Venus Retrograde’s Intimate Journey: The Fourth Gate

From March 6th through April 17th, Venus is traveling retrograde (i.e. backwards) through our skies.  The Venus retrograde period is a time for reevaluating your relationships and your capacity for love.  While Venus is retrograde, notice the places where you are drawn into your relationships’ darkness and notice the ways you might find increased intimacy there.

The retrograde journey of Venus is depicted in the Mesopotamian tale of the descent of Inanna into the underworld.  It is the story of a journey into the dark places in relationship, an attempt to recover lost love.  During her descent, Inanna was stopped seven times, at seven gates.  Each time, she had to remove one item from her person and leave it behind so she could go on.  Any or all of these items might have symbolic meaning for your explorations during this Venus retrograde period.

At The Fourth Gate, the Gatekeeper Demands the Gems Inanna Wears on Her Breast
Inanna’s gems represent decoration, charm and distraction.  They draw attention to Inanna’s feminine assets.  They sparkle and delight the eye, as if to say “but look how cute I am!”  The gems are a way to seduce and persuade instead of really relating.  They are a distraction from what is really going on.

When you feel you are losing a battle, do you switch tactics to seduction or enticement?  Do you need to look good in front of your partner?  The gems are distracting decorations that draw attention to your good parts rather than your flaws.  What might happen if you stopped trying to look good—to your partner or to anyone?

The Gatekeeper Asks:
Are you willing to let go of looking good?  Are you willing to let all of yourself be seen, not just the attractive parts?

By extension, do you need your relationship to look good in front of others?  Are you more focused on surface or substance?

Put the gems down.  Leave them at this gate.  Looking good no longer matters.

For more about Inanna’s journey and what happened at the other gates, look at Venus Retrograde: Descent Into Love’s Darkness.  The next phase in Inanna’s journey is Relationship Epiphany Day.

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