The Moon in your chart tells what you need in order to feel safe, secure and well taken care of. Satisfying your Lunar needs enables you to relax, rest deeply and engage in the healthy form of self-care that matters most to you.

Your Moon sign is the key to experiencing deep emotional well-being and happiness. 

Do you have the Moon in Cancer in your astrology chart?

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moon in cancer

How to find out more:
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Saturn in your chart points down a career path that can satisfy you and bring you success.

Knowing your Saturn sign orients you, motivates you and gets you unstuck. 

Do you have Saturn in Cancer in your astrology chart?

If you do, then you need July’s free teleclass from Pandora Astrology.

How to find out more:
The infographic above can only hint at the deeper understanding of Saturn in Cancer that astrology has to offer. To find out more, get this teleclass call recording: The Great Work of Cancer.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • What’s behind Saturn in Cancer’s greatest fear—and crowning achievement
  • More about apt career directions for you if you have Saturn in Cancer
  • Cancer’s Mission Orders—and how fulfilling on them can bring success and satisfaction

The Great Work of Cancer is an MP3 recording lasting approximately 45 minutes and costing $9.97.
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You have Saturn in Cancer if you were born in these dates:

  • 6/20/1944 to 8/2/1946
  • 8/1/1973 to 1/7/1974
  • 4/18/1974 to 9/16/1975
  • 1/14/1976 to 6/5/1976
  • 6/3/2003 to 7/16/2005

If you don’t have Saturn in Cancer, you can find out where YOU have Saturn here.

Cancer heart 1Do you love a Cancerian?
Are you a Cancer in love?

Human relationships are complex, layered things.  Every sign responds to love differently and has needs that are particular to it.  Also no individual can be categorized by their Sun sign alone.  Every person is a mixed bag of astrological traits, but an emphasis on Cancer in your chart (or the Moon, its ruling planet) will result in distinctly Cancerian experience.  In particular, if you have the Sun or Moon in Cancer OR if you have Venus or Juno in Cancer, this article is just for you.

Are you a Cancer in love?
Then you are loyal and tenacious.  You probably don’t expect as much back as you give and you come into love with your heart all the way open.  That’s why you’ve gotten hurt so many times.  But don’t let it harden your shell, because love is a reason to be alive and each time you feel “that lovin’ feeling” stealing over you again, you’re reminded that loving is more pleasurable than being loved. . . and so you fall.  Cancers are better at marrying than dating.  Dating involves being shiny, which is not Cancer’s strong suit.  Cancer is much better at the “in sickness and in health” part.  And that’s a real gift.

How to manage your relationships as a Cancer. . .
You are a giver, but beware your tendency to place yourself in the background and then complain about not being noticed or appreciated—whining will not get you the emotional merging you desire.  Being open to love will, and you excel at that.  Do you think the world doesn’t understand you?  You’re right.  You swim in emotional subtleties that go unseen and unremarked by most people.  Pay attention to how you feel and what motivates you.  Clear your emotional pipes often—keep your waters flowing, allow no stagnation.  And don’t do anything you don’t want to do, even for those you love.

Do you love a Cancer?
Then I envy you.  You’ve discovered one of love’s hidden assets—unconditional love that doesn’t demand.  Or mostly doesn’t demand.  Your beloved Cancerian does have a tendency to extract attention from you without directly asking for it.  And if you go on not noticing your local Cancer for a long time, woe betide you—punishment will rain down on your head.  But the blessings are just as great, because no other sign is as good at sticking with you through the hard times—in fact, hard times seem to make your Cancerian even more attached and supportive.  And isn’t that how it should be?

If you have Venus or Juno in Cancer in your chart, the chances of you dating Cancerians is very high.  How to handle the Cancer you love. . .

  • Let her take care of you, because she enjoys doing it, but not too much, or she will extract a fee later, and you won’t know what till it happens.  Cancer is not vicious, but can come to feel put-upon and unwilling to recognize that they did it to themselves.
  • Tell him how much you appreciate that he shares his feelings with you.  Tell him often and without him having to fish for it.
  • When she complains and acts helpless, remind her that she’s powerful and then kick her butt in the right direction (not before).
  • Recognize that your Cancerian is an emotional being who grew up in a not-emotionally intelligent world that invalidates everything essential and true about him.  Have compassion for this.
  • Give more to your Cancer partner than you expect to receive, and without asking for anything in particular in return.  You will find your home life improves radically in many ways you could never have expected.
  • If your Cancer wife wants to be a stay-at-home mom and you can provide for her to do that, do so.  Then turn your home over to her and respect her often for all she accomplishes there.  Think of her as a self-employed entrepreneur whose product is a few expertly-raised human beings and count yourself lucky.

How to find out more:
In this article there’s only room to hint at the deeper understanding of Cancer that astrology has to offer.  To find out more about being a Cancer in Love or loving a Cancer, get this teleconference call recording:

In it, you’ll discover:

  • Why your Cancer can be prone to codependence—and how to support his independence without loss of yummy merging
  • What your Cancer needs in order to sink into committed relationship with you
  • Signs Cancer is most compatible with, and why
  • And if you are a Cancer, you’ll learn the benefits you bring to every relationship you’re in and the relationship-killers you absolutely must avoid

Cancer In Love is an MP3 recording lasting approximately 45 minutes and costing $9.97. To get the recording, email me at for a fast and easy MP3 download. You’ll love it!

Jupiter and Chiron have met at the Edge of the World.  It’s a misty place where the physical world meets the metaphysical one.  Some of the passageways you already know about are there, such as the wardrobe that leads to Narnia, Dr. Who’s tardis and other magical entry-points.  Jupiter is wearing the long, flowing robes of a priest of no particular denomination—he looks like he could lead a dharma talk or deliver a sermon.  Chiron is wearing nothing but a piece of cloth wrapped around his middle, and carrying a staff with a fearsome creature’s face atop it—perhaps a totem animal, the face of an ancestor, or a defeated enemy’s head.  The two meet and shake hands firmly. 

