The Moon in your chart tells what you need in order to feel safe, secure and well taken care of. Satisfying your Lunar needs enables you to relax, rest deeply and engage in the healthy form of self-care that matters most to you.

Your Moon sign is the key to experiencing deep emotional well-being and happiness. 

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Those who are born under the fiery, fixed sign of Leo (born between July 23 and August 22) are widely known for their showmanship, creativity, and leadership. Ruled by the Sun, the very core of our solar system, Leos tend to take the center-stage and can even have their own gravitational field. But when are you the adored rock star of the Zodiac, or just being an obnoxious attention-hogger? It’s fun to have your own fan base, but do you know when to share the spotlight with others?

Leo, when you’re at your best. . .
. . . you’re one of the most magnanimous member of the Zodiac. No one can throw a party like you–you are a natural host/ess and can make anyone feel welcomed. Since you can shine like the Sun, that means everyone can’t take their eyes off of you. You take to leadership like a fish to water, and can serve as a guiding light for those to follow. You also exude confidence–whether you actually have it or not. Know the expression “Fake it until you make it?” There’s some Leo logic right there. You also have a great talent for finding the talent in others. Therefore, you make an ideal motivational coach, and can help others find their own confidence and strengths. Nobody can build up someone else’s self-esteem like a Leo!

. . . and at your worst. . .
I’ve already mentioned that your ruling planet is at the center of our solar system. That seems like an important position–and it is. However, sometimes being at the very center means that it’s easy to forget that there are others out there. Sometimes when you shine so brightly, you cast a shadow over everyone else. This may make you feel justified in your own ‘brightness,’ but be careful of devolving into a rampant narcissist. Yes, people DO notice you, and they DO follow you, but you are not the only one with something to offer in this universe. Also, there is a fine line between having star quality, and just desperate showboating. If you place yourself in the center of attention all of the time, people may actually start feeling more drained by you than dazzled.

Handling your Cancer nature
Every Leo has a performative, creative side to their personality. For you to really shine in life (and maintain your sanity) you need to find an outlet for performance. Perhaps you were born to be on the stage, have your own YouTube channel, write a blog, or anything that gets you SEEN somehow. Also, once you have found your platform, make sure to share it with others. Be generous with the spotlight! And here’s another tip for being a great performer–learn how to play to your audience, meaning: learn to listen to others. The more good feedback you get and integrate into your leadership/performance, the more your audience will grow and grow. And how rewarding is that for you, Leo!

Clueing others in about you
There are some important things that every Leo needs from others people. Leos have a social nature, and they can really give and give the same way that the Sun gives and gives its light to Earth every day. But if all of that giving goes unappreciated, than a Leo can feel quite depressed. There are mature ways to tell others that you need appreciation for all that you do for them. And when you finally get some, than you will be a very bright, and happy Leo! Another thing that Leos need from others is to be treated with respect and dignity. Even the quiet Leos out there (and there are a few!) can have a rather dignified presence. If you find others laughing at your expense or not taking you seriously enough, speak up for yourself. Respecting yourself is the first step to getting others to respect you.

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Saturn in your chart points down a career path that can satisfy you and bring you success.

Knowing your Saturn sign orients you, motivates you and gets you unstuck. 

Do you have Saturn in Leo in your astrology chart?

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  • What’s behind Saturn in Leo’s greatest fear—and crowning achievement
  • More about apt career directions for you if you have Saturn in Leo
  • Leo’s Mission Orders—and how fulfilling on them can bring success and satisfaction

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You have Saturn in Leo if you were born in these dates:

  • 8/2/1946 to 9/18/1948
  • 4/3/1949 to 5/29/1949
  • 9/16/1975 to 1/14/1976
  • 6/5/1976 to 11/16/1977
  • 1/4/1978 to 7/26/1978
  • 7/16/2005 to 9/2/2007

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Leo heart 1Do you love a Leo?
Are you a Leo in love?

