In my previous article about Ceres, the largest asteroid in the asteroid belt, I argued that Ceres fits very well as a ruler of Taurus. If Ceres does rule Taurus, then Scorpio is its sign of detriment. In this article I continue by describing why this is a good fit.

Taurus and Scorpio are opposites
Obviously, a planet that rules a sign will find its detriment in the sign opposing the one it rules, because of the opposite nature of the signs. Taurus is sensuality, while Scorpio is sexuality. Taurus represents slow, gradual pleasure while Scorpio represents orgasmic intensity. Taurus owns; Scorpio shares. Taurus maintains separateness; Scorpio merges. Taurus represents life; Scorpio represents death. Taurus rejects change while Scorpio attracts it. Clearly then, if Taurus is a pure expression of Ceres nature, expressed in the form of a zodiac sign, then Scorpio is its polar opposite and gives Ceres very little scope for her true expression.

Ceres in Scorpio financially
“What’s mine is mine; what’s yours is mine” might be the motto of Ceres in Scorpio. This placement of Ceres can be ultra possessive—with a little Watery boundarilessness thrown in. In Scorpio, Ceres can feel moved to share—then resent the results. A native with Ceres in Scorpio might feel that their own money must come from others, but resent the dependency and its other costs (some of which may be emotional). Another tendency for Ceres in Scorpio natives is to experience financial “deaths and rebirths.” This means that sometimes situations emerge which drain one’s whole, hard-earned financial reserve in one staggering blow, requiring a rising from the financial ashes. As Nietzsche put it, “what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” and these natives need to learn to smell change coming and submit to it without a fight before disaster strikes. A habit of lingering in a state of pain for the sake of financial stability is too costly for these people, as resentment will lead to self-sabotage which will force a change that may seem beyond one’s control but actually was unconsciously self-created. Do not allow bitterness, resentment and hatred to nest in your heart. And stay away from financially lucrative arrangements that bear an intolerable emotional price tag.

A difficult placement for mothering
Ceres is the Earth Mother, also known as Mother Nature, one of two mother archetypes in the chart (the other being the Moon) and placement of Ceres in Scorpio can intensify the mother/child connection, leading to a hyper-bonded relationship that can feel codependent or entangled at times. This can manifest as a mother who possesses, overprotects or engulfs the child or delivers TMI (“too much information”) about her life as an adult. Things no child wants to know about a parent. If an individual with Ceres in Scorpio did experience this kind of mothering as a child, it may be difficult not to pass on this kind of parenting as an adult. If you have this placement, beware of smothering your child or oversharing adult experiences that your child is too young to understand.

Ceres in Scorpio is difficult but not impossible
It’s my firm belief that every planet in your chart is on a mission to bring something good into your life. A detriment position is hard on a planet because the sign opposite to its own sign gives the planet an extremely narrow scope of expression. Narrow but not impossible You might even argue that a planet’s detriment position constitutes a powerful life lesson and therefore yields richer human experience than a more “easy” placement. Certainly, a Ceres-in-Scorpio person can face many lessons about unattachment and self-reliance. What’s most difficult is that those lessons tend to come the hard way—by having the things you rely on most be wrenched away, just when you were feeling safe. At times it may even seem like an undeserved cosmic punishment.

Ceres in Scorpio can have a restlessness that’s counterintuitive for this Fixed planet in a Fixed sign—always pressing for satisfaction and satiation, but needing extremes in order for satisfaction to register—extreme wealth, extreme affection, extreme stability and safety—which means that relaxed enjoyment is hard to come by. More always seems to be needed and yet the wolf of fear remains at the door, perpetually howling.



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Mercedes LackeyDuring one of the hardest periods of my adult life, a time when I was emotionally distraught on a regular basis, withdrawn and having trouble coping, I found Mercedes Lackey’s books and they saved my sanity.

Lackey writes fantasy and a large subset of her books are set in a fictional world called Valdemar, where intelligent beings called Companions mindspeak with humans called Heralds, who are one part marshal, one part angel and one part flawed human being. Companions are essentially large, white horses with blue eyes and they are both psychic and benevolent. Now that’s a lot to swallow if you, Dear Reader, are no longer a teenager, but if you sink into the story you find yourself quickly immersed in a world of heroism, good-vs-evil and derring-do to rival our best beloved legends. Strictly speaking, Lackey’s work is not literature (not any more than that of Stephen King, another of my favorites), but it elevates pulp to a high standard. Perhaps someday it may be called literature, as Dickens’ serials are now.

Lackey’s Valdemar books have become my go-to relaxation books to read. I can count on her to create a world where the good guys win in the end and a child will get to be a hero. When I first found the Valdemar series, I read one, then a trilogy, then avidly ate up everything Valdemar there was. Then, as I didn’t yet feel finished, I read them ALL over again with no break, this time in chronological order. I’m a fast reader and it’s been a couple of years, so I’m thinking of doing it again. While I was on my break, apparently she’s written 5 more and so now I’m reading those.

This blogpost is a fond letter to Mercedes Lackey in gratitude for saving my peace of mind. While reading one of her latest series, I became curious about her chart. In that way that happens when you immerse yourself in a writer’s oeuvre, I feel that I know my way around inside Lackey’s mind. That’s the reader’s arrogance and it occurs the most, I postulate, when the writer is really connected to her work and so the reader feels that connection shine all the way through and right off the page. So I went to Lackey’s chart with some idea of what I’d find.

I expected to find a warm-hearted, geeky girl who lives in her imagination, a rich place indeed. I expected to find a heroic streak, not likely lived out in real life, but in the abstract, through writing. And I expected to find a love of the otherworldly and a big, big faith in the triumph of good. I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s Mercedes Lackey’s chart:

Check out that Mercury in Gemini trine Neptune, circled in yellow. It’s not surprising to discover Lackey is one of the Neptune in Libra generation, a soul-group with a shared vision, a beautiful dream of love, peace and harmony, perpetually asking, “Why can’t we all just get along?” Her Mercury communicates from that place and the Neptune trine guarantees that she sees intuition as a natural extension of rationality and that her writing mind has a deep well of imagination to draw from. Writing, and especially writing fantasy fiction, is a natural talent with her, like breathing. In fact, it’s so easy that it’s almost surprising to see that she actually went to the effort to develop it (most people ignore their natural talents and don’t bother to cultivate them).

The “heroic, but lived in the abstract” side is shown in her Mars in Libra, the white-hatted, white-horsed fellow who wants to win the nice way, the fair way. This is a hero who plays by the rules and fights for the beautiful ideals of Neptune in Libra.

Lackey’s “warm hearted but geeky” side comes straight from her Sun in Cancer conjunct Uranus, which isn’t afraid to stand out and look a little weird in order to march to one’s own drummer. I’ve circled them in blue. Her Cancer Sun is the reason why so many of Lackey’s protagonists are children or teens, at least when they first appear in her world. After that, they grow up quickly.

That Cancer Sun also explains the nurturing handling of her main characters. She puts them through their paces but she is not their punishing god. Punishment is reserved for those with bad intentions. This attitude is also reflective of her Jupiter-trine-Sun, and that Jupiter placed in Pisces, evidence of a faith-oriented personality. Jupiter is also the ruler of her Sagittarius Rising, suggestive that she perceives the world through a Sagittarian lens—as a perpetual quest for meaning and righteousness. Lackey’s portrayal of religion in her works suggests that she believes it is possible to be spiritual and moral outside the bounds of religion, perhaps more so than within. Her Saturn in Virgo in the Ninth House (circled in green) suggests that she grew up in an atmosphere of intolerance, which she herself, as she matured, did not subscribe to. Chiron in Sagittarius in the First squared Saturn underscores that possibility. I’ve never read a biography of Lackey and I don’t even know if one is available, so all this is speculation and shouldn’t be taken as fact.

If it is so that Lackey grew up in an intolerant household, then she has clearly made it her mission to spread tolerant ideas and has created a fantasy world which can positively influence future generations.