Jupiter:  Shall we get to work?
Chiron:  Yes, of course.
Chiron waves his staff and the air ripples, as if there is a heat-induced mirage.  Then a doorway appears, a portal.  Inside the portal there is mist—it is impossible to see very far and all the colors are in softened shades of gray.
Chiron:  Are they ready?
Jupiter:  On my side, they’ve been lining up for centuries.  And on yours?
Chiron:  There’s no knowing, because time doesn’t exist there.
Jupiter claps his hands three times, and suddenly there is a line of people extending for miles.  Each stands with hands at sides, eyes closed and wearing a simple white shift.  They are obviously asleep.  
Jupiter (beckoning):  Come forward, please.
The first Human steps forward haltingly.
Jupiter:  What is your wish?
First Human:  I wish to relieve karma in my family line.  I have an ancestor whose pain I have been carrying and whose lessons I am to learn.  I wish to check in with this ancestor.
Jupiter:  Your wish is a fine one.  You may go to the portal.
First Human walks awkwardly to the portal, where Chiron awaits.
Chiron:  I have found your ancestor.  You may speak with her.  Step in and I will make sure you return safely to your waking life.
First Human touches his hand in gratitude and steps through the portal.  
Second Human steps forward.  
Jupiter:  What is your wish?
Second Human:  I wish to communicate with the spirit of my unborn child, to make a connection and to create a safe pregnancy and birth.  I wish to make a spiritual contract to help bring a life into the world.
Jupiter:  Your wish is a fine one.  You may go to the portal.
Second Human:  Thank you.  And she does so.
Chiron:  Your little one awaits you on the other side.  He says things may not turn out as you expect, and that you have to be patient, but he wants to be with you, so you may speak with him to arrange it.  I will make sure you return safely to your waking life.
Second Human eagerly crosses the threshold.
Third Human steps forward.  
Jupiter:  What is your wish?
Third Human:  I have been wronged and I desire justice.
Jupiter:  Your wish is a false one.  If your desire is for peace, you can find that here.  If it is for punishment, you’d best go back to your waking life.
A look of anger crosses Third Human’s face.
Third Human:  I have been wronged!  I wish for life’s balance to deal out pain where pain was given!
Jupiter:  Your bitterness will not bring you peace.  Let it go and pursue your own joy.  The person who hurt you will find pain to match it elsewhere, and that is not your story to know.  In your story, you have the power to be the place where the pain stops.  Dream of that, and for now, return to your sleep and awaken refreshed and ready to begin again.
He touches the forehead of Third Human, whose face relaxes and who turns and stumbles away toward the Waking World.
Fourth Human steps forward, holding a large messenger bag.
Jupiter:  What is your wish?
Fourth Human:  I have letters I wish to be delivered to my younger self and questions for my older self.  I want to encourage my younger self to pursue my dreams and ambitions and to be brave in the face of the challenges I know are to come.  I also want to ask my older self for guidance in moving toward the best future I can have.
Jupiter:  Your wish is a fine one.  You may go to the portal.
Fifth Human steps forward.
Jupiter:  What is your wish?
Fifth Human:  I am consumed with jealousy.  If I could just find out if my partner is cheating on me, I could have relief.
Jupiter:  Your wish is a false one.  If your desire is for peace, you can find that here.  If it is for punishment, you’d best go back to your waking life.
Fifth Human starts in confusion.
Fifth Human:  But we made a promise to each other!  That promise has been broken, I’m sure of it!
Jupiter:  You do not own each other.  Love yourself first and then others.  If you cannot trust your partner, then empty your heart.  After it heals, seek to share love elsewhere.  And for now, return to deep sleep, and awaken to your waking life refreshed and ready to begin again.
He touches the heart of Fifth Human, whose face relaxes and who turns and stumbles away toward the Waking World.
As there are thousands of sleeping Human Beings in line, ready for guidance or some other connection with the world of spirit, these two will obviously be busy for the rest of this harmonious transit.

This wonderful trine between Jupiter and Chiron began in August of 2013 and finishes in May of 2014.  Enjoy it while you can!  Especially if your birthday falls into these dates:

Capricorns born:  January 1-7
Pisceans born:  March 1-8
Taureans born:  May 1-8
Cancers born:  July 2-9
Virgos born:  September 3-10
Scorpios born:  November 3-10

For more about Jupiter and Chiron in Water signs this year, check out these posts:
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Jupiter in Cancer—Endless Summer

And if you are unfamiliar with Chiron and want to understand the Wounded Healer and Shaman better, here ya go:  “Chiron?” What The Heck Is That?

Are you benefiting from this Chiron/Jupiter trine?

If you want to know how to use this time more effectively,

contact Jamie for an astrology reading

to find out what it means for you.

If you want to find the trash and the treasure in the zodiac, all you have to do is count by eights.  Each sign looks 8 signs forward to the sign it treasures.  Each sign also looks 8 signs behind itself to the sign it regards as its own trash.  Each sign finds its treasure sign alluring, mysterious and impenetrable.  Each sign has little respect for its trash sign, which is the sign that worships it.  Check the diagram to see what I mean.

zodiac signs in quincunxFind Your Treasure and Trash
Begin with the sign you’re counting from, then go counterclockwise and follow the arrows.  Aries treasure?  That’s Scorpio.  But Aries trash?  That’s Virgo.  So the red Aries arrow points to Scorpio (which is 8 signs away if you start your count with Aries), while the Virgo green arrow points to Aries (8 signs away if you are counting from Virgo).

Here’s how the path runs:  Aries trashes Virgo, which treasures Aries.  Virgo trashes Aquarius, which treasures Virgo.  Aquarius trashes Cancer, which treasures Aquarius.  Cancer trashes Sagittarius, which treasures Cancer.  Sagittarius trashes Taurus, which treasures Sagittarius.  Taurus trashes Libra, which treasures Taurus.  Libra trashes Pisces, which treasures Libra.  Pisces trashes Leo, which treasures Pisces.  Leo trashes Capricorn, which treasures Leo.  Capricorn trashes Gemini, which treasures Capricorn.  Gemini trashes Scorpio, which treasures Gemini.  Scorpio trashes Aries, which treasures Scorpio.

