Psyche’s Wanderings Begin

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Psyche wandered the earth, lost in grief.  She found herself at the temple of Ceres, where she cleaned and tidied the harvest tools until Ceres took notice of her anguish and advised her to go to the temple of Aphrodite and beg forgiveness.  Psyche did so.  “I know you don’t like me much,” she addressed the goddess, “but I am in love with your son.  What do I have to do to get him back?”  You could just about hear Aphrodite rubbing her hands together in glee.

Aphrodite declared that Psyche might win her husband back by doing four tasks, the final of these bringing her into the underworld, to the very throne of the god and goddess of death.  If Psyche should complete these tasks, her husband, her love, might be restored to her.

What Does The Story Mean?
The tale of Eros and Psyche is the tale of the soul seeking the fulfillment of true love.  When Eros and Psyche live together in their castle in the clouds, love cannot see the light of day.  It is too fragile.  Psyche’s journey to reclaim love shows us the way to convert ethereal love into the real thing.

Timing of 2010’s Venus retrograde period
October 8, 2010:  Venus turns retrograde.  Love flies out the window and Psyche is cast upon a journey to recover him.  She submits to the process because she recognizes that the only way out is through and that love cannot be forced.
October 28, 2010:  Venus conjuncts the Sun.  There will be a relationship epiphany on or near this day.
November 18, 2010:  Venus goes direct.  Eros and Psyche are restored to each other.  The retrospective period is over, and now you must go on from here with the insights you’ve gained about your relationship.

What Does It Mean That Venus Is In Scorpio?
Venus’ retrograde journey this year takes place in the sign of Scorpio, an apt symbol for the death of a dream, for loss and grief and for the place Psyche’s journey takes her to—the underworld.

In the underworld, there is darkness and uncertainty.  We do not know what is happening to us.  Change is going on, but we don’t know what we’re changing into.  And we have no idea when it will be over.

Scorpio’s message is “trust the process.”  Love cannot be controlled, dominated or forced by the psyche.  Love comes when it comes, not when demanded.  A show of devotion helps, but only if it is not viewed as a bargaining chip.

In the upcoming weeks, as Venus continues retrograde, we’ll follow Psyche on her journey . . .

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