Human relationships are complex, layered things.  Every sign responds to love differently and has needs that are particular to it.  Also no individual can be categorized by their Sun sign alone.  Every person is a mixed bag of astrological traits, but an emphasis on Leo in your chart (or the Sun, its ruling planet) will result in distinctly Leonine experience.  In particular, if you have the Sun or Moon in Leo OR if you have Venus or Juno in Leo, this article is just for you.

Are you a Leo in love?
Then you must also be proud of the object of your affections because for Leo, the Beloved is an extension of self and if your partner doesn’t look good and make you look good, you won’t be interested for long. Show your partner off and expand your aura to enfold her. If you’re the man, protect her and allow her the privilege of decorating your arm. If you’re the woman, let your glow expand your man’s masculinity (how did he ever get such a glorious creature?).  This big and showy courtship display is all just part of the fun—and a necessary part for Leo. To be Leo is to love big and to fully claim and be claimed. If you’re not proud of your partnership, then best get out. Every evolved Leo knows that this is all a game, but a really fun one and a game that must be played.

How to manage your relationships as a Leo. . .
You can be a pretty self-conscious person and generous to a fault with those you include in your realm, but one thing must be remembered and that is that embarrassing you is a deal-breaker. Making you look bad in public is equally verboten. All this said, remember that your partner is a sovereign being (as you are) and will make his own decisions and have his own needs. You are not the only royalty in this relationship. Treating your partner as an equal while secretly believing yourself to be superior will undermine love and rot it from within. Similarly, worshipping your partner as above you will also break love down eventually. If you must have superiority and inferiority, then divide your shared kingdom into principalities where each of you agree you may rule absolutely. Then practice diplomatic deference along those territorial lines.

Do you love a Leo?
Did I say “territorial?” Oh yes, Leo can be that way. Prepare to have a flag stuck in your chest, for you are about to be owned. If that’s sexy for you, you’ll have a terrific time and a truly grand passion. If it makes you feel claustrophobic, then you’re in for trouble and you’d best make ready for flight. It is a rare Leo who doesn’t tolerate PDA’s (“public displays of affection”), perhaps even demand them. You do realize that in every house cat you’ve ever been granted the privilege of being acquainted with, you have a model of Leonine behavior, right? And what does a house cat do? Demand to be petted and in doing so, it rubs its scent glands all over you, clearly marking you as its territory for all other nearby cats to smell.

If you have Venus or Juno in Leo in your chart, the chances of you dating Leos is very high.  How to handle the Leo you love. . .

  • If your Leo beloved is hiding out, avoiding the spotlight and being a wallflower, then get her center stage! Gently perhaps, but notice her unique creativity. A little sunlight will perk her right up.
  • Practice loving from a place of self-sovereignty.  (Join the teleclass below to find out what I mean by that.)
  • Remember your Leo’s roar is bigger than his bite. When your Leo roars, it’s because he feels ignored, unseen, small. Like any animal in the wild, his aggressive display poofs him up several times bigger than he is. It will pass and if you really hear him, he’ll listen to you.
  • The hair. Be careful of the hair. All praise the coif. You think I’m kidding? Try it and see.
  • Every Leo needs a good audience. The best audience is one who “gets it” but is not prone to flattery. If you can intelligently and lovingly critique your Leo’s creativity and spur her to greater heights, you will be invaluable.
  • Hint: A Leo doesn’t have to be arrogant and dominant if he feels truly in control. Take that hint into your relationship and see what you can make of it.

How to find out more:

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  • Why your Leo can be an attention-hound—and how to enjoy mutually exciting give-and-take with him
  • What your Leo needs in order to sink into committed relationship with you
  • Signs Leo is most compatible with, and why
  • And if you are a Leo, you’ll learn the benefits you bring to every relationship you’re in and the relationship-killers you absolutely must avoid

Leo In Love is an MP3 recording lasting approximately 45 minutes and costing $9.97. To get the recording, email me at for a fast and easy MP3 download. You’ll love it!