Treasure and Trash, by sign:
Aries is fascinated with Scorpionic depth and power, but can get burned by it, because Scorpio finds Aries’ directness and honesty very easy to manipulate.  Scorpio has no respect for Aries’ courage, because Scorpio feels Aries is too simple.  Virgo is thrilled by Aries because Aries moves fast and gets a lot done.  That kind of efficiency is exciting to Virgo.  But Virgo is meticulous and worries too much, which Aries can’t respect.  Aries moves on to more interesting pastures, leaving Virgo in the dust.  What sign treasures Virgo?  That would be Aquarius, sign of science, which venerates cold, Virgoan logic and attention to detail.  But Aquarius can’t get any respect from Virgo, who thinks Aquarian thinking is undisciplined and too detached to be truly useful.  Aquarius is beloved by Cancer, sign of family, which views Aquarian community and humanitarianism as a social extension of family.  But Aquarius thinks Cancer’s family-centered lifestyle is too preferential and insular, because everyone deserves, don’t they?  Cancer views Sagittarius with scorn, because good old Sag is always in motion and can’t stick around long enough to really connect.  Sag worships Cancer’s sense of place because “the end of every Sag journey is to return home (Cancer) and recognize the place for the first time.”  Sagittarius is venerated by Taurus, which is blown away by the sheer fertility of Sagittarian creativity and the proliferation of ideas that abundantly flow from Sag.  Sag doesn’t give a fig for Taurus, that slow, stodgy, stubborn, provincial stick-in-the-mud.  The sign that does worship Taurus is Libra, who can’t believe the way Taurus seems to remain centered in the midst of whatever chaos life might bring (Taurus is accustomed to being opposite Scorpio—that’s how you get that kind of centering!).  Taurus looks down on Libra, because Libra perpetually waffles, can’t make decisions and pretends to be all about balance while swinging wildly from one extreme to another.  Libra is adored by Pisces, the spiritual side of all of us that is drawn to beauty as a metaphor for spiritual truth.  For Pisces, Libran beauty has a truly compelling nature, speaking to the ideal.  But Libra ignores wallflower Pisces or takes advantage of her, then throws her away.  Leo has the sense to see the value in Pisces.  Like a lion trying to catch a fish, but also trying to avoid the water, Leo is captivated by the glamour of illusion that Pisces weaves all around her and can quickly find himself out of his depth.  Who worships Leo?  Capricorn, naturally, who works hard to gain a leadership position, while Leo simply assumes the throne—how does Leo do that, anyway?  Leo scorns Cap’s hardworking nature and finds Capricorn unglamorous (too true).  Capricorn finds favor in Gemini eyes, however, and that’s because Gemini senses that all of his beloved information, facts and data are nothing compared to Cap’s wisdom.  And who worships silly, flighty Gemini?  None other than Scorpio.  Gemini is the Fatal Attractor’s own fatal attraction, by virtue of being the butterfly even Scorpio (the Great Seducer) can’t pin down.

And there you have it.  A romp around the zodiac by way of treasure and trash.

What’s in it for you?
Take a look at the sign listed here that you trash. If you’ve ever been told (in an astrology sun-sign book or online horoscope) not to date people of that sign, this article should tell you why: because you might find it easy to seduce them, but you will lose respect for them over time. ESPECIALLY if their birthdate falls within a week of yours  (but in their own birth month, obviously).

Now take a look at the sign you treasure.  Aren’t you a little bit (or maybe, if we’re truth-telling here, a LOT) susceptible to that sign?  Isn’t it like a moth to the flame?  Can they wind you around their little finger, then leave you wondering what really happened there?  Hmm, maybe you should avoid that scene.

Now what?
Hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did writing it!  And if you’ve just found (to your dismay) that you’re in a relationship with someone entirely unsuitable, don’t panic.  Instead, consider getting a Lifelong Love reading with me about it.  I have no doubt you are with who you are with for a reason, and your Sun signs are not the whole picture of how you relate.  Not by a long shot.

(This article is about an astrological aspect called the “quincunx.” More about quincunxes here.)



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Imagine a cozy domestic scene, in a kitchen filled with good smells.  Jupiter (a large matronly lady with an infectious warmth) is whipping up something nice at the stove while Saturn (a stern-looking but determined fellow with a beaky nose) gathers tools for a construction project.  They are both humming at their work.  

Jupiter:  Ready for some muffins?
Saturn:  Almost.  I’ve got to fix the plumbing first.  (rifles through his tool box)
Jupiter:  We’re going to have the best housewarming ever.
Saturn:  The house will certainly be warm if I have anything to say about it.  And not at all wet.  (he gets down on the floor, opens the cabinet under the sink and applies a wrench to the plumbing)
Jupiter:  You’ve inspired me—I’ve created a new recipe.  Here, try it—(she puts a morsel in his mouth).
Saturn:  (mumbles around the mouthful)  Wow, that’s really good!  I have no criticism to offer.
Jupiter:  You?  No criticism?  That’s really saying something.  Thank you.
Saturn:  You are open to my criticism, which makes me feel relaxed.
Jupiter:  Well that’s because you get it.  You get it about the importance of a happy, relaxed home life.  When you provide for our home, I feel supported.  It makes me want to do even more nice things to make our place more comfortable.
Saturn:  Which in turn makes me want to do the same.
Jupiter:  Right now I’m wondering why we ever argue.
Saturn:  We represent very different principles.  I’m about structure, accountability, diligence and achievement.
Jupiter:  And I’m about fun, growth, and being open to possibilities.
Saturn:  You do sometimes make promises you can’t keep, but I’m not really noticing that right now.  Right now all I want to do is fulfill on your promises, because I’m enjoying the way you make me grow.
Jupiter:  That’s nice to hear.  And you sometimes can be a real stickler, making demands about the bottom line, and pressing me for deadlines.  I’m not very good with deadlines, but when you provide the structure and integrity, I can meet them.  Together we produce less than I’m capable of promising—
Saturn:  —but together we produce something real, and it’s better than what I’d promise on my own.
Jupiter:  Exactly!
Saturn:  And thus real, concrete growth is possible.
Jupiter:  Instead of just hot air—  (wink)  
Saturn:  —and pessimism!  (wink)
Jupiter:  I think it’s because right now you’ve decided to trust me.
Saturn:  More accurately, I’ve decided to trust my own instinct about you.  And my instinct tells me to relax, because everything you do tells me you respect my needs for restraint and competency.
Jupiter:  And everything you do tells me you value the enthusiasm I bring and the growth I long for.  Thank you for that.  Big hug!
Saturn:  You know I’m not really into the huggy thing.  But I’ll submit to it anyway.
Jupiter:  Mr. Crankipants!
Saturn:  Madam Thing!
They share a brief squeeze, during which Saturn tears up and Jupiter pretends not to see it.  Then each goes back to what they were doing, feeling supported and appreciated and with a good will.  

Is this conversation happening in your home?  Perhaps it should be!