That Saturn squares her Mercury, weaving writing into the Great Work of her life, a clarion call she responded to of course, and we get to enjoy the results. Put together with Chiron in Sagittarius, here we find a T-square, suggesting she, at times, has identified as one of the walking wounded and that her healing process is her gift to the world. Whatever that interpretation might mean to her is private, so we’ll draw a curtain over that and move on.

In her transits, Lackey has entered a fallow career period, which I say because Saturn has entered her Twelfth House. This lasts from about Halloween/Samhain of 2013 to January of 2015. It’s a time when Lackey should not expect a lot of herself, should rest, retreat and look inward, preparing for a time of intense work and cultivation of her reputation in 2015 from January to November. This coincides beautifully with a Jupiter Luck period she’ll be having beginning in November of 2015 and lasting for about a year. If I could advise Lackey, I’d say, “Dive deep now and you’ll bounce out really hard at the end of 2015.” She’s also having an intense set of transits to her Neptune, from Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, over the next year and spilling into 2016, which may trigger a change in direction for her creative content, perhaps for the darker, and knowing Lackey, almost certainly for the better. It’s anybody’s guess what her writing will be like in 2016. Can’t wait to find out.



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Who didn’t react strongly, even cry immediately, upon hearing of his death?  And especially how he died?  Not me.  I lost it.  In looking at Robin Williams’ chart, I wanted to discover why this might have happened to someone who brought joy to so many.  I went looking for a complex human being, and I found one.

8-31-14 Robin Williams natal chartHis Moon in Pisces describes an emotional nature so subtle and refined that it almost cannot be in the world, and will inevitably lead to disappointment as the world does not live up to one’s ideals.  When discussing Moon in Pisces, I wax poetic and quote Whitman’s Song of Myself: “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. I am large; I contain multitudes.”  A Pisces Moon person, especially one with a stellium (grouping of planets) in Pisces, will often feel less like an individual and more like a crowd, a veritable sea of possible persons he could be.  He will often feel he is alternately swimming, drowning or lost in a sea of longings, urges, sensations, drives and passions and he isn’t entirely sure which are truly his.  Often, he doesn’t know who he is, really.  Some of these currents of feeling may be his, some may be leaking in from the people he lives and works with, others may be memories that feel real and present right now, and others still may be the tendrils of past-life memories that also feel equally real as they pass through him like an apparition.  With all this going on, how can a Pisces Moon be other than a dreamer?  How to get his feet on the ground?  And he may be prone to gloom and escapism if he doesn’t find his way to a peaceful retreat on a regular basis, where he can empty his heart, before returning to the world where it will inevitably go on sponging up emotions and sensations.

In fact, Williams’ chart is so full of sensitivity (loaded with Water), intensity, darkness and even gloom (Scorpio Rising with Pluto culminating and square the Ascendant) that in looking at it, I wondered where the comedian was.  I looked at Saturn, the usual career indicator, but Williams’ Saturn is equally serious, placed in Virgo and square Chiron.  I finally found the funny bone in his Jupiter square Uranus (a placement Ellen Degeneres also has, and also in Fire and Water).  This is an apt descriptor of Williams’ electric, fast-moving and even manic wit, and explains the attraction to cocaine.  It also explains his amazing capacity to free-associate new material on the spot.  One critic called him “an endless gusher of invention.”  This ability was amply used in some of his best-loved work: Mork & Mindy, Good Morning, Vietnam and Aladdin.

But I’m coming to a major point here:  the comedian in Williams was not his whole self—not remotely—and when someone who can be funny is expected to be funny all the time, it takes its toll.

Having Scorpio Rising isn’t easy—it usually gives its natives a feeling of being raw and exposed all the time.  How each Scorpio Rising individual copes with his own unremitting feeling of overexposure is his own business, but if life is a university and we are tested on whether we live out our charts in positive or negative ways, then Williams deserves a high grade.  His Wikipedia page says, “Many comedians valued the way he worked highly personal issues into his comedy routines, especially his honesty about drug and alcohol addiction, along with depression.”  Not easy for anyone to be that transparent, let alone a highly sensitive, at times paranoid, Scorpio Riser.

If Williams struggled with anything, it was marriage.  He was married three times (1st House Juno trine Sun was probably responsible for that) and fathered several children.  His Venus in Virgo tightly conjunct the South Node suggests a tendency towards extremely high, perhaps unattainable, standards in relationship.  Some Virgo Venus natives apply these standards to their partners and some to themselves; either way a Virgo Venus individual has a hard time simply allowing love in.  The South Node connection implies re-engaging with past-life partners in this one, sometimes for completion of past karma, sometimes resulting in entanglement that prevents the native from moving forward.  Williams’ Pisces Moon opposed that Venus, suggesting the ability to be emotionally devoted to a partner, but also to give and receive in unequal measure. Such a person often has trouble balancing love of another with care of oneself.  He may give to others too much, then retreat and suck energy from the other excessively.  It’s extremely hard to balance, as it contains a big streak of self-sacrifice and self-abnegation.

I mentioned before that his chart was loaded with Water, and we need look no further than this when we ask ourselves, “why suicide?”  One astrological blogger comments, “No matter what role he was playing, clown or serious, actor or humanitarian, there was always sadness in Robin Williams eyes. Always.”  The guy just plain felt everything.  It shows in his chart’s trifecta:  Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising, Pisces Moon.  All Water.

This is the kind of situation I can only hold in my mind because I believe in reincarnation.  So I think this life is one of many, and not just many hundreds, but uncountable millions of lifetimes that an individual lives.  If you believe that suicides go to hell (whether literally or metaphorically), then you might think Robin is in hell now.  And that’s a very sad thought.  But I have a different one.  Maybe that Pisces Moon of his never came all the way into the world in the first place.  Maybe it had one toe in the otherworld all along.  Maybe this was a relief, to let go of the burden of the body, to slip out and away into the light.

But that would be heretical to say, wouldn’t it?  Against all our instincts and our morals too (in an area where for once they agree).  But the fact is, we don’t know what happens after death.  We have what religions have told us and we have what those who have come near death and returned report to us.  But mostly, we just don’t know.  For my own peace of mind, I have to think that suicide is seen by God/the Universe/All-That-Is as a chance for a reboot.  I have to believe that being alive is a choice.  Not to be taken lightly, but a choice nonetheless.  A choice that can be revoked if the soul gets in too deep.  I also have to believe that every human life belongs to its owner first and foremost.  If we own anything, our own life should top the list.  So if Robin Williams decided he was done, and he wanted to grip the otherworld with the toehold he still had in it, and pull himself over there, who am I to judge?  If I were family, then I know I would feel differently, and I’d have a right to.  But because I’m not, all I can say is, “Look for the light, Robin, as you fly, fly away.”



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Jupiter is in Leo from July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015

Jupiter planet image 2Jupiter expands. . . but can Leo get any bigger?
Leos may find their already-sunny personalities expanded this year.  If this sounds like both a good and a bad thing, that’s because it is.  You probably know a Leo (or two) who seems to take over every space they walk into, even when they swear they aren’t trying.  Do you cringe at the idea of this person becoming louder and more self-centered?  You may also know a Leo (or two) who could stand to grow into themselves and express themselves more, and the idea of that person taking up more space may be entirely appealing.

This year Jupiter’s passage into Leo will fuel the creative fires for Leos of all stripes, and lend confidence to any planet you have in Leo, even if it’s not your sun sign, but hidden a little deeper in your chart.

On being a benevolent ruler
At LionSpiritits best, the Leo side of human nature lives life royally, but with a constraint dictated by “noblesse oblige” or the idea that “nobility obligates.”  The privilege of being noble comes with the responsibility to do good with the power that’s been put in your hands.  Sometimes this is driven by a very basic Leonine desire to look good and behaving in a queenly or princely fashion therefore has its appeal.  Whatever reason is behind it, let’s encourage it in our local Leos this year.

My dear Lions and Lionesses out there:  has nature made you a natural leader, someone that others follow just so they can bask in your glow?  Have you noticed that your attention is powerful and that other people look up to you?  Then Leo, become the “gentle giant,” and put away your hobnail boots, treading lightly on the lives of those around you, especially those who are not as fortunate as you are.

