both boys and girls are encouraged academically in their younger years, the further the education goes, the less women are encouraged to pursue their studies, especially when it comes to the hard sciences.  This is much, much less true for younger generations, but older generations have a longer view of how far women have come and how far there still is to go.  A potential employer still looks at a woman and thinks, “she’s going to take off and have a family at some point; she’s a flight risk for my company.”

Conversely, women still get taught social skills in a way that men are not.  While mothers explain to daughters the intricacies of social interaction, sons get tossed out into the world to fend for themselves socially, with nothing but their conscience to guide them, and no actual savvy.  This leaves males clueless in many social situations, feeling that women are running circles around them and that every social interaction has layers of meaning that are mysterious and inscrutable.  The result is that an Airy man, who has lots to say, can talk endlessly about his ideas and have no idea that he’s lost his audience.

I’ve done a lot of readings for Air-type women and believe me—they know how smart they really are and they know that all the gossiping, chattering and superficial bantering is survival behavior and they are tired of not being taken seriously as an intellectual force.  And readings I’ve done for Air-type men have clued me in that, while they easily identify with their intelligence, that intense focus on the life of the mind can result in a boorish cluelessness that is very off-putting to exactly the people they’d most like to impress.

If you are one of these Airy folks, you might want to ask yourself if you’re living the full potential of your Air nature.  It’s your God-given right to be both intellectual and social, but because of lingering gender roles you may have to fight for that right.  For both genders, the key to Air lies in good questions.  Ask intelligent questions as if you really want to know.  Be curious—both about people and ideas.  In conversation draw people out.  The wonder and curiosity we all had when we were small is the heart of Air intellectual and social skills.  Learn to ask good questions and you’re set.  If you have an Airy person in your life, encourage them to develop both sets of Air skills.  If you have an Air-type child, it’s your duty to counteract these social trends and make sure your boy learns to communicate warmly with others and your girl takes her smarts seriously.

Thank goodness these things are changing, and rapidly.  Today it’s more common to see a proud “geek girl” who worries more about her grades or her research than her hairstyle or the latest gossip.  And it’s more common to meet a boy who is socially adept without seeming too much of a “sensitive New Age guy.”  Perhaps a balance will be struck at last.

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Why is it that Libran types are so darned lovable and easy to get along with?  It’s because Librans are born under the influence of Venus, and with the goddess of Love & Beauty on their side, they have mad social skills.  Funny thing is, Librans are attractive even when they are arguing a tough point.  Here are just a few of the many abilities of this Air sign:

1.    As a natural matchmaker, Libra is most content when people are getting along. Libra loves relating for its own sake and is deeply interested in relationships between all human beings.  Libra is fascinated with the ways people connect and the reasons why they hit it off.  Your local Libran is never so happy as when she matches up two people (whether professionally or romantically) and a mutually beneficial association results.

2.    Libra is always thinking of the other person, which has its benefits and its challenges.  It’s natural for a Libran to think of others more than himself and so he is all too prone to giving himself away to make room for the other person to be heard and to get what she wants.  This tendency to negotiate away all his own rights gets Libra into trouble sometimes, but it also forms the foundation for other useful and attractive traits.

3.    Libra has a Devil’s Advocate side and can argue a position strongly. Some of Libra’s favorite words are “But on the other hand . . .” because to Libra, there’s always another position.  This gets Libras into a lot of arguments, because when a Libran hears a strong opinion, her first and most natural reaction is to bring up the opposite view.  This gives Libras the reputation for being argumentative, which isn’t exactly so.  Libras want to be sure all the possibilities are examined, that’s all.

4.    No sign is better at looking for the common ground between two seemingly irreconcilable positions than Libra—he really knows how to sweeten the deal.  Libra is a natural mediator and can find that common ground.  Libra is adept at seeing both positions in a dilemma, refusing to take sides and instead offering solutions that give both sides what they need.  Libra is willing to compromise and balance “take” with “give.”