This friendly alignment between Jupiter and Saturn can allow us all to pause and appreciate the structures we often take for granted and the good things they bring into our lives.  Speaking that appreciation aloud to the strong-but-bristly providers in our lives (you know—the ones who build the structures that make life run) can relax their bristles and also open up everyone in the situation to experiencing more joy, happiness and emotional connection.  Spread the love!

This lovely trine between Jupiter and Saturn began in July of 2013 and finishes in May of 2014.  Enjoy it while you can!  Especially if your birthday falls into these dates:
Capricorns born:  December 25 through January 8
Pisceans born:  February 22 through March 8
Taureans born:  April 24 through May 8
Cancers born:  June 25 through July 10
Virgos born:  August 27 through September 10
Scorpios born:  October 27 through November 10

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And if you want to read about the last time Jupiter and Saturn trined, here’s a post about that too:  Effectiveness Can Be Fun—Jupiter Trines Saturn in Earth Signs

This year going with the flow brings success and fun:
Astrologers are very good at making dire predictions—but what use is that unless they can also tell you when is the BEST time to pursue new ventures?  I’m just the astrologer to let you know that this year, from June of 2013 to June of 2014 is a great time to start a new business or any project you want to go really smoothly.  And that’s because there is a very auspicious alignment of planets building up in the sky.  I’m telling you about it because it’s approaching its peak and I want you to be able to take full advantage of it before it ends.

The alignment is a set of harmonious aspects among five planets:  Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter and Pluto.  Each of these planets has at least two harmonious connections going on right now with others of the batch.  This piles goodness upon goodness so that the summer and fall of 2013 is a very lucky and auspicious time for new enterprises of all kinds, and that goodness flows right into the spring of next year.  Most of this harmonious activity is happening in Water signs, with Pluto in an Earth sign connecting nicely with those Water signs and adding some dynamic tension too.

What these planets are up to. . .
Neptune is in Pisces
, a sign it loves to be in, bringing a tremendous sense of flow to this dynamic.  Because Neptune is involved, we have access to oceanic feelings of communion and connection, and our imaginations are fueled.  Our powers of manifestation and “dreaming things real” is at a peak.

Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Scorpio.  This combination is called a “mutual reception,” as each planet is in the sign the other rules, making them “mutually receptive” to each other’s agendas.  This alignment is all about power, purging corruption, doing the hard work of vulnerable leadership, and living each moment as if it was your last.  I’ve written more about it here.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is in Pisces, bridging the gap between material and spiritual worlds, carrying information from the physical to the metaphysical planes and back again.  You can take advantage of this through prayer, manifestation and other practices that get you into alignment with your spiritual guidance.

And finally, Jupiter will move into Cancer on June 25, 2013, and will quickly get into trine with Neptune, Saturn, then Chiron, completing the Water circuit.  Jupiter will also oppose Pluto, and bring just enough tension into the dynamic to spur all that lazy Water to action.  Jupiter in Cancer is in its all-time favorite sign to occupy, bringing a warm, nurturing feel and encouraging growth gently, as a summer rain encourages flowers to bud and open.

How does this affect me?
If you have a lot of Water in your chart, this astrological activity should feel really good, as if the rest of the world is aligning with the flow that is natural to you.  You may find yourself experiencing luck and being noticed in ways that don’t make you feel overexposed.  If you have lazy Water habits (such as living in codependent relationships, overpowering others with your emotions or draining yourself dry to serve and nurture others), these habits may be indulged this year and you could end up with no progress.  But if you decide to live your Watery side in the best way possible (by being conscious of your feelings but not dramatic, and being intuitive without being invasive), you could find yourself at the top of the heap with very little effort.

And the really good news is that if you are starting a business this year, or having a baby, you can look forward to your “project” having oodles of good karma.  Some kinds of businesses are better suited to this than others; you can see me for a consultation if you’re ready to know more.

This time period is especially good for:

  • healers
  • artists
  • nurses and caretakers of all kinds
  • midwives, doulas, ob/gyns and those involved with birthing
  • hospice workers and those who to assist peaceful death
  • any job that requires compassion and human kindness
  • spiritual and psychic helpers
  • anyone who works with children
  • financial analysts and investors, anyone who works with debt but especially those who assist people in trouble with management of their debt, including bankruptcy lawyers
  • therapists, counselors and coaches, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts
  • hypnotherapists
  • . . . and the list goes on.

If you want to know how this year’s Water lineup affects you,
contact Jamie for a reading.


June 2013 to July 2014

Our old friend jolly Jupiter is about to move into Cancer—today, in fact.  This is such good news I had to tell you about it.

You might know that every planet rules a sign of the zodiac, which is called its “home” sign.  A planet is very comfortable when at home and it can express itself purely there.  But what you might not know is that every planet also has an exaltation sign—a sign in which it expresses itself the best.  In its sign of exaltation, a planet’s better tendencies are brought to the fore, while its worse tendencies are muted.  For Jupiter, that sign is Cancer.  But why?

At first glance, Jupiter and Cancer would seem to be incompatible.  Cancer is the stay-at-home type, while Jupiter is the wanderer.  Jupiter has a devil-may-care attitude, while Cancer bonds deeply and feels keenly.  Jupiter is fiery and extraverted; Cancer is watery and introverted.  To Jupiter, Cancer’s family ties may seem like shackles, while to Cancer, Jupiter’s inability to stick with things can cause feelings of abandonment.  In fact Jupiter’s home sign, Sagittarius, and Cancer share a difficult quincunx aspect, suggesting that they are as alien to each other’s ways as possible.

All this is true, and is even more reason why occupying Cancer solves some crucial Jupiter problems.  Like the tendency to roam and roam but never stick anywhere.  Like the perpetual sensation that the grass is greener somewhere—anywhere—other than right here.  Jupiter, when placed in loving, nurturing, bonding Cancer, retains all the warmth of the Big Red Planet’s gregarious personality, while gaining the ability to have fun with deeper human connection, instead of feeling trapped by it.  Jupiter in Cancer people love family life and make great parents.  They have a natural tendency to nurture the small beings around them into bigger, stronger ones—and they enjoy doing it.  If you are in a “12 year” this year (meaning you are turning 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84), this could mean you.

This summer and fall (of 2013) there’s a fantastic lineup of planets falling into a Grand Trine in Water.  Jupiter completes that circuit and will bring luck, charisma and opportunities to those who are born under it and those who incept businesses under it.