Are you afraid of being a target?
Then most likely you have a de-emphasis on Leo in your chart or possibly any Leo planets you do have are struggling.  What to do?  Take on leadership this year.  Practice being seen.  You might even try—gasp!—performance.  Find a creative outlet and then. . . let your creativity out.  Don’t hold it in.  Let other people see it.  Yes, it’s risky.  Yes, you might get noticed.  Learn to receive attention.  It’s a great thing to be able to do.  Find a low-risk, small way to begin it and it will grow from there.  Play unselfconsciously, as children do.  Before you know it, you’ll get bitten by the creative bug and then you won’t want to stop.

Is it your time in the sun?
If you are a Leo, this should be a pretty good year for you.  This transit will be especially nice for Leos born between August 4 and August 15.  Additionally, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus people born in the corresponding week of their own month will be going through a time of expansion too:

Leos born August 4-15
Scorpios born November 4-15
Aquarians born February 1-10
Taureans born May 2-12

If you have Jupiter in Leo, i.e. if your age is going on a multiple of 12 (i.e. if you are just about to turn 24, 36, 48, 60, etc), then you are having a Jupiter Return year—a wonderful year of luck, charisma and leadership.  Not to say that nothing bad can happen to you this year, but anything bad that does happen probably would have been worse if it weren’t for your Jupiter Return in progress.  And anything good will be enhanced by it.  Look to the house where your natal Jupiter is placed—your native self-confidence in that area will be bolstered this year.

Enjoy your time in the sun!



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People are complicated. Astrology is equally complicated. There’s no other way of looking at human personality that is as granular, specific and pointed as astrology (in the hands of a good practitioner). EVERY other personality system, psychological theory or perspective emerged from a human mind and thus is limited to unconscious human bias. In fact, you can actually see a thinker’s chart themes inside his theories.

But most people never become familiar with their own astrology charts, and don’t have the objective view of self that such knowledge brings, so they present their systems of thought as if they were universal truths. Everyone’s perspective is his own, but presented as if it were universal because we all think our life is THE life. Because we view the planetary influences in our chart as fused with life itself, we think that our perspectives, our philosophies, our beliefs and approaches are universal and should apply to everyone.

Here are some examples of ways an individual’s perspective can be seen in his chart:
Carl Jung: Why did he come to develop the idea of universal archetypes and the collective unconscious? Because Neptune is squared his Sun and he was therefore set up from birth with a sensitivity to the otherworldly.

7-5-14 Nietzsche imageFriedrich Nietzsche: Why did he study theology, then embrace philosophy and declare “God is dead?” Because his deeply religious Jupiter in Pisces is opposed by a rigorous and argumentative Mars in Virgo and he was doomed to never embrace one without balancing it with the other.

7-5-14 Gandhi imageWhy did it take a Ghandi to birth the idea of peaceful civil disobedience? Because he had Venus in his First House trine Uranus in his Ninth and thus viewed fairness and radicalism not as opposites, but as a continuum.

And in more modern times:
7-5-14 Prince imageWhy does Prince see everything through a lens of strong sexuality? Because he has Scorpio Rising ruled by Pluto at the Midheaven and thus a tendency to put that which others think should be hidden on display.
(And why do I mention Prince after Jung, Nietszche and Ghandi, as if he’s a great thinker? Because he is a Gemini and I have an irrational fondness for Geminis, due to my own Venus in Gemini.)
Was Jim Bakker’s huge television following a result of his faith in God or of his Pisces Rising’s ability to show what he wanted others to see? And how much of a part did his Neptune opposite Jupiter and Mars play in the vigor of his Bible-thumping and his fall due to the lure of fame?

Obviously, I could go on and on and this brings me to the main question of this blogpost, which is, “how do you know when your experience is universal and when it’s just yours?” The answer: your astrology chart knows. There’s no better tool for self-understanding, and your chart is not a product of someone else’s philosophy or worldview. It’s a creation of natural science (although it has to be interpreted by humans).

In a way, it’s a good thing that the people I’ve listed above never sat down with an astrologer who told them, “Oh no, that’s not universal, that’s just your thing.” Because if they had, think of all the books, philosophies, radical acts and songs that would never have been created. And since participating in a sit-in while reading Nietzsche, watching old episodes of the 700 Club and listening to Prince is a great way to spend an afternoon, that would be very sad.



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That sounds like a funny question, doesn’t it?  But have you ever noticed that your sign doesn’t really get along with the two signs next to it?  In fact, they may seem to be about as opposite as possible.  This may seem like an odd way to have the zodiac work, but it’s true and actually, it’s part of the design.

So let’s think about this for a minute.  If you’re a Cancer, aren’t you secretly repelled by all those superficial Geminis out there?  It’s ironic, because you could have a little Gemini in you if you are a Cancer, but the pure, watery nature of Cancer itself is very uncomfortable with Gemini logic and Cancer’s intuition feels that it’s beyond that.  Similarly, after Cancer we come to Leo, the star of the show, who deplores Cancer’s introversion.  Why hide behind Mama’s skirts when you can shine?  And Virgo, the next sign, looks at Leo with annoyance, “why can’t Leo tone it down a little?”  Earthy Virgo takes pride in delivering substance, not just fiery bluff and bluster.  All of the signs have attitude about the sign just before them and the sign after them is, well, beyond them.  So each zodiac sign is as different as possible in its basic nature from its neighbors.  But why should that be?

It’s because the zodiac is not just a collection of disconnected signs, but a holistic rhythm.  This may seem obvious to you if you’ve been reading astrology books for ages, but I remember when I was first starting to study astrology, and I encountered the writings of Dane Rudhyar (a great astrological thinker), who was the first to put forth this idea around the turn of the 1900s, and it was a new idea then.  The zodiac is a rhythm.  For a rhythm to flow, it needs to pulse.  It needs to incorporate contrast, differentness and complementarity.  For every up there is a down; for every “this” there is a “that.”  So we have blustery, excitable Fire always followed by staid, solid Earth, which is always followed by cerebral, theoretical Air, followed by emotional, intuitive Water, followed by blustery, excitable Fire again.  And this is how the signs are arranged, so the result is, the zodiac pulses, kind of like a heartbeat.  It has rhythm through the contrasting traits of signs as different as possible following each other.

There’s another nice side-effect to this rhythmic arrangement, which is that it allows human beings to be quite complex.  That happens because Mercury and Venus can always be found just a sign or two away from the Sun.  Astronomically, that’s because they orbit the Sun more closely than the Earth does.  So you’ll never find Mercury in opposition to the Sun in a birth chart.  And this means that Mercury and Venus may be in signs with natures very different from the Sun sign, adding complex layers to a person’s personality.

So the zodiac signs hate their neighbors.  And that benefits us, because we human beings are vast.  We get to encompass strong contrast inside a single human personality.  We get the opportunity to integrate greatly differing traits inside ourselves.  This makes us, and our lives, very, very interesting.



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This eclipse has more energy moving through it than Grand Central Station!  An emotionally fragile baby Moon in Scorpio must contend with the harsh realities of Saturn and the cold logic of Mercury, but fortunately Mars helps bring in some self-assertion, Chiron brings healing and Pluto brings release.  Be very gentle on yourself and others during this eclipse, because things could too easily go off the rails.

Details About This Eclipse

Date:  November 3, 2013
Time of eclipse:  4:50 AM Pacific Time
Type:  Hybrid (annular and total, strong in intensity)
Visible in:  The northern Atlantic, equatorial Africa, eastern North America, northern South America, southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
At:  11 degrees Scorpio
Shadow Agents: Mars in Virgo, Mercury in Scorpio, Pluto in Capricorn, Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio.