By Erica Bridgeman, Pandora Astrology Intern

By the time I saw my first episode of Star Trek on TV, the show had been off the air for 15 years and was, instead, relished as Saturday night reruns. Like almost everyone who experienced the program as part of their childhood and adolescence, I was impacted by the dream and the drama of a futuristic world where humans and aliens grappled with issues of power, domination, diplomacy, negotiation and, hopefully, peace. Star Trek was more than a television entertainment show that brought a message. It was a cultural and technological time marker.

Star Trek Went Where No One Had Gone Before

In 1969, the same year of the last broadcast episode of Star Trek, the U.S succeeded in landing the first humans on Earth’s Moon. Although I was never into the “technical” aspects of rockets like circuit boards and cooling systems, I was taken by the notion of traveling and living among celestial bodies. With the announcement that Roddenberry’s cremated ashes will be put into orbit around the Sun in November 2014, along with the remains of his wife, Majel, and James Doohan, who played Scotty, the chief engineer on the Starship Enterprise, I started thinking about the creator of Star Trek and what his birth chart might reveal.

Gene Roddenberry natal copy 4Roddenberry, A Creative Leo

Television writer Gene Roddenberry helped to usher numerous generations into the humanitarian Age of Aquarius with his legendary characters from the Starship Enterprise. As creator of Star Trek, Roddenberry’s natal chart shows a man with enormous creative energy who could penetrate deeply into imaginative worlds with profound passion, spirit, and energy. Amazingly, four planets and two asteroids reside in the playful and performance-oriented sign of Leo – the Sun, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Pallas Athene, and Ceres (circled in red) – indicating a strong, creative personality with strategic initiative and drive and the ability to communicate in a down-to-earth manner that affirmed his personal purpose and mission. In fact, I venture to say that taking strategic visionary action was also a very important way to heal past life trauma that was incurred in the area of career as indicated by these celestial bodies in Leo trine both the South Node and Chiron in Aries in the tenth house (circled in blue).

Watery Nostalgia, Uranian Rebellion

Roddenberry was born with Pluto in Cancer.  The Pluto-in-Cancer generation (b. 1913-1938) had an enormously strong identification with nostalgic images of the past (“the way it used to be”), the childhood home environment, and rather provincial, if not entrenched, social and family roles and responsibilities. For Roddenberry, however, his Pluto conjunct a Cancer rising ascendant in the first house (circled in green) trine to a Pisces Moon conjunct Uranus (also in Pisces) in the ninth house (circled in silver), suggests that Roddenberry felt a strong emotional urge to rebel against the status quo and mainstream for a greater life philosophy that was inclusive of all kinds of people, not just those found at home—and the harmonious trine between these Pisces and Cancer planets assured he would give himself permission to act on those urges.

Adventures Far From Home

Uranus conjunct the Moon in Pisces in the ninth house also indicates that Roddenberry had an imaginative spiritual depth blended with an instinctive urge for autonomy that led him on travels through different cultural world and cosmic perspectives. It was Roddenberry’s sense of adventure and love of the unknown and unexpected, along with a sense that “all is one” that allowed him to be able to portray his diverse characters, both human and alien, with enormous respect, care, and dignity. The theme of relating what is “home” to what is “far away” is repeated again in Roddenberry’s Cancer rising ascendant (circled in pink) trine his Moon conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the ninth house.

A Teller of Archetypal Tales

Finally, Roddenberry’s Pisces Midheaven (ruler of movie and television film and circled in yellow) ensured that his deep emotional sensitivities and capacity to imagine terrestrial and cosmic worlds would combine with his fiery creative passionate self-expression to enable him to give birth to fictional characters that would become archetypal heroes and heroines in universal stories. Roddenberry lived out his potential with panache and flair and, in the process, created the first major television franchise by endearing millions to his timeless creations.