Those of you lucky enough to be Cancers will get a personal hit of Jupiterian self-confidence, expansion and growth especially if your birthday falls between July 1 and July 12.  In fact, the Aries, Libra and Capricorn people born in a similar week in their own month will have a similar experience:

Arians born March 30-April 9
Cancers born July 1-12
Librans born October 3-13
Capricorns born December 31-January 10

Jupiter in Cancer feels like endless summer, like those long summer days where you feel you are sitting in a field and you could lazily open a palm and ripe fruit at the very peak of its perfection will just drop into it.  You can feel the warmth and safety sink into your bones and you relax.  Deeply.  It’s like sitting in the lap of the Universal Mother, knowing all things will come to you in their time, and in the meanwhile, you can just be.

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What makes Cancer sign types (usually born between June 21-July 22) so lovable?  And on the other hand, why is it that so many Cancerians languish in the singles pool while their more glamorous Leo and Gemini friends seem to get all the dates?  Cancer offers substance, not style, and this is exactly the charm of this Water sign.  But how do you get others to appreciate it?

Cancer, when you’re at your best. . .
. . . you are nothing if not devoted to those you care about.  You would rather pour a lot of loving attention into a few special people than spread yourself out thinly over a large group.  Networking is not for you and this is because you come at things heart-first.  You may not be flashy upon first glance, but once you’ve gotten into somebody’s heart, you’ll quickly gain a lock on their affections.  Your emotional intelligence gives you an edge in all kinds of social situations, and your intuition keeps you out of trouble.

. . . and at your worst. . .
Your ability to care and to feel are your finest strengths and your attraction to those who are weak, small or in need is a reflection of this.  Is it any wonder that you wake up some days to find that your home is overrun with stray animals, your life with stray people and your attention with gone-astray family members?  Sometimes a line simply must be drawn.  Your time is valuable because when you give, you give completely.  Is it also any wonder that you get attached, sometimes too attached, to those you care for?

Handling your Cancer nature
Make your home into the perfect nest for you to enjoy and to share with a special someone you can build a family with.  Your home is absolutely your castle and when it’s as you like it, you are sustained, supported and invigorated.  When it’s not, you’re drained, plain and simple.  Also, when your relationships don’t give back to you, you absolutely must pull back from them and begin taking care of yourself.  Forget about blaming others for not reciprocating—frankly, your standard of care is higher than theirs.  Oh, and please draw a line with those crazy family members you’re always trying to save.  It’s a wasted effort that drains the friendships you have with those who are more deserving.

Clueing others in about you
Let them know you’re shy.  Still waters run deep and yours are among the deepest.  Be choosy in all your friendships.  Really bond with your friends and let them know how much you treasure these few special people you’ve carefully chosen to let into your life and heart.  And when you go crazy over the next relationship in your life, don’t ditch your friends for your “new hottie”—you’ll need those friends someday, whether to cry with or laugh with, as soon as you get past the honeymoon.  Be sure to cultivate your connections with the Scorpios and Pisceans in your life: they get you like nobody else and instead of being bothered by your sensitivity, they understand and value it.

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Pay attention to self-care during tonight’s complex New Moon in Cancer, which is also a Solar Eclipse.  Influences from Saturn, Pluto and Uranus combine to put demands on your ability to understand and respond to your own needs.  You’ll find yourself crashing and burning if you don’t honor their demands.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: July 1, 2011
Time of eclipse: 1:54 AM PST
Type: partial (moderate in intensity)
Visible in: a small patch of ocean between Antarctica and southern Africa.
At: 9 degrees Cancer
Shadow Agents: Saturn (in Libra), Pluto (in Capricorn), Uranus (in Aries)

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
June 26-July 6
September 27-October 8
December 26-January 5
March 25-April 4

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it. The Sun and Moon sweep in, carrying trays of food.  Behind them crowd Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, carrying loads of cushy, comfy things.
Moon:  Mange, mange!  You’ve got to eat something!  You’re wasting away to skin and bones.
She pinches your cheek and fills a plate for you.
You:  But what if I’m not hungry?
Saturn:  Actually, you are hungry.
Pluto:  To be precise, your soul is hungry.
Uranus:  Hungry for freedom . . .
Pluto:  For change . . .
Saturn:  And maybe hungry for structure.
You:  I’m confused.
Sun:  You should be.  There’s a lot going on during this eclipse.
Moon:  The main point is you need to take care of yourself, or you’ll crash and burn—
Sun:  —and because this is a Solar Eclipse, you’ll see the effects in your life, out where everyone else can see them too.
You:  So what do I need to do?
Moon:  Take care of yourself.  Take good care of yourself.  Really take good care of yourself.
Saturn, Uranus and Pluto have been arranging pillows, cushions and other comfort items on the sofas.  The Moon is tucking you in while the Sun props a pillow under your head.  You begin to relax deeply and suddenly you remember it’s been a long time since you’ve allowed yourself this.
Saturn:  Take such good care of yourself that your responsibilities do not weigh on you, and you don’t need to choose between fulfilling promises to others and being kind to yourself.
Uranus:  Take such good care of yourself that you feel liberated, freed and energized by it, instead of trapped.
Pluto:  Take such good care of yourself that you can maintain a sense of safety and security even when life throws its biggest ups and downs at you.
You:  And what if I don’t?
Sun:  All kinds of bad things can happen.
Saturn:  Job loss, financial pressures, heavy responsibilities.
Pluto:  Deep gloom can descend.  Negative thoughts everywhere.  Emotional meltdown.
Uranus:  Chaotic disruptions.  Feelings of entrapment.  Rebellious outbursts.  You could really blow it!
Saturn:  Yes, this is definitely a test of your ability to care for yourself.
You:  I think I get the point.  It’s about self-care.  And all of you have reasons why it’s important.
Sun:  You’re darned tootin’ we do.
Saturn:  It’s time to wake up and become your own best mother, because nobody’s going to do it for you.
And off they go, leaving plates of food, cushy pillows and fuzzy blankets behind them.

Read about other eclipses coming up: 2011 Eclipses.