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
Scorpios born October 29 to November 8
Aquarians born January 26 to February 6
Taureans born April 26 to May 6
Leos born July 29 to August 8

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

Your front door bursts open.  The Sun and the Moon run in.  The Moon is a pale young woman with dark hair and pointed features.  The Sun is her male counterpart, with similar features, and not looking like his usual warm-colored self.  They are holding hands, extremely agitated.
Moon:  Quick—shut the door!
Sun:  They’re coming for us!
Moon (grabbing the Sun’s arm):  Oh no, I can feel it—it’s starting!
Sun (takes her hand):  Don’t worry, I’ll come out of this all right.  I always do.
Suddenly, right there in your living room, a huge flash of light surrounds them.  It’s the Moon, getting brighter and brighter as she merges with the Sun.  It just as suddenly extinguishes as they completely merge into one person, leaving the room as dark as it previously was light.  That person is a young child, pale and fragile-looking, emitting a soft glow or corona.
You:  And who might you be?
Child:  I’m the eclipse of course.  I came to you because the Shadow Agents are after me.  I need a safe place to hide.
You:  Why should I take you in?  I suspect you’ll bring trouble with you.
Eclipse:  I need this.  Where can you hide me?
You:  All right.
You open a small cabinet and the Eclipse climbs in.  You hear footsteps and the door crashes open again.  It’s Mars, carrying a scalpel.
Mars:  Where is the Eclipse?
You:  Hiding.  What’s that scalpel for?  It looks sharp.
Mars:  I perfect things through criticism.
You:  I think this Eclipse is too sensitive for that.
You’d say more but you’re interrupted by the next arrival—Mercury.  The snakes on his staff are hissing angrily.
Mercury:  Believe it or not, I can help.
Mars:  This Human doesn’t understand that we’re all here for a reason.
Just then, in burst Pluto, Chiron and Saturn.  Your living room is getting a bit crowded.  Everyone is shouting at once.
Pluto:  Transformation is afoot!  There’s no way to know what you’ll turn into, so don’t even try to predict it.
Saturn:  Responsibility is key.  You can’t afford to pretend this isn’t happening.
Chiron:  There’s real healing available here—but it might sting a little.
All these planets are now searching the room, poking into corners, looking up the chimney and behind the sofa.  Finally they arrive at the cabinet, where Mercury stands with a mischievous look on his face.  Silently he points to the cabinet and all the planets realize where the Eclipse is.  The room goes silent.  
Mercury (loudly):  We know where you are, Eclipse.  You might as well come out.
Eclipse:  You can’t make me.
Mercury:  That’s true.  We can’t.  You have to come out on your own.  You’re not a victim here.
Eclipse:  No, but I can’t bear all the things you want me to look at.  It’s too much.
Mercury:  I think you’d be surprised at how gentle we are.
Eclipse:  Can you tell Mars to put down that scalpel?
Mars:  Oh.  Ok.
He does so.  After a long silent moment, the cabinet door opens and the Eclipse comes out.  The Eclipse’s soft glow fills the room with unearthly light.  Mars picks up the scalpel again, before the Eclipse can protest, and slices the light, which shreds and falls away in ribbons.  
Mars:  There goes your victimhood!
Eclipse:  What?  I feel different.  Now I can assert myself.  I feel so much more vital!  Chiron, what did you come here for?
Chiron grabs some of the ribbons of light and weaves them together into a soft, night-colored scarf, which he throws around the Eclipse’s shoulders.
Chiron:  I bring healing and integration.
Eclipse:  I’m more whole now.  Saturn, what did you bring?
Saturn holds out a giant stone, bigger than the Eclipse’s head.
Saturn:  I bring the weight of responsibility.  Reality hurts sometimes, but no matter how intense you’re feeling, behaving with integrity can help more than it harms.
Eclipse (standing up straighter):  True.  And Pluto, what’s your contribution?
Pluto:  All this could only happen because you were willing to be vulnerable.  That was the first step.  I helped you with that while you were still in the cabinet.  Look in your pocket.
The Eclipse finds a lovely red and black stone there, glowing warmly.  Just then, another change begins to happen.  The Eclipse grows brighter and brighter, as the Sun and Moon separate.  The Sun is thin, tired-looking and so pale he’s almost transparent, but he’s shining and getting brighter.  The Moon is still dark, but she’s vital and strong.  She gives him a hug.
Sun:  That was dark, but I’m back to my old, shiny self now.
Moon:  And after a few weeks, I’ll be as bright as ever too.

Can you handle the intensity of this eclipse with the grace that these characters did?

Read about current year’s eclipses.

The effects of an eclipse last for about six months.
If you’re feeling this eclipse

and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above,
contact Jamie for a reading.



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What to do when emotions get too hot?  Jupiter in Cancer has the solution to this month’s Lunar Eclipse, happening on the Full Moon in Aries.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: October 18, 2013
Time of eclipse: 4:38 PM PST
Type: penumbral (weak in intensity)
Visible in:  Eastern Canada, Europe, Africa
At: 25 degrees Aries
Shadow Agent:  Jupiter in Cancer

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
October 13-23
January 10-20
April 10-20
July 12-23

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Lying down in the door-frame is the Sun in Libra, weeping a little, while the bright red Moon in Aries walks over him and into your living room.  
You:  What on earth are you doing?  You could hurt him!
You help the Sun to his feet, where he totters uncertainly.
Moon:  For once, I’m stronger than he is!  So there!
Sun:  I’ll be eclipsing you shortly.
Moon:  You mean the Earth will be eclipsing me.  Sure.  But until that happens, you’ll have to deal with ME!
Sun:  It’s true I don’t do well in Libra.  I feel weakened.  I want to please everybody else before myself.
Moon:  While I have the opposite problem in Aries!  I want my own way and that’s all.  Don’t care who I have to step on.
Sun:  Can’t we do something a little more fair please?
Moon:  Don’t even think about crossing me—I’ll burn your eyebrows off.
Just then the door opens again and Jupiter walks in.  He’s a large guy in a blue costume of some soft fabric that shimmers gently.  
Jupiter:  Am I the only one around here in a sign I like?  (checks)  Oh yeah—I am.  I’m afraid I can’t help but feel self-satisfied about that.
You:  I’ll bet you do.
Jupiter:  But I am here for a reason.  This eclipse that’s coming.  I have a solution.
You:  What’s that?
Jupiter:  A storm of tears.
You:  What?
Jupiter:  Like this.
While you’ve been talking with Jupiter, the Sun and Moon have been moving in a circle, stalking each other.  The Moon is beginning to dim.    
Moon:  I’m not happy about this eclipse thing.  Just letting you know.  (getting louder)  This is really not ok!  I’m getting mad now!  I really am!
Jupiter:  She’s gonna blow any minute—
Sun:  (backing up)  Yikes!
The Moon suddenly turns a dark, angry red.  Jupiter pulls a magic wand out of his voluminous sleeve—
You:  Really, Jupiter?  A magic wand?
Jupiter:  Yup.  I’m a god, after all.
He waves it and a small thundercloud appears in your living room, right over the Moon’s head.  The Sun claps his hands in glee.
Jupiter:  (cheerfully)  Don’t worry—this will pass soon.
A couple of spikes of lightening hit the Moon, then the thundercloud opens up and pours rain on her head.
Moon:  (madder than ever)  Blub-blub-blub—
Jupiter:  Just watch. . .
As the rain pours down on the Moon, she begins to relax and her color changes from dark red to her usual soft blue.  As the burst of rain is slowing down to a gentle drip, she smiles.
Moon:  Ah, I feel so much better!  I just needed a little outburst.  No hard feelings, Sun?
Sun:  (gallantly extending his hand)  None at all.
They shake on it.  Then they link arms and walk out the door together in step.  Jupiter follows.
You:  But wait—what about this mess?
You point to the giant puddle on the floor.
Jupiter:  After an eclipse, there will be some mess to clean up.  It could be worse.  See you later!

Read about other eclipses this year.

If you’re feeling this eclipse
and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans listed above,

contact Jamie for a reading.



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(That sexy secret only you possess that makes you irresistibly attractive to the perfect man who will devote himself to you)

Free Teleclass

Do you know that with every move, every gesture, everything you say and do, you are either attracting or repelling the perfect man for you?

Everything you do signals your readiness for him—your readiness to love him, accept him, be with him, share your life with him, and open yourself completely to him in sexy surrender.  Or your unreadiness.

If you really are ready, he’ll find you and recognize you.  If you’re not ready, he can’t find you and recognize you.  He’ll bounce off your surface, just as if you were Teflon.  Shouldn’t you get ready?