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Leo types are experts at discovering and unleashing human creativity—in themselves and in others.  Here’s how they do it, along with advice about how anyone (even those with only a smidgen of Leo in their charts) can do it too:

Be playful and childlike.  Have fun. Get so absorbed in what you are doing that you forget how others see you.  Engage others in the fun you are having.  Taking a playful approach to just about anything opens up creative channels and allows for relaxed, right-brain thinking.

Be a role-model. Be a leader.  Stand up, be seen, be visible.  Chief obstacles to this include embarrassment and fear of looking silly.  But don’t let them stop you!  If people don’t have other people to look to, how can they learn to live?  If there’s something you’ve figured out about how to live an excellent life, model that, be that, show that to the world.  I’ll betcha someone around you needed to see it in action.

Be self-centered–appropriately. This is a delicate balance.  Love yourself without arrogance as a flawed-but-beautiful human being: one of many, all of equal importance, holding yourself as your own special charge.  You are the shepherd of your own self, the guide of this body, this mind, this heart, this soul, this being.  Cherish this person you were given to be.

Shine on everyone. Leo knows a very special secret: that attention is the most valuable commodity in the world.  Everybody wants some and almost everybody wants more than they are getting or a different quality of attention than they’re getting.  When your Leo side is badly-behaved, it will pull you to grab attention—any attention at all.  When your Leo side is healthy, you give attention as the Sun gives sunshine—naturally, because you cannot help it and because you simply love to share.

Never underestimate the importance of your unique, authentic creativity. Leo exists to remind us that the individual point of view is important.  Modern physics tells us that the center is everywhere—and nowhere.  This means the center of the universe resides in you just as powerfully as in anyone.  Your point of view matters, and the creative flow that can come forth only from you and you alone is absolutely crucial to the workings of the whole.

You gotta give Leo credit.  It’s not easy to be your truest, most authentic self in front of God and everybody.  That’s scary stuff.  Occupy your whole social footprint—no more, no less, and the Leo in you will be happy.

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This is a repost of an article I wrote for the San Francisco Bay Area Women’s Journal.  You can read the original here.

Solutions For Fire-Gone-Wrong

In my recent post Personality Flaws of the Four Elements I described ways the 4 Elements can go wrong, each according to its own nature.

How To Know If Fire Is Burning You Up
When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  Fire is at best a blunt instrument and when abused it becomes destructive quickly.  Your Fire has gone wrong when:

  • You frequently feel angry, destructive, or aggressive.
  • You always need to have the last word.
  • Your friends say  you habitually squash other people’s self-confidence by dominating them.
  • Some say your ways of being make you feel big and others feel small.
  • You feel restless and can’t settle down into a job or relationship.

Solution One:  Balance Fire With The Other 3 Elements
If your Fire is distorted, the other elements can help restore balance. Some say that anger is a disguise for grief, and for a Fiery individual this can be very true.  Are you masking sadness with your Fiery display?  Take off the armor, sink into your Watery side and let yourself feel sad.  But leave the battle zone first.

Air can also lend a useful perspective.  Draw on your Airy side to access your inner Observer, that part of you that can get healthy distance from yourself.  Step outside your anger and use logic instead.  Debate with yourself before arguing with others.

Earth reminds Fire that dominating others is impractical, because it impedes the very leadership you’re trying to create.  Why would people want to follow someone who blows up easily and loses self-control?  Earth says, have self-discipline and show them that you take practical action on your promises.