This is a profoundly domestic New Moon.  This Moon asks, “Exactly how do you want your home to be?  Do you feel safe at home?  Do you feel supported?  What can you do to make it a better nest for you?”  Mars, traveling through Virgo forms a helpful sextile to the Moon, offering loads of industrious energy to tidy, fix and refurbish.  This is a great time for house projects.  And because this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, we are also likely to see our shadows during it.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: July 11, 2010
Time of eclipse: 12:40 PM PST
Type: total (strong in intensity)
Visible in: People in New Zealand, Patagonia, the South Pacific, and parts of Chile and Argentina will see this eclipse.
At: 19 degrees Cancer
Shadow Agent: Mars in Virgo

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
January 3-13
April 3-13
July 5-15
October 6-16

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is mostly experienced internally).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Mars is there.  Before you can even speak, he’s rushed past you and is bringing things inside: a vacuum cleaner, a toolbox, a bucket containing cleaning supplies and several kinds of brooms, mops and brushes.  Outside you can see his van, groaning with construction supplies: jars of nails and screws, aluminum siding, wood flooring, copper pipes, roofing shingles and other sundry building materials.  After a few minutes of lightning-swift activity, he stops in front of you and gives you a military salute.

Mars:  Domestic Industry Team, reporting for duty.
You:  Team?  But there’s only one of you.
Mars:  I’m so efficient, you only need one.
You:  Oh.
Mars:  So what needs doing?
You:  Um, I have no idea.
Mars:  (pushing past you into the house) Ok, so the foundation needs fixing, the drain-pipes need adjusting before the next rainy season, and you could really use a drainage ditch.  A couple of rooms need updated wiring, and you’d really like a second story and some solar panels.  Is that all?  That can’t be all.
You:  Um, I think that’s it.
Mars:  What about your sense of safety here at home?  Do you feel loved?  Are you comfortable?
You:  What?
Mars:  How about some fixes not only to your home, but also to your sense of home?  Does your relationship need fixing?  How about your family?
He starts rummaging through his toolkit.
You:  Uh, sure.  Lots of things like that need fixing too.  Can you really do that?
Mars:  I can at least kick your butt and get you started.
You:  Wow.  You mean I could get a whole new sense of home out of this eclipse?
Mars:  You betcha.  But you gotta be willing to take action.  Just figure out what your real needs are and ask for them.  You need to take the first step.  Help is near, but you’ve got to ask.
He winks and goes back to the truck for more supplies.  You sink onto your sofa.
You:  Nothing like getting the problem and the solution at the same time!

Do you know why Cancer types are so lovable?  Emotional intelligence, that’s why.  And the root of emotional intelligence is soothing—self-soothing and the soothing of others.  This sensitive Water sign quickly learns that life is lived through a feeling-filter (it’s true even for those who claim to not be emotional).  Cancers become adept at connecting emotionally with human beings in general.  Here’s just some of the great stuff Cancers learn as they swim through life’s waters.

Cancers quickly learn to value love and the ability to love above being right or being strong.  They are not usually stoic people.  A Cancer would usually rather be connected to someone they love, even if that connection is painful, than be shut out.  Cancers are not usually interested in superiority or in dominating (unless they’ve got a Leo streak).  Loving, connecting and bonding and feeling-with are high on their value scale.

An emotionally intelligent Cancer is adept at sympathizing and empathizing with the emotions of others.  Cancers are naturally supportive and sympathetic, which gives them an edge when it comes to establishing rapport and connecting with others.  Being able to feel-with and feel-for others binds them to you.  Cancers are great bonders.

Cancer understands how important it is to know what you are feeling. One of the first and best pieces of knowledge that a smart Cancer learns is how to tell the difference between an emotion, an intuition and a mood.  An emotion is any feeling you have.  An intuition is a feeling you should pay attention to, even if you don’t know why you are having it, because it’s trying to guide you.  A mood is a passing feeling that you don’t want to act on, because such impulses lead to bad choices.  Smart Cancers know the difference.

Knowing the differences between kinds of emotions leads to knowing how to manage your own emotions.  When you know why you feel what you feel, then it’s easy to know what you should do about that (or not).  So, suppose you just met someone and you took an instant dislike to him.  Is that because there’s something creepy about him or is that because you’re in a sensitive mood or is it because he reminds you of somebody who was mean to you years ago?  Each situation calls for a different response and you need to know how to choose.

As a Cancer matures, she becomes able to channel emotions into life in ways that make a difference.  As soon as she’s comfortably situated, or at least oriented (and sometimes even before!) she looks around for things that need nurturing and she begins pouring love, care and thoughtfulness into those things.  And whether those things include babies, gardens, businesses, projects, people or pets, under the loving gentle rain of Cancerian care, they cannot help but blossom.

It’s not necessary to have your Sun, Moon or Rising in Cancer to develop intuitive ability.  Every human being alive has Cancerian emotional intelligence.  Cultivate yours and watch your world flower!

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In honor of Sagittarians everywhere, this post is about Jupiter, Sag’s ruling planet, the bringer of joy.

Jupiter is located in a sign in your chart that brings you joy.  Wherever Jupiter resides will tell a story of an area of life or a way of being which brings you sheer delight and happiness.  To do your Jupiter thing is the very pursuit of happiness for you.  The feeling you get when you do that is a sense of expansion, pleasure and lightness.  Jupiter is just plain fun.

Jupiter is also the part of us that reaches beyond ourselves and makes us grow bigger.  This part helps us develop a philosophy of life that answer’s life’s big questions and makes sense of our place in the universe.  When you are in touch with your Jupiter side, life has meaning and you have a reason to live.  You have a happiness to pursue and when you do so, you exude such positive, hopeful qualities that life rolls out the red carpet, tossing you opportunities and making you lucky.  When you are friends with your inner Jupiter, life is an adventure.

How do you find out where your Jupiter is?
If you don’t have your chart, or don’t know how to read your chart, you may want to have a reading to find out where your Jupiter is. You can contact me for a reading in person in Berkeley California or by phone. Here’s more information about getting a reading and here’s how to contact me about it. You can also make your own chart on using these instructions I’ve made for you.

You also might know someone who knows their Jupiter sign and whose Jupiter sign is the same as yours. Jupiter takes about a year to pass through a given sign, passing through the whole zodiac in about 12 years. This means that you probably have Jupiter in the same sign as all the members of your high school graduating class and the people born  at 12-year intervals from you (i.e. those born when you were 12, 24, 36, etc, or 12, 24, 36 years before you were born). People who share your Jupiter sign will usually be people who feel good to be around, because their joy is similar to yours.

Where’s Your Joy?
When you have Jupiter in Aries, you derive joy from leaping into action.  It’s a little hard to sit still because you’d rather be in motion, making progress or getting somewhere.
Spontaneity delights you and you are never so happy as when your own action is the right one and brings delight to others.  You bounce back fast & learn well from mistakes.  Your philosophy is based on transparency and you get a lot of joy from being your truest self without apology.  To you, mutual honesty and directness are the key to any relationship.