5.    Libra has a strong, almost physical sense of fairness and justice.  When things are unfair, Libra feels it keenly and miscarriages of justice break the Libran heart.  This is so whether it is Libra himself or another person entirely who is the object of unfairness.  Libra simply finds injustice deeply wrong and injurious to the human soul.  This Libran trait is rooted in a deep love of symmetry, harmony and balance, which leads directly to the firm Libran belief that rules and agreements can be both loving and fair, and can bring out the best in everyone.

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This is a repost of an article originally posted in the San Francisco Bay Area Women’s Journal.  You can read the original here.



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This month, Saturn and Uranus finish their epic battle, which has been going on since November of 2008.  They have spent most of this time with Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces but now Uranus has moved into Aries while Saturn has moved into Libra.  Their tussle reaches a fever pitch in these more volatile signs.

Saturn:  Hey Uranus, since you moved into Aries you’ve become a lot more pushy.  Why can’t you be reasonable?
Uranus:  Because you ask too much.  You want life to always be fair and it just isn’t.  Sometimes it makes me so mad!
Saturn:  You’ve got to control that anger—it could destroy everything.
Uranus:  I wasn’t made to be reasonable.  Not in Aries.  I’d like to blow it all to smithereens!
Saturn:  If you’re willing to negotiate calmly, we could accomplish something here.
Uranus:  Who needs negotiation?  I’ll just push till I get what I want.
Saturn:  Then I’ll have to continue fighting you because I’m not going to allow myself to get run over.
Uranus:  Why do you bother with me?
Saturn:  Because I earnestly believe that we can both have what we want if we live into our best qualities.  Let’s get some outside help.
Levelheaded Saturn-in-Libra scans the Earth and points out a Human Being.
Saturn:  Look, there’s someone who may be able to integrate us.
Uranus:  Huh.  Ok.
Uranus waves his hand and the Human Being is magically transported to Mount Olympus and into the presence of the gods.
Human Being:  Woah.  Are you . . . actual deities?
Saturn:  Yep.  And we need your help.
Human Being (kowtowing):  I’m not worthy!
Uranus:  Then you’d better get worthy because we need you.
Human Being:  Yikes!  Ok.  Sitting up straight now.  Paying attention.  What can I do for you?
They quickly download into his brain their whole mighty struggle of the last year and a half.  He sits down while absorbing it.
Human Being:  Hmm, pretty touchy struggle.  Saturn, I think you’re going to have to make room for Uranus to be more fiery.  Your insistence on niceness is like a wet blanket for him.  Do you think you can do that?
Saturn:  I’m not excited about it, but since I’m in Libra I value appropriate compromise.
Human Being:  Well you’re not the only one who’s going to have to change.  Uranus?
Uranus:  Hmpph?
Human Being:  You can’t blow everything to smithereens.
Uranus looks downcast.
Human Being:  I know you want a fresh start and you want progress and it looks like a massive flattening of the way things used to be done is what’s necessary.  But it’s not.  You two are going to have to work together.  The world needs you both.  The world needs Uranian progress and Saturnine consistency.  We need the old guard and the new ways.  We need tradition and progress.  Quite frankly, we can’t live without both of you.  Find ways to create change that don’t destroy the old ways.  Find ways to honor and hold tradition without stifling youthful enthusiasm.  This is your job.  It is a sacred duty.
Saturn and Uranus are looking serious.  Human Being puts their hands together and they shake on it.
Saturn:  I’m rather impressed with you Human Beings.  You have a way of taking the principle behind what we offer and putting it to good use.
Uranus:  Yeah, I have to agree.  Human Beings are a really great vehicle for the sort of inspired ideas I like to download.
Human Being:  Have fun, you guys.  And try not to kill each other.
Human Being fades away, feeling pretty pleased with self.

See my previous posts on Saturn’s opposition to Uranus:
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Governmental Reform

In honor of Sagittarians everywhere, this post is about Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet, the bringer of joy.

Jupiter is located in a sign in your chart that brings you joy.  Wherever Jupiter resides will tell a story of an area of life or a way of being which brings you sheer delight and happiness.  To do your Jupiter thing is the very pursuit of happiness for you.  The feeling you get when you do that is a sense of expansion, pleasure and lightness.  Jupiter is just plain fun.