Solution Two:  Emphasize Healthy Fire
If you emphasize healthy Fire and fill your life with positive expressions of Fire, there will be no room for unhealthy Fire.  This elegant solution gently allows negative Fire traits to fall away as a side-effect of your emphasis on positive Fire.  You might call this solution “Fire-Fu.”  Here are some examples:

  • Have a regular athletic routine that allows you to “blow off steam.”  Then you don’t explode unexpectedly.
  • Encourage mental self-talk that builds your confidence, instead of undermining it.  Then you don’t need to dominate others to get your way or express your needs.
  • Enjoy healthy competition with strong people you respect.  Then you’ll find the patience you need to get you through the times when you have to tread delicately with people you wouldn’t choose, but have to relate with.
  • Assert yourself early and often, so you don’t build up a head of steam and blow.
  • Examine the beliefs that make up your philosophy of life—create a world-view that expands (not contracts) you.

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See the next post in this thread:  Has Earth Grounded You–Permanently?

Sun King by Goldenwolf
Leo types have a deep ambivalence about their public reputation and audience response to their creativity.  They crave audience response—their creativity thrives on it—but this gives them a corresponding extreme sensitivity to the audience.  A Leo will vacillate between extreme self-consciousness and a self-imposed blindness to audience reaction, just to cope on their journey to self-expression and individuation.

Leo’s Time In The Sun
Leos need to bring what’s inside them outside & share it with the world as liberally as the sun shares sunshine.  Their process of expressing their creativity requires the mirroring of an audience.  They are engaged in self-discovery by way of performance.  Audience response helps them to see themselves more clearly and adjust their performance.

While this is a fine mode of self-discovery and individuation, sometimes a Leo type
needs to shift his focus from audience reaction (how am I doing?) to self-expression (am I saying what I want to be saying?).  That’s where true confidence comes from.  If you’ve said what you really wanted to say, if you really got it out there into the world, then if some people didn’t get it, that’s their problem, not yours.

How sad it is when a Leo has a morbid self-consciousness that prevents them from taking center stage.  Sometimes a Leo type has a distaste for looking like other Leos, who can be attention hounds, showoffs and exhibitionists in the extreme.  Leos are drawn to the limelight because Leos crave to move beyond showing off into true creative expression.  Encourage your Leo friends who take up too much stage time to scale it back a little, and encourage your Leo shrinking violets to get a little bigger and louder.

Every Creator Needs An Editor—Accept Criticism With Grace
Like all fire signs, Leo can be brash on the outside, but easily deflated.  Leo has a fragile ego, easily crushed, but also capable of quick recovery and bouncing back just as strong or stronger.  Fire is the element of inspiration and hope—and all 3 fire signs have these qualities in abundance, giving them tremendous resilience in the face of defeat.  But sometimes this ability to bounce back comes at the cost of self-awareness.  Sometimes a Leo type simply ignores the audience’s reaction and goes on looking for praise and encouragement when what the audience actually has to offer is a reality check.  When the gong sounds, it’s best to get offstage quickly, rather than trying to improve a truly bad performance.  The Leo type who can accept criticism in a balanced way, rather than being either crushed (like a shrinking violet) or explosive (like an entitled diva), will grow much faster as a performer and a person.

Learning to accept criticism with grace also eliminates another Leo flaw, which is susceptibility to flattery.  When a Leo craves praise too much, she opens herself up to manipulation by anyone who will praise her, whether she’s producing quality or not.  This has the effect of preventing any useful reality checks that would allow the Leo to improve herself.  And, as any Scorpio or Capricorn type will tell you, when someone praises you too much, they probably want something.

This Leo Is Under Construction
So the next time your friendly neighborhood Leo grabs center stage, remember what they are really doing.  It’s not just a bid for attention, it’s individuation happening, right before your eyes.  And if that involves a teeny bit of ego-grooming along the way, so what?  Leos need to show-not-tell, and are willing to be seen making their mistakes.  They are role models for whatever aspect of life they are working on.  Hiding is not in their nature and their transparency is their gift.

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Art by Christy Grandjean, aka Goldenwolf.

