Free Teleclass: Raise A Happy, Secure Child With Astrology

Being a parent is an opportunity to feel love for another person that’s deeper and more selfless than you’ve ever felt before.  It’s the hardest unpaid job in existence, yet many say also the most rewarding.  What if you came to child-rearing prepared?  What if you could stay on balance and fully enjoy your little one while helping him understand his world?

Your child was born with strong intentions and zero baggage.  It’s your job to start him on his path.  It’s no accident that he came to you.  Would you like to know the intentions your child set for this life before he joined your family?  Astrology holds the key.

Your child’s astrology chart helps you nurture:
•    scholastic success while encouraging curiosity
•    social confidence and lifelong friendships
•    sports aptitude and impulse control
•    self-discipline, emotional intelligence and moral structure
•    individuality, so he can give his creative gifts to the world and pursue his dreams
•    your own sanity as you practice what you are teaching him

Many parenting books are wonderful, but they can’t tell you what’s true for your individual child.  Your child’s astrology chart is an owner’s manual for his life.  In my upcoming free teleclass, you’ll discover what a powerful parenting tool your child’s chart is.  Parent with confidence, relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that your child is not a mystery—because you’ve got his owner’s manual.  Get down to the serious business of having fun with your child!

Join the teleclass on
Thursday, September 5, 2012
from 5-6 PM Pacific time
(that’s 8-9 PM Eastern time)

Register by emailing Jamie at

Parent with ease and confidence–and have fun doing it!



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