Attracting the perfect man should be natural and in fact, it is natural, when you are being your true self.  But it takes so many years to figure out who you really are, what you really want—in life, in a career, let alone in a man—that you may be in despair of it all coming together in time.  And if you want a family, this can be deeply frustrating.

Your own personal Mona Lisa smile is the answer.  It’s the crown of your feminine attractiveness.  Your Mona Lisa smile is the smile your face naturally makes when you think about what you have to bring to relationship.  It’s unique to every woman.  It’s a secret smile because you’re holding yourself—your real self—in reserve for exactly the right man.  You’re not going to give yourself away easily or settle for someone who’s just not good enough.  You recognize that there’s probably more than one Perfect Man for you out there, and you want to find just one, so the odds are in your favor.  But you need to become the woman—the you—who will attract him effortlessly, just by being your real self.  Because he has to be the kind of guy who will love your real self.  And when you find him, your heart’s floodgates will open.

But how do you find out what it is, this sexy secret only you possess?  This irresistible attractor locked away inside of you, which even you may be unaware of?  I’ll give you a hint:  it’s probably the flip side of something you are frustrated with about yourself.  Something that drives you crazy about yourself and which you’re convinced drives men away (and some men themselves may even have told you this!).  But it’s actually your best feature and if you have the confidence and courage to work it instead of hide it, it can effortlessly attract a man who will love all of you and will rush to commit to you.

That sexy secret, your Mona Lisa smile, can be found in your astrology chart.  I can tell you what it is.

click here to join my LifeLong Love Free Teleclass: Your Mona Lisa Smile

“Jamie is great! I think she is particularly talented in her astrological abilities related to love and relationships. She has a great scientific approach and is very knowledgeable. She taught me a lot more about astrology and my relationship needs. Her newsletters and teleconferences are also very inspiring and informational.” – Tynisa Z.


You can only magnetize what you want when you consciously want to say yes to it more than you unconsciously want to say no.  But after years of dating and relationship experience, you may have built up resistance to attracting the very thing you want.  It’s completely normal and it happens because you’re:

  • frustrated at how long it’s taken and how much time has been wasted
  • disappointed at the quality of the men you have to choose from
  • determined not to settle, but unsure what that means
  • sick to death of the same relationship pattern with the same kind of wrong guy happening over and over again
  • tired of hoping it will be different this time

You have a wellspring, a flood, a volcano of love, sexuality, affection, understanding and wisdom to bring to the right man.  Don’t you owe it to yourself and him to find him right away?  What if your ideal, perfectly-imperfect relationship already exists in a potential state and you are the only thing in the way of it coming into physical reality?

Don’t you want to get this thing handled, once and for all?

But how exactly do you get out of your own way and remove the obstacles that are stopping you from attracting the right man for you?

Your Mona Lisa Smile is key.

In my upcoming free teleclass, I’ll talk about why we women get stuck on the path to the perfect relationship and how to unstick yourself.  Then I’ll give some examples from women on the call, so be sure to have your birth data handy and CALL IN (don’t wait for the recording)!  You might get some absolutely free astrological information that could cut your relationship search by years.

click here to join my LifeLong Love free teleclass: Your Mona Lisa Smile


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PS.  I can tell you what your Mona Lisa smile is, but are you ready to use it?  Because, frankly, I can’t afford to waste my time helping people who don’t want to be helped.  If you’re ready to change—really change—for the sake of the love that’s waiting for you, then I’d love to have you on this call.  Here’s how to join it: Mona Lisa Smile.

This eclipse is about the argument between joy and logic.  Do you react to your dreams with rationality, thus killing and squashing them?  Or do you overreact with joy and delight, perhaps blowing their possibility out of proportion?  This is not likely to be a very strong, dramatic eclipse (as eclipses go), unless you have something in your chart right at 4 degrees Sagittarius.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: May 24, 2013
Time of eclipse: 9:25 PM PST
Type: penumbral (very weak in intensity)
Visible in:  the Americas, western Africa, southwestern Europe.
At: 4 degrees Sagittarius
Shadow Agent:  Neptune in Pisces

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
May 20-30
August 22-September 1
November 21-December 1
February 18-27

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  The Moon, Sun and Neptune are clustered on your doorstep, engaged in a fierce argument.  They sweep into your living room.
Moon: I’ve really had enough of this.  I’m going to be happy, whether you like it or not!
Sun:  You have no reason to be happy.
Moon:  I don’t need a reason!  I just am!  It’s a wonderful thing to be able to find joy and meaning in life, even when it “doesn’t make sense.”
Sun:  Yeah, if you want to be deluded and not live in reality.
Moon:  Well, that’s your definition of reality.
Neptune:  You’ve asked me to mediate your argument today and I have to interject something here:  I don’t care a lot about reality.
Sun:  To your detriment.
Neptune:  I’m not in my detriment—I’m in my home sign right now!  Pisces is where I belong!  You’re the one in a difficult sign.  You don’t like being in Air signs.
Sun:  You and the Moon are nothing but a couple of unruly Water planets.
Moon:  And proud to be so.  Very happy to be in Sagittarius, I might add.
Sun:  But when you are eclipsed, you’ve got to look at your own shadow.  And the shadow of Sagittarius is buoyancy without groundedness.  Is it a good thing when you’re  clueless, blunt, dunderheadedly optimistic, and outright denying the negative?
Moon:  I don’t care, I’m having fun.  Why should I care if anyone else is?
Sun:  Exactly my point.  You’ve gone too far, Moon.  You should care about others, because you are the Universal Mother archetype.
Neptune:  With all this arguing going on, how can I possibly listen for my dreams?
Neptune pulls out a giant pair of earmuffs and puts them on.  Suddenly, all sound in the room is muted.  Neptune rubs her hands together and a ball of energy springs to life between them.  She pulls her hands apart and the ball expands, till it barely fits into your living room.  Inside the ball appears a vision.  
Neptune:  What a lovely vision of what’s possible I’m creating here.
Inside the ball you can see a castle in the clouds.  It seems to be occupied by happy people, doing things they enjoy.
Moon:  Great—I’m sending joy into your vision.
The Moon waves some golden sparkles into the ball, making the image positively glow.
Sun:  I’m going to have to send some rationality into your vision.
The Sun waves some darts into the ball, but Neptune protests.
Neptune:  Hey, don’t burst my bubble!  Don’t squash my dreams, don’t harsh my mellow!
Sun:  You’ve got to balance your optimism with sense.

As, in fact, do we all.  What are your cherished dreams and what logic are you resisting?  During May’s lunar eclipse, it may show you your shadow.

Read about current year’s eclipses.

The effects of an eclipse last for about six months.
If you’re feeling this eclipse

and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above,
contact Jamie for a reading.




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Mercury appears during May’s Solar Eclipse to remind us of the importance of voice in getting our essential message out.  A Solar Eclipse brings events that show you your shadow, your own dark side.  What does your shadow have to say?  Has your shadow lost its voice?

