Solar Eclipse Today: A Visit From The Flatterer

Eclipses are powerful astrological signposts of change.  Around midnight this morning a solar eclipse occurred.  For background on what eclipses mean in general, what they are (astronomically) and how each eclipse usually has one or more Shadow Agents, look here:  Eclipses and the Shadow Agent.

January 26, 2009, Solar Eclipse—Where Will We See Our Shadows?
This eclipse falls in the sign of Aquarius, which means it will be showing us our shadow in the area of friendships.  We’ll see our shadows when we spend time in groups and when we share ideas with like-minded people.  Our networks of friends will show us things we cannot see about ourselves.  It’s a solar eclipse, so it’s likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is mostly experienced internally).

Does It Affect Me?
I’d need to look at your chart to tell you that, but at least I can say that if your birthday is on any of the following dates, you are likely to feel this eclipse:
January 20-30
April 20-29
July 23-August 2
October 23-November 2

The Shadow Agent for this eclipse is Jupiter.  Here’s a hint of what this eclipse might be like for those who are feeling it. . .

A Visit From The Flatterer

There’s a knock at your door.  You answer it.  Jupiter is there, dressed in party clothes.
You:  Can I help you?
Jupiter:  I’m here to boost your self-confidence.
Jupiter attaches a pump to your side and begins pumping you full of hot air.  You start to feel giddy.  You laugh and fall over a little.
You:  Hey, I feel good! 
You dance around a little, unsteady on your feet.

Jupiter:  That’s because you are good!  Really good!
You:  Yeah, I’m great in fact.  I’m awesome!  I’m the best!
Jupiter:  Yes, there’s no one better!  You’re really under-appreciated, you know.
You:  Yeah, what’s up with that?  How come no one gets it about me?
Jupiter:  They’re fools.  Oh look—here are some people who get it about you.
Suddenly a flood of people pours into your house.  They praise and flatter you.  This goes on for a while. 
You:  I don’t really know these people well.
Jupiter:  Yeah, but their opinions matter.  And they love you!
You enjoy the party for a while, then you begin to notice something a little strange.

You:  Hey, wait a minute, something feels a little uncomfortable around here.
Jupiter:  What, are your pants a little tight?
You:  Yes, that’s exactly it—how did you know?
Jupiter:  Because you’re too big for your britches!
He laughs and shows you the mirror.  Your image shows you are in fact bulging out of your pants and their seams are splitting.  Just behind your funhouse-mirror-fattened image, you spot a glimpse of your own shadow. 
You:  Hey, what’s that?
Jupiter:  Your shadow, silly!  Arrogance and over-confidence in some area where you feel small.
You:  Sheesh!  It’s icky!
Jupiter:  Sorry—shadows are like that.  I have the answer, though.
You:  What?
Jupiter takes out a giant pin and pokes you in the side with it.
You:  OUCH!  Hey—what was that for?
Jupiter:  Find the right balance of humbleness and healthy pride and you’ll be all right.  I’ll be leaving now.
You:  Wait just a minute—you set me up!  That’s unfair!
Jupiter:  The Shadow Agent’s job is to show you your shadow.  I had to blow you up a little before you could see it.  Sorry it was uncomfortable.
Jupiter opens the door and leaves, quickly followed by the flood of unasked-for guests.  Your body slowly deflates, and along with it, your ego as you realize that friends that cater to excessive self-confidence are no more than flatterers.

The next eclipse is on February 9, 2009.  I’ll write more about it (and its Shadow Agent) as the day approaches.

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