Rejoining The Beautiful & Loving Human Family

As you may know, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter have met in the sky this month.  This triple conjunction is a powerhouse of meaning.  In my previous post I talked about what it means that Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter are in Aquarius.  That was a follow-up to my first post in this series, which talked about the meanings of these planets in themselves.  What follows is the third of the 3 posts and should serve to bring it all together.

What Do These Planets Want From You?
They want you to dream a big dream of community and togetherness.  They call for you to heal your community and yourself by taking up your full space in your public social arena and being visible.  They say there’s some part of you that you’ve been hiding, some place in you that feels split and has kept you participating only halfway in some communities.  They say that if you connect those communities you will not only make yourself whole but also make room for others who may have felt marginalized to express themselves.  They say that community can be a spiritual experience.

They say you should trust your intuition and they add that this time is a special opening in human consciousness—people are looking for answers.  People are disillusioned but ready to dream again.  People know that it all needs to be redreamed.  These 3 planets are telling you it’s time to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

Here’s some conversation overheard among Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter:
Neptune:  The human family seems to have become splintered.  I think they forgot how to love and accept each other.
Jupiter:  I’ve noticed that some human beings keep themselves pretty small in their lives.
Chiron:  Yeah.  I think it’s because they forgot their own power, maybe got caught up in their own broken places.
Neptune:  Everyone has broken places.  That’s what makes life so interesting.  That no one is perfect makes it all so . . . perfect.
Chiron:  Neptune, you’re full of paradox, aren’t you?
Neptune:  That I am.
Chiron:  I suspect that if people dove right into the most painful places, they would find the ways we are all connected.  Then they could stop isolating themselves and rejoin the human family.
Jupiter:  No one is an island, eh?  I subscribe to that belief.
Neptune:  Me too.  But it sounds uncomfortable.  A person would probably have to feel deeper alienation before the healing happened.
Chiron:  True.
Jupiter:  Do you think humanity is ready for that?
Chiron:  I’m not sure.  But I’ve noticed some pretty big dreamers among them.  Those few could open up the way to a wonderful new world.
Jupiter:  And there are a few crazies who are ready to hope again.
Neptune:  Let’s blast the planet with some cosmic energy & see what happens!
Chiron:  What will that do?
Neptune:  I’ll send each human being a beautiful vision of their ideal community. . .
Jupiter:  I’ll give each person the confidence to do something about that vision. . .
Chiron:  And I’ll break each person’s heart just a little, so there is a crack in the armor for the love to seep in by.
Jupiter:  Ok, let’s do it!
They huddle up and form a giant blast of energy, which they release at Earth.  Poof!  Green and gold sparkles everywhere.
Neptune:  Nice!
Jupiter:  Now let’s go get coffee.
Off they trot, arm in arm in arm.

What will the results of this triple conjunction be?  Only time will tell over the years to come.

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