Details About This Eclipse

Date:  May 9, 2013
Time of eclipse:  5:28 PM PST
Type:  Annular (weak in intensity)
Visible in:  Australia, Indonesia, Oceania
At:  19 degrees Taurus
Shadow Agent:  Mercury in Taurus

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re likely to experience this eclipse:
May 4-14
August 6-17
November 6-16
February 3-13

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Mercury is there, carrying a metronome, a packet of sheet music and a music stand.  He bustles into your living room, sets up the stand, placing the music on it.  He puts the metronome on a convenient table and starts it ticking.  He does all this so fast, you don’t have time to protest.
You:  Ok, what’s this all about?  I recognize you—you’re Mercury.
(You’ve spotted the familiar thinking cap he’s wearing, with wings on it.)
Mercury:  I’ve come to give you some vocal coaching.
You:  What makes you think I need that?
Mercury:  Because I’m involved with the current eclipse and I’ve noticed that you don’t use your voice to its capacity.  Now follow me: la, la, LA, LA, LAAAAH!
You:  Uh, la, la, LA, LA, LAAAAH!
Mercury:  You’re a little off-key and your projection stinks.
You:  Gee, thanks.  Leaving now?
Mercury:  Sure, if you project.  Take a deep breath and fill your lungs to the bottom.  Now really use your diaphragm.  Send that sound all the way across the room, as if you’re talking to someone two houses away.  Make it come from the bottom of your being.
You:  La, la, LA, LA, LAAAAH!
Mercury:  Don’t shout!
You:  I don’t really get the difference.  I’ve never done this before.
Mercury:  You are a musical instrument and your voice is the medium.  Notice the good feeling of humming. . .
You try humming.  
You:  It does feel kind of good.
Mercury:  It feels good to send a vibration through your body.  Sound is pleasurable.  It’s a subtle pleasure that beings made of meat and bone don’t always notice, but it’s there.  When you use your voice, it feels good, as well as getting the point across.  Now take that deep breath and try again, this time from the very bottom of your lungs.
You:  La, la, LA, LA, LAAAAH!
Mercury:  Much better!
You:  I may be getting the hang of this!
Mercury:  Now do that again, and send the sound over to the next house.
You:  La, la, LA, LA, LAAAAH, LA, LA, la, lahhhhh!
Mercury:  You really are catching on.
You:  This is all very nice, but why should I care?
Mercury:  Because your voice is not just a physical thing, it’s also a metaphor.  Every human being is born with a message they are to deliver to the world.  Is yours getting out there?  Are other people hearing it?  The more you develop your voice—and enjoy it—the more your message comes across.
You do a couple more scales and trills, getting more comfortable with it all the time.  
Mercury:  Now for the real point of this exercise.
Out from behind him steps your Shadow.
You:  I thought I’d released you!  Thought I’d sent you on your way, burned you up, transformed you!
Shadow:  I’m wherever you’re not looking.  And since your eyes are placed in the front of your head, there’s always something you’re not looking at.
Mercury:  Your shadow needs a voice.
You:  Ok, Shadow, what do you need to say?
Shadow:  I’m your body, which has needs you ignore all the time.  I can’t speak for myself, so I need you to speak for me.  Speak of what it feels like to be hungry, cold, lonely, untouched, empty, naked and alone.  Speak of what it feels like to be fed with love, to be touched kindly, to be clothed by someone who cares, to be sheltered in the arms of someone who loves you.  I am your mute animal body—speak for me.
Mercury:  And don’t just speak—sing!  Feel the vibration of it in your throat, your chest, your heart.  Let it open you up.
You’re a little at a loss, but you try.  
You:  La, la, LA, LA, LAAAAH, LA, LA, la, lahhhhh!
Mercury:  That’s not a bad start.  I’ve got to go now.  I’m leaving you alone with your Shadow now, to practice that.
He folds up the music, the stand and grabs the metronome, is gone in a flash.  You go on practicing.  Suddenly, Mercury pops his head back in the door.
Mercury:  Oh, by the way—Epiphany Day is coming, a time when insights pour forth.  Give your Shadow a voice and epiphanies will rain down on your head!   Read about current year’s eclipses.

Read about current year’s eclipses.

The effects of an eclipse last for about six months.
If you’re feeling this eclipse

and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above,
contact Jamie for a reading.




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(Rate Change Coming)

As of May 1, my fee-structure will be changing, offering more reading time and more resources for particular, theme-focused readings.  Readings focused on career, relationship, family and also the initial reading, will cost $225 and will last 100 minutes instead of 90.  They will also include free audio recordings, videos or other bonuses for you to absorb before the reading.  This will add tremendous value to the readings by eliminating some basic astrological explanation that I usually have to do, thus buying us more time to talk about your life, in all its glorious detail.  Preparing for the reading ahead in this way will also allow new clients to jump in at the deep end by skipping an initial reading if they wish, and going straight to the theme they want to focus on in their first reading with me.

As always, returning clients will be grandfathered in at their old rate.  Present clients (from 2012 and before) will receive 90-minute readings at $180, as always, for ever and anon.  And the loyal clients who first saw me in 2009 or before will always receive their special rate of $150. 

If you are a newsletter reader but not yet a client and you’ve been putting it off, you might want to jump in now, because the old rates are still effective through April 30.  This is your chance to lock in the old rate for yourself by establishing yourself as a pre-rate-change client.   You’ll be grandfathered in, for ever and anon.

You can book your “granddaddy” reading for anytime in the future at all, as long as you book it between now and April 30.  And this is a good thing because as of now I’m usually booked 2 weeks to a month out all the time.

To book, contact me at  Mention that you want to become a granddaddy.



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February 18, 2013

“Wake up!” says Saturn.  “I gave you a chance to see your responsibility recently.  Now I’m telling you again:  this is a time of testing.”

Today is a Pivotal Day

When a planet turns retrograde it makes a pivot in the sky and also creates a metaphorically “pivotal” experience for human beings.

Today, that planet is Saturn.  It’s as if Saturn is telling us, “You can’t go on avoiding responsibility forever.  I’m delivering a wake-up call.”

(read more. . .)



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Aries is Here!

“I ought to go upright and vital, and speak the rude truth in all ways.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and kicks off the solar year with a burst of energy in spring. The first day of Aries is the day of the equinox, when days and nights are of equal length. There is a sense of rebirth after the cold, dark winter. The lands have gone fallow and are waking up again from their sleep. The animals (including human animals) wake up too. From here the light increases, and there is a feeling of warmth and expansion, as the days grow longer into summer. Living things respond with mating and . . .

For the rest of this post, which is a repost, see Aries:  Sign of Spring and Renewal.



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Aries: The Way of the Warrior

Most cultures around the world have a warrior tradition.  The way of the warrior is seen as a respected path to glory, honor and self-discipline.  In astrology, the sign Aries exemplifies the archetype of Warrior and has much to teach us about his ways.

Act Decisively
When you act, make your action a clear one.  Don’t pussyfoot around.  Don’t muddy the waters with unclear actions, unfinished motions.  When you act, follow through immediately—it gives your actions force and power.  To take an action is to create momentum.  Let the momentum unroll its force and the action is supported.  To make one action and pretend another is to undermine one’s own force of personality and would never be done by a Warrior.

Draw The Line, Then Hold To It
Aries excels at boundaries.  The Warrior cares about territory and will respond with anger and affront when lines are crossed.  You can count on the Aries part of you to know where the lines are.  The Warrior will hold others responsible for crossing his line and will have respect for the lines of others—if they are held strongly.  A Warrior always knows another Warrior and knows when the enemy is weak.  Aries is naturally combative and may sometimes enjoy pushing the boundaries of others, simply to test them.

Be True
If you give your word, the Warrior would have you stand by it.  If you commit to a course of action, then damnit, follow through!  This is difficult for Aries, which tends to act in short bursts of energy and actually has a hard time sustaining beyond the initial burst.  But inside the Aries heart, there is pressure to hold to the principle of a thing once you’ve begun it.  It is the Warrior’s way to learn to channel aggression into guided action.

Be Honest
Aries loves honesty and directness, for two reasons.  One is that it is natural to Aries to be transparent and having to pretend is a lot of work.  The other is that because the Aries heart is not naturally duplicitous it doesn’t expect others to be that way either.  Aries has a naïve streak and feels affronted and surprised when deceived by others—even when it happens over and over again.

Cultivate Your Honor 
The life of a warrior can be a lonely one.  As a Warrior, your relationship with yourself is the most intimate one you are likely to experience and being able to look at yourself in the mirror with dignity is crucial.  Knowing that you lived according to your principles matters greatly and is the source of self-esteem.  A code of honor is a covenant with yourself—when you promise to live by a code and then break that promise, what is broken is your connection with yourself and the ability to stand up proudly as an individual.  To break such a code is to de-individuate.  “Cultivate your honor,” says the Warrior, “because at the end of the day, it’s all you have.”

A Caution For Overzealous Warriors
The downfall of the Warrior is that he needs a war.  When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  It is the nature of Aries to be attracted to strife and conflict, perhaps even to create conflict where there is none.  Don’t let your Warrior nature make life harder than it has to be.

