Will The Recession Be Over Soon? Pretty Please?

It’s the question everybody’s asking–when will the recession end and hope and prosperity be restored?  There are not one but several very difficult planetary combinations happening in the sky this year and they are contributing to a blanket of gloom.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that the worst of these combinations is ending this month.

What’s happening is that 4 planets are forming a giant T in the sky.  They are Pluto (death & rebirth), Saturn (responsibility & duty), Uranus (paradigm shift) and Jupiter (the magnifier).  So Pluto is demanding that we die, so that we may be reborn, which is heavy enough without Saturn simultaneously demanding that we act like a grownup while our life is melting down.  Add to this the Uranian tendency towards restlessness and sudden insights that upend our whole world view and then throw in Jupiter, whose effect is to magnify everything else, increasing the sense of oppression and restlessness.  Really huge changes are afoot for many people.  Chances are excellent that you are one of these highly stressed-out people or that you know one.

There were two peaks in the activity of this massive event in July:
Jupiter squared Pluto on July 24: Going To Extremes
Saturn opposed Uranus on July 26: Saturn and Uranus Finish the Fight

And there will be three more in August:
Jupiter and Pluto meet again and Go On A Binge (Look for this article on Aug 3)
Jupiter opposes Saturn: Optimism vs. Pessimism (Look for this article on Aug 16)
Saturn squares Pluto: Contents Under Pressure (Look for this article on Aug 21)

But the really good news is that the second-heaviest part—Saturn opposed Uranus—ended in July and the heaviest part—Saturn square Pluto—completes its final pass in August.  OVER and done!  Whew!

This is all ushering us into the square of Uranus and Pluto, a revolutionary period which we haven’t seen the likes of since the 1960’s.  That begins in June of 2012 and lasts until March of 2015.  This will be a really big deal and it’s likely to bring massive, sweeping change.  If some of us are feeling it creeping up even now, that’s no surprise–after all, the last time these two met in the sky it defined a decade.  Social changers, your day is coming, and soon.

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