Jupiter is also the part of us that reaches beyond ourselves and makes us grow bigger.  This part helps us develop a philosophy of life that answer’s life’s big questions and makes sense of our place in the universe.  When you are in touch with your Jupiter side, life has meaning and you have a reason to live.  You have a happiness to pursue and when you do so, you exude such positive, hopeful qualities that life rolls out the red carpet, tossing you opportunities and making you lucky.  When you are friends with your inner Jupiter, life is an adventure.

How do you find out where your Jupiter is?
If you don’t have your chart, or don’t know how to read your chart, you may want to have a reading to find out where your Jupiter is. You can contact me for a reading in person in Berkeley California or by phone. Here’s more information about getting a reading and here’s how to contact me about it. You can also make your own chart on using these instructions I’ve made for you.

You also might know someone who knows their Jupiter sign and whose Jupiter sign is the same as yours. Jupiter takes about a year to pass through a given sign, passing through the whole zodiac in about 12 years. This means that you probably have Jupiter in the same sign as all the members of your high school graduating class and the people born  at 12-year intervals from you (i.e. those born when you were 12, 24, 36, etc, or 12, 24, 36 years before you were born). People who share your Jupiter sign will usually be people who feel good to be around, because their joy is similar to yours.

Where’s Your Joy?
When you have Jupiter in Aries, you derive joy from leaping into action.  It’s a little hard to sit still because you’d rather be in motion, making progress or getting somewhere.
Spontaneity delights you and you are never so happy as when your own action is the right one and brings delight to others.  You bounce back fast & learn well from mistakes.  Your philosophy is based on transparency and you get a lot of joy from being your truest self without apology.  To you, mutual honesty and directness are the key to any relationship.

Jupiter in Taurus people love the physical world.  If you have this Jupiter sign, you relish feeding all your senses with delicious sights, sounds, scents, tastes and textures.  Can this lead to gluttony?  You bet.  It can also lead to acquisitiveness.  But such people do generally end up with the nest egg they seek and lots of nice things to decorate it with.  And your love of food leads to natural cooking talent.  Your philosophy of life includes the importance of continuity and the idea that things should go on much the same unless there’s a really good reason to change them.

Jupiter in Gemini?  Ok, you can be a real talker, even a serious chatterbox.  You love being clever, expressing your wit and getting into wide-ranging conversations on a huge variety of topics.  You are a “renaissance person,” pulled in a number of directions, all of which give you equal joy.  In fact, you’re so multi-talented that you don’t know what to develop.  Being involved with several ideas at once brings you delight and your life-philosophy involves the importance of using one’s intelligence and seeing life logically.

People with Jupiter in Cancer are a fountain of love and nurturance for those lucky enough to be around them.  When you have this, you tend to feel emotionally secure and to feel like your emotions are ok without needing validation from others.  You spread your support around liberally and are not easily emotionally depleted.  You are sensitive to the needs of others, but not clingy or cloying.  Yours is an open kitchen and a well-trod welcome mat.  Your philosophy of life centers on the importance of family and of treating people like family.

Jupiter in Leo is very expansive and exudes noblesse oblige.  This makes you a really royal person.  Creativity gives you joy and you like to express yourself, but beware of excess self-involvement.  You can bear a lot of attention.  You are a natural leader and role model.  You are sometimes unaware of how your large expression can overwhelm others and stifle their expression.  When you make room for the creativity of others while not diminishing yourself, you are the best role model of all.  Your philosophy is about being an individual and the importance of individual will and expression.

Jupiter in Virgo is similar to Gemini.  When you have this, you can get lost in, and overwhelmed by, the details.  You find yourself trying to pan out and focus in at the same time, which can be frustrating, but on the other hand, having an abundance of Virgoan organizational energy is not a bad thing at all and you like nothing so much as a clean, fresh surface ready for use.  Your health tends to go well because you enjoy putting healthy habits in place.  Your philosophy can put a positive spin on the work ethic, partly because being efficient and industrious just feels good to you.