Jupiter in Taurus people love the physical world.  If you have this Jupiter sign, you relish feeding all your senses with delicious sights, sounds, scents, tastes and textures.  Can this lead to gluttony?  You bet.  It can also lead to acquisitiveness.  But such people do generally end up with the nest egg they seek and lots of nice things to decorate it with.  And your love of food leads to natural cooking talent.  Your philosophy of life includes the importance of continuity and the idea that things should go on much the same unless there’s a really good reason to change them.

Jupiter in Gemini?  Ok, you can be a real talker, even a serious chatterbox.  You love being clever, expressing your wit and getting into wide-ranging conversations on a huge variety of topics.  You are a “renaissance person,” pulled in a number of directions, all of which give you equal joy.  In fact, you’re so multi-talented that you don’t know what to develop.  Being involved with several ideas at once brings you delight and your life-philosophy involves the importance of using one’s intelligence and seeing life logically.

People with Jupiter in Cancer are a fountain of love and nurturance for those lucky enough to be around them.  When you have this, you tend to feel emotionally secure and to feel like your emotions are ok without needing validation from others.  You spread your support around liberally and are not easily emotionally depleted.  You are sensitive to the needs of others, but not clingy or cloying.  Yours is an open kitchen and a well-trod welcome mat.  Your philosophy of life centers on the importance of family and of treating people like family.

Jupiter in Leo is very expansive and exudes noblesse oblige.  This makes you a really royal person.  Creativity gives you joy and you like to express yourself, but beware of excess self-involvement.  You can bear a lot of attention.  You are a natural leader and role model.  You are sometimes unaware of how your large expression can overwhelm others and stifle their expression.  When you make room for the creativity of others while not diminishing yourself, you are the best role model of all.  Your philosophy is about being an individual and the importance of individual will and expression.

Jupiter in Virgo is similar to Gemini.  When you have this, you can get lost in, and overwhelmed by, the details.  You find yourself trying to pan out and focus in at the same time, which can be frustrating, but on the other hand, having an abundance of Virgoan organizational energy is not a bad thing at all and you like nothing so much as a clean, fresh surface ready for use.  Your health tends to go well because you enjoy putting healthy habits in place.  Your philosophy can put a positive spin on the work ethic, partly because being efficient and industrious just feels good to you.

Jupiter in Libra people truly enjoy relating to others, which may account for your varied and interesting social life.  Your philosophy includes the tenet that life should be fair and this trips you up occasionally, when it doesn’t bear out.  You think everyone’s beliefs deserve room, except where they exclude the beliefs of others.  You can be a social magnet and a matchmaker, introducing the right people to each other and smoothing over social mishaps among your many and varied friends.  Your tolerance for people’s differences leads to a host of good connections that can pay off over time.

When you have Jupiter in Scorpio, you have a dark side that you enjoy.  Sometimes this takes the form of gallows humor and sometimes it’s about a love of the gritty, grimy side of life (a fascination with detective novels, for example).  Your philosophy includes the idea there’s no moment so dark it will not pass and that there is a light at the end of every tunnel.  Because of that, you make a good helper and guide for people who are truly at the end of their rope, because you have a high tolerance for other people’s shadow sides.  In fact, your sheer delight at seeing someone else being real while in pain is infectious–and can help that person feel normal.

When you have Jupiter in Sagittarius you like to stay mobile.  You are a pretty purely Jupiterian person, so you have a strong sense of humor, a large and benevolent presence and you are fascinated with travel and foreign cultures.  You are delighted by that which is different from you simply because it is different—that makes it interesting.  You are sometimes very restless and need to avoid getting tied down.  You have a deep well of optimism and can bounce back from just about anything.  Your life-philosophy leaves room for endless growth and expansion.

Jupiter in Capricorn people are prone to overworking because they love the sensation of discipline and focused effort.  When you have this, you are delighted by discovering what to devote yourself to and you get a lot of energy and joy from working extremely hard at it once you’ve found it.  Achievable goals inspire you and pie-in-the-sky goals annoy you.  While you are not naturally optimistic, once your skepticism is satisfied, you can show tremendous persistence.  Your philosophy is based on the idea that hard work leads inevitably to success—and for you, it does.

When you have Jupiter in Aquarius, progress is enlivening and central to your world-view—thwarting it runs counter to your philosophy.  You have a rebellious streak and quickly spot the places where old ways have stopped working.  You are happiest when there’s a little chaos going on due to a really big change in the works.  You have an abundance of ideas and enjoy taking an intellectual, experimental approach.  For you an adventure is better had in the world of ideas than in the physical world and you secretly like shaking up the old, established ways.

As a Jupiter in Pisces person, you have a deep well of faith to draw on.  You are a profoundly gentle and tolerant person, with warm affection for all living things.  You can be wise and generous with your attention and help make room for smaller beings around you to grow.  If you are religious, you’ve chosen the finest parts of your religion and tolerate or ignore the rest.  This frees you to participate in a communion with spirit that feeds your soul and gives you joy and vitality.  Your philosophy is simple: every living thing is deserving and there is room for all of us to be happy.

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Details About This Eclipse

eclipse art by Kristin PlescowDate:  July 21, 2009
Time of eclipse:
7:35 PM PST
Visible in:
  northern India, eastern Nepal, southern China, in cities like Delhi, Calcutta, Kathmandu and Shanghai.
  29 degrees Cancer
Shadow Agent

This eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer, which means it shows us our shadow in the area of emotions, feelings and our inner life.  The funny thing is, this is a solar eclipse, so it’s marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is mostly experienced internally).  So during this eclipse our inner life may be symbolized in the outside world by a physical event.  The eclipse may also stimulate events in Cancerian arenas, such as family (meaning both the family you grow up with and the family you create as an adult), the home or private sphere and one’s emotional life.  The eclipse is total, so it is likely to have a stronger effect on those it touches than the other 5 eclipses this year.  The Shadow Agent for this eclipse is Uranus, acting gently by a harmonious trine.