Ever wonder why sun sign astrology became so popular, when it’s so silly?  It’s because sun signs are easy to use.  Everybody knows their birth date, so everybody knows their sun sign.  It gives people something to schmooze about in bars and at parties—“I’m a Pisces!”  “I shouldn’t date Sagittarians—they’re my downfall!” and so on.  This makes for fun conversation, but it also has the unfortunate side effect of categorizing us and giving us preconceived notions about people—notions not true enough to be useful and true enough to do damage.  Sigh.  It’s a shame, really, that astrology got diluted this way, but it did get astrology into popular culture, which in my mind is a good thing, being a far cry from olden days when only kings had access to astrology.

As I mentioned in my article You Are Not Just Your Sign, the Sun is just one part of your astrology chart.  But it is an important part.  And here we come to the reason why sun signs are useful at all as conversation starters:  they do work.  Your sun sign is an important and central part of your personality.  The Sun in your chart is the gravitational center of your personality and the sign it’s in shows how you go about the process of individuation, ego formation and discovering your own identity.  The Sun is the center of you in the same way it is the center of our solar system:  it gives light, heat and life force energy to everything it touches.  Your sun sign is the source of your creativity—it’s where you want to shine.

Let’s take a whirlwind trip through the sun signs to answer the questions “How does your process of individuation go?” and “where do you need to express creativity and shine?”  Since we’re in August right now, I’m starting with Leo, the Sun’s very own sign.

Sun in Leo: Ego formation happens via the process of performance and using the response from the audience to revise one’s own behaviors.  Creativity is natural to Leos and expressing themselves is something they must do if they are to be happy.

Sun in Virgo: Individuation is not difficult for Virgos—their natural discriminatory abilities easily detect where their boundaries are.  Virgo’s challenge lies in creativity, because Virgo must learn to be comfortable taking credit and being seen.

Sun in Libra: Libra’s desire for fairness and symmetry will too often have Librans waiting for others to notice them before really allowing themselves to shine and individuate.  This is a shame, because Librans have style and artistry.

Sun in Scorpio: Scorpio, like all water signs, would rather operate under the radar than have attention drawn to itself, posing a challenge for this sign’s individuation.  Scorpio’s creativity is likely to be expressed internally, rather than displayed.

Sun in Sagittarius: Like the other fire signs, Sagittarius is comfortable with visibility and display but can scatter its creative energies.  Sag casts a large aura and tends toward leadership as a form of creativity—when Sag gets focused & chooses a direction.

Sun in Capricorn: Ah, how Capricorn does hold itself back!  Cap types tend to crave the public recognition they need to help them individuate, but they are late bloomers and have trouble accepting praise until after 30, when their finest years begin.

Sun in Aquarius: The challenge to Aquarian ego formation is the deep-seated Aquarian belief that the group is more important than the individual.  Aquarian creativity does best in the form of intellectual genius and sharing of ideas with those of like mind.

Sun in Pisces: How do you individuate when you feel you are not an individual, but a crowd?  So many voices, and Pisces is listening to them all.  But the Piscean imagination is strong, leading to abundant creation & potential mastery in all the arts.

Sun in Aries: Individuation is easy for assertive Aries, the sign voted most likely to fall flat on its face multiple times on the way to success.  The message is clear:  get used to failing fast and draw on Arian hope.  Then watch your creativity soar.

Sun in Taurus: Like Virgo, Taurus doesn’t care about flash and glamour.  Taurus does care about beauty and quality though, and in its deliberate way, will produce fine creative product given time.  Taureans sometimes self-identify with their income.

Sun in Gemini: Geminis can be scattered, losing themselves in an overabundance of ideas, but formidable when focused.  Geminis tend to identify with their intellect, to see themselves as a head with a body attached.  Communication is central to Gemini.

Sun in Cancer: The tendency to identify with one’s feelings or intuitions is strong in Cancer.  The Cancerian form of creativity is in nourishing things, helping things grow from small and weak to strong and formidable.  Cancer, nourish yourself too!