Jupiter in Libra people truly enjoy relating to others, which may account for your varied and interesting social life.  Your philosophy includes the tenet that life should be fair and this trips you up occasionally, when it doesn’t bear out.  You think everyone’s beliefs deserve room, except where they exclude the beliefs of others.  You can be a social magnet and a matchmaker, introducing the right people to each other and smoothing over social mishaps among your many and varied friends.  Your tolerance for people’s differences leads to a host of good connections that can pay off over time.

When you have Jupiter in Scorpio, you have a dark side that you enjoy.  Sometimes this takes the form of gallows humor and sometimes it’s about a love of the gritty, grimy side of life (a fascination with detective novels, for example).  Your philosophy includes the idea there’s no moment so dark it will not pass and that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.  Because of that, you make a good helper and guide for people who are truly at the end of their rope, because you have a high tolerance for other people’s shadow sides.  In fact, your sheer delight at seeing someone else being real while in pain is infectious–and can help that person feel normal.

When you have Jupiter in Sagittarius you like to stay mobile.  You are a pretty purely Jupiterian person, so you have a strong sense of humor, a large and benevolent presence and you are fascinated with travel and foreign cultures.  You are delighted by that which is different from you simply because it is different—that makes it interesting.  You are sometimes very restless and need to avoid getting tied down.  You have a deep well of optimism and can bounce back from just about anything.  Your life-philosophy leaves room for endless growth and expansion.

Jupiter in Capricorn people are prone to overworking because they love the sensation of discipline and focused effort.  When you have this, you are delighted by discovering what to devote yourself to and you get a lot of energy and joy from working extremely hard at it once you’ve found it.  Achievable goals inspire you and pie-in-the-sky goals annoy you.  While you are not naturally optimistic, once your skepticism is satisfied, you can show tremendous persistence.  Your philosophy is based on the idea that hard work leads inevitably to success—and for you, it does.

When you have Jupiter in Aquarius, progress is enlivening and central to your world-view—thwarting it runs counter to your philosophy.  You have a rebellious streak and quickly spot the places where old ways have stopped working.  You are happiest when there’s a little chaos going on due to a really big change in the works.  You have an abundance of ideas and enjoy taking an intellectual, experimental approach.  For you an adventure is better had in the world of ideas than in the physical world and you secretly like shaking up the old, established ways.

As a Jupiter in Pisces person, you have a deep well of faith to draw on.  You are a profoundly gentle and tolerant person, with warm affection for all living things.  You can be wise and generous with your attention and help make room for smaller beings around you to grow.  If you are religious, you’ve chosen the finest parts of your religion and tolerate or ignore the rest.  This frees you to participate in a communion with spirit that feeds your soul and gives you joy and vitality.  Your philosophy is simple: every living thing is deserving and there is room for all of us to be happy.

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Venus, archetype of love, beauty and relationship, has a dual nature:  one side of her is the sultry sensualist (hedonistic and self-indulgent at the worst) and the other side is the cool, unapproachable beauty (or ice princess at the worst).  How can one archetype have two such different sides?

Every sign of the zodiac has a planet that rules it.  But there are twelve signs and only ten planets,* so that two of those planets have rulership over two signs each.  Venus is one that has two signs, those being Libra and Taurus.

These two signs aptly illustrate the two sides of Venus’ personality.  Libra is more intellectual and distant, the cool, remote beauty, the lovely statue on the pedestal, the unattainable ideal.  Libra is also highly sensitive to beauty, but as an air sign, Libra is more interested in the abstract than the actual; to the Libran mind, a pure, beautiful, balanced idea is a perfect idea.  It doesn’t matter whether the idea can ever manifest in a real, physical form—Libra treasures the idea itself.

Taurus on the other hand, represents the earthier and more sensual side of Venus’ nature.  Taurus is the part of us that lives in the realm of the senses that takes pleasure in hedonistic desire that magnetizes our desire to us.  Taurus is drawn toward objects of beauty, toward fine, well-made objects, and wishes to possess them.  Taurus luxuriates in all things beautiful and delicious.

Libra is also the sign associated with agreements, promises and contracts.  Libra appreciates the rules of a relationship, whereas Taurus appreciates the sensations of being in contact with another person.  Taurus loves physical affection and comfort.