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Uranus is standing there.  He’s a funny-looking guy, a little cross-eyed, wearing a beanie cap.
You:  I’ve seen you before.
Uranus:  I tend to bring the unexpected.
You:  Uh, yeah, I’ve noticed that.
Uranus:  Don’t worry, I’m acting by trine today, so this won’t be so bad.
He sweeps past you into the house and starts rearranging your furniture.  You’re amazed and more than a little taken aback. When he moves the sofa to a totally different spot, you interrupt.
You:  Hey—I liked that there!
Uranus:  You’d gotten too stuck in your ways.  This will be better.  Trust me.
You fall silent and watch.  In a few swift moves, suddenly he has made everything different.  You sit on the newly-placed sofa and notice that things look very different from this new angle.  They feel different too.  There’s a freshness and you don’t really know what it all means.
Uranus:  You have more space now.
You:  More of something, but I’m not sure what.
Uranus:  That should come clear within a few days.
You:  I’m going to have to get used to this.
Uranus:  Yep.  Sometimes people don’t know what they need until it happens.
You (still in shock):  I can’t tell if this is bad or not.
Uranus:  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  You decide.
He tips his silly hat and goes.

Art by Kristin Plescow.

For more about this year’s eclipses, see this:
2009 Eclipses and their Shadow Agents

Of the 3 water signs, one is Cardinal, one is Fixed and one is Mutable.  When a zodiac sign is Cardinal, that means it sends its elemental energy in a directed way.  If it’s Fixed, then it consolidates and contains its elemental energy while the Mutable signs disperse and diffuse their elemental energy.  What does this mean for the 3 water signs, Cancer (Cardinal), Scorpio (Fixed) and Pisces (Mutable)?  Looking at physical symbols for the water signs is an excellent way to understand them and their relationship to each other.

Cancer, The Mountain Spring
Cancer, the Cardinal Water sign is the first to appear in the zodiacal order.  It represents directed water.  This means moving water, symbolized by a mountain spring, born out of the earth, the freshest of waters and the Water sign with the most drive.  Cancer’s Cardinality carries fresh water to ecosystems that need it, nurturing and growing life.

Cancer combines Water’s fluidity with Cardinal motivation, drive and leadership.  Cancer is the water sign with energy and direction.  Cancer has focus in a way the other two do not.  Think of a busy mother (this is, after all, the mother archetype) involved in her energetic nesting activity or think of a fierce mama bear, defending her cubs.  Think of a mother duck, lining up her chicks and leading them to water for the first time.  This sign has force, motivation and purpose to it.

Scorpio, The Lake
Scorpio is the second Water sign and it’s Fixed.  Imagine that Cancer’s mountain spring has flowed downhill and gathered momentum until it’s become a rushing river.  Now imagine all the force of that river dammed into a lake and you have Scorpio.  Another way to think of Scorpio is to look at a glass of water.  It looks placid and still but actually, the contained liquid is exerting a tremendous amount of force on all sides of the glass.  If there’s a crack in the glass anywhere, the water will find it and press through.  That’s Scorpio.

Scorpio combines the fluidity of Water with Fixed strength, solidity and continuity.  Scorpio has amazing staying power, sometimes obsessively so—in fact, Scorpio has the capacity to use obsession and compulsion to its own advantage.  And Scorpio’s tremendous sensitivity, though often experienced as a problem, is actually an advantage because it is the root of Scorpio’s ability to find weaknesses in the enemy or in the problem that can be used to overcome it.

Pisces, The Vast Ocean
All waters eventually lead to the sea. Pisces, the Mutable Water sign, combines fluid Water with flexible, ever-changing Mutability.  Mutable Water is best symbolized by the vast oceans, filled with eddies, currents and tides.  The ocean is ever-changing and always moving, but never moving in a given direction.  In the ocean, change is the constant.  And so it is with Pisces.

Pisces is the only water sign that doesn’t need a shell to protect itself.  Cancer hides in its Crab shell while Scorpio hides behind a cool exterior (occasionally coming out to sting with its Scorpion tail), but Pisces can defend itself while remaining soft.  This is because Pisces is adept at shapeshifting and mimicry.  How can you attack something when you don’t know what it is?  Pisces meets confrontation indirectly (as do all the water signs) and preserves itself by slipperiness and evasion.  Pisces is the ultimate moving target.

Which of these do you resonate with most?  Are you an energetic, bubbling spring, flowing downhill, gathering force as you go?  Or are you a still-waters-run-deep lake, sensitive to all that touches your surface?  Or are you the huge, ever-shifting ocean—permeable and connected to everything, remaining soft and open to experience?

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At the risk of giving Cancer men everywhere a big head, I say “Quite possibly yes.”  And here’s why.

•    Cancer-type men do not see women as weird, alien beings.  They see women as being similar to themselves and thus approach women as potential friends, not just possible sexual partners.
•    Cancer-type men have feelings, just like women!  They are the men most likely to develop emotional intelligence.  They may feel that they’ve had to, because feelings cannot be ignored.
•    Cancer-type men do not object to the ups and downs of a woman’s cycle.  In fact, Cancer men are the most likely of all the sign types to be able to talk with their women friends about menstruation without being condescending or put off.  Cancer men have a way of taking the female cycle as a simple fact of life, much as women do.
•    Cancer-type men have had female friends all along.  Does this make a lunar guy feel like an also-ran at times, as a more alpha male swoops in and steals his best (woman) friend whom he’s been secretly in love with for years?  Sure, that can happen.  Does the Cancer male resent having to hear about said friend’s troubles when she suffers at the hands of Alpha Guy?  Yup.  But is that same alpha man going to be able to maintain a longterm relationship with girlfriend?  Not easily, because he hasn’t spent many years of his life relating with her through thick and thin.  Cancer men are training for marriage and marriage is not for sissies.
•    Cancer-type men know how to comfort a woman.  They understand that sometimes a woman just wants to be listened to and to have her feelings out loud without having her listener try to fix her or the situation.

Note To Cancer Men:
Sure, women may take you for granted and may not always appreciate what you offer them everyday, day in and day out, fine weather or foul.  But after they’ve had a few bad experiences with jerks and losers, the smart ones will begin to see your value.  Also, standing up for yourself and drawing a line here and there wouldn’t hurt either!  Don’t let your women-friends run roughshod over you and use you just because you are inclined to be fond of them anyway.  Any woman who would do that is not worth your time, no matter how enchanting she is.

Note To Cancer Women:
Ladies, you are the unsung heroes of the world, with the tireless energy and unrelenting care you put into everything you touch.  Don’t forget to take a break periodically to put your feet up and be kind to yourself.  When’s the last time you had a massage (like a real, professional one)?  You deserve to have someone take care of you for a change—but to have that you’ll have to remember to let them.

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