I hope you enjoyed this brief and extremely superficial look at the sun signs.  It’s just a teeny taste of what you’d get in a full, sit-down astrology reading. If you are not sure of your Sun sign (perhaps because you were born on a day the Sun changed signs), you can make your own astrology chart on to find out which sign you actually are.

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To understand the Leo type’s nature, you need look no further than the closest feline—the cat (whether great or small) is a very apt symbol for Leo.  In honor of the fabled 9 lives of  cats, here are 9 ways Leo is like them.

1. Cats love attention.  They love to place themselves in the human visual field.  Have you ever seen a cat get into the middle of a project you have spread out on a table, or crawl into your lap at the most inconvenient time or curl up on top of the television?  Have you ever seen a Leo who is getting the attention she wants and a Leo who is . . . not?  Getting the right amount of attention (not too much, not too little) and in the right area (not, God forbid, the wrong area!) is a central pursuit of Leonine existence.

2. A Leo, like a house cat, is self-possessed and autonomous.  This feline trait can be off-putting to dog people, who are used to their pets licking them enthusiastically in greeting.  Cats are more subtle and hard to read and more comfortable on their own.  Leos too, are subtle in their enthusiasm.  A Leo would never think of embarrassing herself with puppyish behavior.  Self-consciousness and dignity prevent it.

3. A Leo is easily embarrassed.  Every Leo has behaviors that mask their embarrassment—as do cats.  There’s a novel about the inner life of cats, called The Abandoned (by Paul Gallico) that shows a boy who was recently turned into a cat learning how to behave like one.  His feline mentor says, “When in doubt, wash!” and if you watch cats, you’ll see this is exactly what they do.

4. Leos love being petted.  Cats (and Leos) are very sensual creatures and capable of great enjoyment.  Anyone who lives with a cat learns from that cat how to relax, receive affection and simply enjoy being in a body.  Leos share this trait and love to luxuriate in sensory experience.  And praising is merely verbal petting which Leos are also pleased to receive.

5. Leos radiate confidence.  Does your cat remind you of a lion or panther?  Your cat is a domestic version of its greater-sized relatives, carrying all the arrogance and self-possession of that species.  As the arrogance of a domestic cat outsizes itself in ways reminiscent of their great cat relatives, so also can a Leo sometimes appear confident beyond the social footprint they actually occupy.  Deep in the heart of every Leo type (and with some it’s right on the surface!) there’s a longing to be famous.  Your friendly neighborhood Leo likes to indulge his tendency toward fame by dressing for attention, eliciting preferred treatment or obtaining rock star parking.

6. Like a cat, a Leo type looks like a loner but is in fact social.  There may be much of hierarchy in Leo social behavior, but Leos are profoundly social and care deeply about how others respond to them.  Cats form colonies—given the chance, they do not prefer to live isolated from their own kind.  Like cats, Leos are territorial and will defend their turf fiercely.

7. Leos, like cats, prefer high places.  Cats put themselves where they can have a lofty view of their surroundings; similarly, Leos like to place themselves high up also, but in a more metaphorical sense.  Every Leo knows she belongs at the top in at least one area of life, and he won’t stop till she gets there and garners the recognition she deserves.  A Leo,  like the Sun, (Leo’s planetary ruler) is a gravitational force and will eventually end up at the center of things.

8. The love of a cat is marked by choice, not compulsion.  A dog cannot help but love you (and this is exactly what dog-lovers appreciate about them) while a cat seems to have the choice whether to love you or not.  For this reason, cat-lovers find the love of a cat special.  Like a cat, Leos love by choice and where they choose, they love thoroughly, proudly and in a large way.  When a Leo (or a cat) loves you, you cannot help but know it and find it special.

9. Obviously, a Leo is king of the jungle.  Somehow, felis domesticus seems to maintain this attitude despite their small size.  Deep down, a Leo senses his own royal nature and understands noblesse oblige, i.e. his “nobility obligates” him to be kind and generous with all that he has and is.  And a generous Leo is a gift to the world.

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