The Gift of Force
This simple-natured sign represents your forceful side, your ability to know what you want and to pursue it.  Force has a bad rap these days, but force is what you need to hold your own integrity and be an individual apart from other individuals.  When others push on you, you have to be able to push back.  The key here is “to be able to” push back.  When you can trust that you’ll be able to defend yourself if needed, you can let go of the need to force your will on others.  Individuals with true strength and self-esteem do not have to be fierce in order to establish selfhood and pursue desires.  To satisfy the Aries part of yourself is to become the best, most ethical Warrior you can, and thus to increase effectiveness, self-esteem and honor.

Here are more Aries posts.

Aries Rams, how about a special birthday present?
Your birthday is your own personal New Year’s Day. 
Having an astrology reading at this time can motivate you 
to spring into action and get on track in the coming year.
Contact Jamie at
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Everybody wants to be a hero somewhere in her life, but what area of life she wants to be heroic in differs from person to person.  Where do you want to be a hero?  To answer this question, you can look at the location of Mars in your birth chart.

The house your Mars is in represents an area where there is irritation, stress, strife and discord, as you learn (over the course of your lifetime) to go after what you want with appropriate force—not too much, nor too little.  You may have a tendency to see that area of life as a battleground.  It’s a great area for you to “fight the good fight” and be heroic.  Some of this stress may be self-created by you habitually approaching this area as if a battle is needed, when perhaps it is not.  Shifting your approach from that of a warrior to a hero can be the key to enjoying the stress as a worthy challenge and not being oppressed by it.

If you want to find out what house your Mars is in, you can order your own personal Astrology Chart Decoder.  This is a special tool I’ve invented that puts your chart’s details in English, instead of astrology symbols.  Your Decoder tells you where every planet in your chart is located:  the sign it’s in, the house it’s in and the exact degree it occupies.  When you’ve got your Decoder in front of you, you can easily see what house your Mars is in.

Where Do You Need To Be A Hero?
The First House is the domain of identity.  If your Mars is in the First House, you identify as a Warrior or as a Hero.  Your sense of yourself as a person, an individual, blossoms when you act decisively, heroically.  When you take actions out of impulse or anger and negative results happen, you tend to take it personally.  You just want to do the right thing and it hurts when you find your best efforts have missed the mark.  Let your life shape you towards right action.

If your Mars is in your Second House, you are a Hero of Protection.  Guarding and putting energy into the people and things you hold as your own is paramount.  You can become quite fierce when your security (or the security of someone you love) is threatened.  Ownership is the key to energy—when you feel listless and unmotivated, take an attitude of possession and ownership towards the thing you want to be motivated by, and your energy will rise.

If your Mars is in the Third House, you are a Hero of Words.  The pen may be mightier than the sword, but for you sometimes they are one and the same.  Words can be weapons, so watch to ensure you do not hurt people unintentionally with your sharp language.  You’ll learn, over the course of your lifetime, to curb your tongue and slow down your communication so that others can hear you—and so you can hear them too.  Pursue your avid curiosity, because learning gives you energy.

In the Fourth House, Mars bestows combativeness and challenges at home.  Mars is not very comfortable in the fourth house and can make it hard to feel settled and relaxed at home.  But Mars as Heroic Mama Bear can be quite fierce when it comes to defending your home, family and country.  Pour that drive and fierceness into real estate and you can do quite well providing yourself and others with housing.  Buy a fixer-upper to use up all your energy and make it exactly as you want it, for the pride and love of it.

In the Fifth House, you are a Creative Hero.  Your drive to bring the fruits of your creativity into the world are strong and you thrive on the attention it gets you, whether directly or vicariously.  Throw yourself into self-expression and beware of frittering away your energy on fun and entertainment, rather than channeling it into the creative directions that give you energy back.  Especially beware of gambling—it can be a powerful high in the moment, but its long-term effects can ultimately drain you.

When your Mars is in the Sixth House, you are a Hero of the Workplace.  You respond well to missions put to you by a strong, able boss and you can act independently at work.  Your boss needs to be someone you can respect, or you will strike out on your own, with varying results.  Your tendency to be fast and efficient makes you easily irritated with the slowness or obstructions of your workmates.  Take the time to make your work area organized so you can work in a streamlined way—that will give you drive.

In the Seventh House, Mars can make relationship a battleground.  You may be attracted to partner up (in both romance and business) with ultra-strong people so you can push on them and find your limits.  On the other hand, your frankness and honesty are appealing and in relationship, your Heroic Lover can be quite unabashed in pursuit of the partner you fix your sights on.  This I-Yam-What-I-Yam attitude is attractive to the right person and quickly sorts the receptive targets from the uninterested ones.

People who have Mars in the Eighth House tend to be strongly sexed and enjoy the pursuit and conquering games that are part of sexuality.  As aSexual Hero, you may have a tendency to press others into further intimacy than they are ready for because of your impatience to get to the merging and connecting you desire.  Curb your tendency toward being a boundary-crosser and slow down your approaches and your “game” may improve.  Beware also of double-standards—no self-respecting partner will tolerate them.

In the Ninth House, you are an Adventure Hero.  Get out there and travel because your need to see the world and throw yourself into it is great.  Travel gives you juice, whether it’s external or internal, so pursue personal growth and ongoing education because your desire for self-improvement is strong.  You can ride on the energy of this by deliberately taking the attitude that “This is an adventure!!” towards anything you want to accomplish.

If your Mars is in the Tenth House, you have an ambitious streak.  You’re aCorporate Hero and the sky’s the limit as to how far you might advance.  Beware of alienating the higher-ups by your sometimes combative attitude—respectful soldiers get promoted but disrespectful ones get discharged.  Your energy and drive can’t fail to be noticed, but it’s up to you to make sure it’s noticed as a good thing.  A little generosity and thoughtfulness towards those above and below you will grease the tracks greatly.

With Mars in the Eleventh House, you’re a Hero With A Cause.  Driven by your ideals, you love to be the flag-bearer for your like-minded group.  You don’t mind taking one for the team and learning to play well with others is a valuable life-skill for you.  Watch that you don’t push your ideas onto others with too much force because you can be zealous about the ideas you believe in.  Develop your principles, because they are the source of your drive.  You are attracted to strong friends and enjoy leadership among them.

Your capacity to assert yourself may seem buried if you have Mars in theTwelfth House.  Most likely, when you were growing up, you felt that it wasn’t ok to assert yourself, be strong or hold strong boundaries in the home you grew up in.  You became sensitive about it and learned to hold your anger in until it sometimes exploded.  You were born to discover what it means to be a hero and how to properly express your force of personality on your path to becoming a Heroic Spiritual Master.

Aries Rams, how about a special birthday present?
Your birthday is your own personal New Year’s Day.
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In celebration of the birthdays of all the Aries Rams out there, I’ve come up with 5 reasons for their astonishing efficiency.

Aries is action-oriented. Your friendly neighborhood Aries understands the secret behind true effectiveness:  “Just Do It.”  Nike wasn’t the originator of this idea—every Aries type since the Stone Age has had the urge to act immediately on a good thought.  Keeping Aries from acting—now that’s an entirely different issue.  Sometimes impulse control is a concern!  But the Aries ability to take action and to act now, without waiting for undue consideration, means that Aries has access to spectacular timing and often shows up first in line.

Aries is the rugged individualist. Aries is willing to do it herself and often feels nobody else would do it fast enough, soon enough or efficiently enough (a trait they share with Capricorns & Virgos).  It’s just plain easier to simply do the thing and get it done, and the mere idea of showing someone else how to do the job and then standing aside while they do it (most likely badly) frustrates Aries to tears.  The Aries tendency to believe that no one else could do the job better or faster than he can is sometimes off-putting, but who can argue with results?  On the other hand, here’s a hint to the Aries types out there: if you want to grow a business, you must learn todelegate.  Nuff said.

Aries has drive. Mars types have abundant energy—more than they need.  They must use it up somehow.  Regular exercise is the key to keeping the Aries person in balance both in body and mood.  Aries men and women must find ways to burn off that excess drive, otherwise irritation and anger can dog this upbeat, driven person, creating contentious social circumstances that make it hard to progress in love or career.  “When all you have is a hammer,” etc. etc., but who wants to volunteer for the position of nail?   Oh, and another whisper to you Aries types:  don’t live in a constant state of excitation (however good that might feel), or you’ll burn out your adrenals.