Both signs have their negative side:  Taurus overindulges, becoming a hedonist or gourmand, while Libra becomes a temptress:  cold and unapproachable, standoffish and teasing.  At Libra’s worst, there is the promise of love with no satisfaction; at Taurus’ worst, there is consumption with no satisfaction.  Libra can be the siren, luring sailors to their deaths, while Taurus can be like Tantalus, with the grapes forever dangling above his mouth, perpetually unable to reach them.

A Venusian “type” (someone whose chart shows a strong, centrally placed Venus) may identify with both sides of Venus over time.  This is so whether the native is a woman or a man.  Such a person will struggle with overindulgence as they embrace embodied experience and may at times fall in love with the idea of love.  But the Venusians among us also live lives rich in relationship, both to others, and to themselves.

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* Holding all arguments about Pluto’s status as a planet aside, that is.  Astrologers have not abandoned Pluto just because it’s been demoted by astronomy.  Pluto may be small, but its effects are potent.

Libra is one of the Cardinal signs.  Cardinal means active, motivated, driven.  Cardinality is the quality of beginnings.  This means that Libra is a motion-oriented leader, a sign that starts things.  But how can that be?  Everyone who knows something about Libra knows that Librans are famous for their inability to make decisions.  It’s hard to move forward on something when you feel the need to carefully think through every possible argument for and against it before you take action.  Why on earth is such an inherently indecisive sign also a Cardinal sign?

Libra is all about what’s fair.  This sign, above all others, is motivated to create balance and to give in measure equal to what is received.  Libra is highly sensitive to imbalance.  But it is not really possible for one human being to see into every level of both their soul and the soul of another person and to see what really, truly is fair.  Thus the dilemma:  Libra cannot truly judge what is fair and must deliberate for a long time, asking herself what is the right thing, the fair thing?

So Libran types get paralyzed in indecision, unable to make a choice because they are longing for that still point of perfect balance to be struck.  But perfect balance, even if it is reached, cannot be maintained for long.  And here we find the answer to our question, because what Libra excels at is not static balance (the noun), but the act of balancing (the verb).  Balance is not a static state to be achieved, but an action, continually in progress.  If you think balancing is not active, just try the yoga “tree” pose right now and notice how active and busy your muscles are.

Since Libra is both a Cardinal and an Air sign, the (cardinal) action takes place in the (airy) mental realm.  Libra loves debate, a favorite phrase being “but on the other hand . . .”  The continual search for ideas, arguments and perspectives that will bring a discussion into balance is consummately Libran, very active and very Cardinal.

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When Venus, goddess of love and beauty, claimed Librans for her own, did she curse them to give too much and perpetually be taken advantage of in relationship?

It’s true that Libran types are relaters.  It’s true that someone with strong Libran influence would rather be in a relationship than not.  It’s true that a Venus-kissed individual can lose themselves in love.  But why?

Libra loves the sensation of being in love.  For Libra, falling in love and being in love is never having to worry about what’s fair.  People in love are inherently generous and thoughtful when those happy chemicals are swimming around in their brains.  Fairness is not an issue when you’re in love.  This solves a lot of problems for the Libran individual, who can be over-generous and too thoughtful all the time, whether they are in love or not.

Libra has a strong sense of fairness and balance to begin with.  A Libran type will often give too much in order to correct a perceived imbalance.  In doing so, the Libran can violate their own boundaries and drain away their energy, all in the name of doing the “right” thing, or being kind or being nice.  If Librans are continually drawn to relationship, but then lose themselves in it, what to do?  Librans are at their best when in relationship (whether romance or friendship) with people who give and take in fairly equal measure.  They also do well with people who are inherently generous because the Libran themselves will balance the situation by giving back.

The best thing for Librans to do is to be selective about who they relate with and to keep an eye on their own boundaries.  If that best friend keeps taking advantage or that boyfriend keeps crossing your boundaries, think again.  It may not be love or friendship operating there and you may need to hold a stronger line.  And knowing that you go into the situation with a tendency toward giving and a fascination for romance can equip you to keep taking care of yourself even when the hormones are raging.  And when you give to others, don’t forget to give to yourself too.

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