Aries can start over. There’s nothing like the hope that dwells in the Aries soul—it’s made of iron.  This sign gifts its natives with the ability to begin again after even the most crushing blows life can deal out—and to begin again with a freshness and innocence that makes the Aries type seem almost untouched by the past.  Scorpio hates this Aries trait, because Scorpio holds onto resentment longer than anybody, but Scorp also has to admit that the resulting freshness seems to keep Aries types young in body and soul.

Aries cuts away the dross. Garbage, waste, loose ends—these all have no place in the Aries existence.  How can such vestigial trappings even stick to someone who is moving so fast?  Aries is unattached to and easily lets go of anything in the way of forward movement.  The Aries type streamlines every space simply by barreling through it.  You want to get the job done?  Hire an Aries.  You want a fresh start?  Live with an Aries.  You want love to bereborn every spring?  Marry an Aries.



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Solutions For Fire-Gone-Wrong

In my recent post Personality Flaws of the Four Elements I described ways the 4 Elements can go wrong, each according to its own nature.

How To Know If Fire Is Burning You Up
When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Fire is at best a blunt instrument and when abused it becomes destructive quickly.  Your Fire has gone wrong when:

•   You frequently feel angry, destructive, or aggressive.
•   You always need to have the last word.
•   Your friends report that you habitually squash other people’s self-confidence by dominating them .
•    Some say your ways of being make you feel big and others feel small.
•    You feel restless and can’t settle down into a job or relationship.

Solution One:  Balance Fire With The Other 3 Elements
If your Fire is distorted, the other elements can help restore balance. Some say that anger is a disguise for grief, and for a Fiery individual this can be very true.  Are you masking sadness with your Fiery display?  Take off the armor, sink into your Watery side and let yourself feel sad.  But leave the battle zone first.

Air can also lend a useful perspective.  Draw on your Airy side to access your inner Observer, that part of you that can get healthy distance from yourself.  Step outside your anger and use logic instead.  Debate with yourself before arguing with others.

Earth reminds Fire that dominating others is impractical, because it impedes the very leadership you’re trying to create.  Why would people want to follow someone who blows up easily and loses self-control?  Earth says, have self-discipline and show them that you take practical action on your promises.

Solution Two:  Emphasize Healthy Fire 
If you emphasize healthy Fire and fill your life with positive expressions of Fire, there will be no room for unhealthy Fire.  This elegant solution gently allows negative Fire traits to fall away as a side-effect of your emphasis on positive Fire.  You might call this solution “Fire-Fu.”  Here are some examples:

•    You’re prone to overindulging in physical pleasures to compensate for how hard you work or how boring youHave a regular athletic routine that allows you to “blow off steam.”  Then you don’t explode unexpectedly.
•    You’re prone to overindulging in physical pleasures to compensate for how hard you work or how boring youEncourage mental self-talk that builds your confidence, instead of undermining it.  Then you don’t need to dominate others to get your way or express your needs.
•    You’re prone to overindulging in physical pleasures to compensate for how hard you work or how boring youEnjoy healthy competition with strong people you respect.  Then you’ll find the patience you need to get you through the times when you have to tread delicately with people you wouldn’t choose, but have to relate with.
•    You’re prone to overindulging in physical pleasures to compensate for how hard you work or how boring youAssert yourself early and often, so you don’t build up a head of steam and blow.
•    You’re prone to overindulging in physical pleasures to compensate for how hard you work or how boring youExamine the beliefs that make up your philosophy of life—create a world-view that expands (not contracts) you.

The Four Elements are a fascinating part of human temperament.
Find out about yours in a reading with Jamie:
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Coming in a few days:  Has Earth Grounded You–Permanently?



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Our old friend Pluto has turned direct this week (on Friday, September 13, 2011, to be exact) and he’s bringing to a close this year’s underworld journey.  What follows is a repost from last year, with dates updated for 2011.

Yup, Pluto is showing up, right on schedule, to take out the garbage.  Today Pluto turns direct, ending his yearly backwards journey.  Pluto has traveled several degrees backwards and today turns his face forwards again.  He will now retrace forwards the same steps he made backwards during the last few months, bringing a death-and-rebirth experience for everyone who is having a Pluto transit this year.

This Is A Pivotal Day
If you are one of the millions of people having a Pluto transit this year, today may be pivotal for you.  Around April 9, you came to realize you were facing a big life-change and since then, you’ve been re-evaluating some the area of your life that’s changing.  You’ve been examining it and mulling it over.  Perhaps you’ve been researching it.  Basically, you’ve been asking yourself, “What is this part of me that wants to transform right now?  How have I lived this part of me in the past and what is it turning into for the future?”

This week you’ll experience a pivotal day.  It may be that you realize your internal quest for understanding is over.  You’ve come to clarity.  You’ve recognized the change that needs to occur and you’re ready to implement what you’ve learned.  You can now gear up to act on that recognition, sometime in the next few months (between now and January of 2012).

“What is a Pluto transit like . . .”
A Pluto transit is distinct, because it feels like dying.  You may feel at times as if you are in meltdown and you don’t know what you are doing in the area of life (i.e. planet in your chart) that’s being affected.  Pluto is asking you to let go in this area, to let something die so that it can be reborn.  Pluto is asking you to search underneath the surface for the essence of this part of you.  And Pluto is demanding that you let go of the old ways, so the new ways can emerge, regardless of how uncomfortable (sometimes very uncomfortable!) that might be.

“. . . and how do I know when I’m having one?”
First of all, you know by feel.  If what I’ve described resonates for you, it’s likely you are having a Pluto transit.  (If it resonates, but only a little, you may be having a transit, but by a planet other than Pluto.)  Transits are almost always accompanied by real-world events, which are woven into your experience of the change.  Transits feel distinct when they are happening, and the sensation distinctly fades as they end.  When a transit is over, your preoccupation with its themes quickly fades as your attention becomes grabbed by a different transit.  Occasionally a person will have no major transits at all for a time period (weeks, say, or months), but that’s pretty rare.

If you don’t have your chart, or don’t know how to read your chart, you might want to order your own personal Astrology Chart Decoder.  This is a special tool I’ve invented that puts your chart’s details in English, instead of astrology symbols.  Your Decoder tells you where every planet in your chart is located:  the sign it’s in, the house it’s in and the exact degree it occupies.  When you’ve got your Decoder in front of you, check to see if you have anything at all in 4, 5, 6 or 7 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra.  If you do, you are definitely having a Pluto transit this year.  This would account for the feelings of meltdown.

“What do I do now?”
You can ponder on it and get into alignment with the change that’s happening.  This way you can take advantage of it while it’s happening, and not feel like a victim of it.  Transits are not fatalistic events that happen to us—they are our greater Selves reaching out into life and drawing toward us the events and experiences that will help (or force) us to grow beyond our old selves.  These changes are always the next thing you wanted to experience at the time and the more you regard them with appreciation, awe and a willingness to take them on, the better your experience will be.  Even at the 11th hour, you can turn around even the harshest transit into something that leaves you in a better place.

For more insight on a transit, you can schedule a reading of it, which will help you get very clear about what this change is that’s happening in your life, how to handle it and make it turn out well, how long it will last, how various phases of it will feel and (not least!) when it will be over.  You might have several changes going on at once and if you do, this could help distinguish one from another.  The best thing you can get out of a reading is how to align with the deeper meaning behind the surface of your changes and accept the gift Pluto is bringing you.

Pluto’s Gift
Pluto’s gift changes according to the planet it is transiting of course, but one theme always remains the same.  Pluto offers the knowledge of essence—the heart, the center of this piece of you, its essential nature.  Pluto does this by stripping away all that is not essential and shows you that you will be ok without all that stuff.  Pluto says, “you don’t need that garbage!” and takes it away before you are ready because, left to our own devices, we’re never ready.  That’s ok—Pluto will always show up eventually, to take out the garbage.



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