The Moon in your chart tells what you need in order to feel safe, secure and well taken care of. Satisfying your Lunar needs enables you to relax, rest deeply and engage in the healthy form of self-care that matters most to you.

Your Moon sign is the key to experiencing deep emotional well-being and happiness. 

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Categories: Moon, Signs: Scorpio

The Moon in your chart tells what has you feel safe, secure and well taken care of. If you satisfy your Lunar needs, you are able to relax, rest deeply and engage in the healthy form of self-care that matters most to you.

Your Moon sign is the key to experiencing deep emotional well-being and happiness. 

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Categories: Moon, Signs: Libra

This eclipse has more energy moving through it than Grand Central Station!  An emotionally fragile baby Moon in Scorpio must contend with the harsh realities of Saturn and the cold logic of Mercury, but fortunately Mars helps bring in some self-assertion, Chiron brings healing and Pluto brings release.  Be very gentle on yourself and others during this eclipse, because things could too easily go off the rails.

Details About This Eclipse here. . .



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This month’s Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse and it shouldn’t be too intense.  The Moon is in cool, collected, clever Gemini, while the Sun is in warm, friendly Sagittarius.  Uranus assists in Aries.  There may be “no escape” but this isn’t a bad trap to be caught in.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: November 28, 2012
Time of eclipse: 6:48 AM PST
Type: penumbral (weak in intensity)
Visible in:  Europe, eastern Africa, Asia, Australia, the Pacific ocean and most of North America.
At: 6 degrees Gemini
Shadow Agent:  Uranus (in Aries)

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you are likely to experience this eclipse:
February 19-29
May 21-31
August 23-September 2
November 22-December 2

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  The Moon stands there, wearing her thinking cap, and tied up with ropes.  Uranus, grinning, holds the end of one rope while the Sun stands by in a glowing orange outfit.  What could it mean?
You:  All right, what are you all doing here?  You’ve got something to tell me, I’m sure.
Moon (yanking on the rope defiantly):  But I can explain everything!
Sun:  That’s exactly the problem.  When you’re in Gemini, you are very good at explaining everything you feel.  This habit gives you an escape from the feelings themselves.
Moon:  But I can’t help but feel—I’m the Moon!  Feelings are what I’m all about.
Sun:  But you need to stop being so damned clever and notice what the feelings are.  You’re trying to escape them.  You’re trying to skate across the surface of them.
The Moon turns and you can see that her figure skates are hanging off her shoulder by their laces.  They are still wet from the ice.
Sun:  Aha!  Told you!  You’ve forgotten about the big picture, Moon!  You’ve gotten lost in the details you can explain with your clever mind and your clever words.  Now, I’m not much for words myself.  Actions matter more to me.
Uranus:  We had to tie you up, Moon, because you were running circles around the Sun, being smart but talking yourself out of what you were feeling.
You:  So the shadow here is to use intelligence and cleverness as an escape from feeling?
Sun:  Exactly.
You:  So what’s the solution?
Uranus:  We don’t want suggest throwing out intelligence.  Breakthrough thinking is important, and the willingness to entertain new, startling ideas can lead to deeper understanding of the emotions you’ve been trying to escape.
Moon:  Can I explain now?
Uranus:  Only if you’re willing to feel something while you do it.
Moon:  Oh, I’m having a feeling, I know I am!
Uranus:  If you can say that, you’re not having a real feeling.
Sun:  Clearly, this is going to take some work.
Uranus:  Fortunately, I’m here to help.
You:  I suppose the moral of this story is, “don’t use your head to do heart’s work”?
Uranus:  Exactly.  But also, “don’t throw out your intelligence just because it failed to describe your actual experience.”
You:  That’s deep.
Sun:  Then we accomplished what we came for.  Off we go!
The trio departs, continuing to argue, but in a friendly way.

Read about other eclipses coming up: 2012 Eclipses.

If you’ve read my monthly Forecasts over the years, you may have periodically noticed that sometimes I’ll describe days in which “nothing is happening,” and you may have wondered what use you could possibly make of information like that.  These are days in which no planet is connecting with any other.  That’s a very unusual kind of day, because the Moon moves through the zodiac quite quickly, completing all 12 signs in its monthly round and connecting with most of the other planets as it moves through each sign.  So there are only a few days like this a year.  But it’s connected to another phenomenon that’s more frequent, which is called the Void-of-Course Moon.

The Moon takes about 2 and a half days to pass through each zodiac sign.  When the Moon has made the last aspect (connection) that it’s going to make in a given sign, it is said to go “void of course,” which basically means that there are no more connections due to happen in the Moon’s upcoming path.  After the Moon changes signs, it’s like hitting a reset button and the Moon enters a new “course” which is not “void” until it again finishes the final connection it’s going to make with another planet while in that sign.

So if, for example, the Moon is in Capricorn and squares Saturn at 2:42 in the afternoon and trines Jupiter at 6:05 that evening, and leaves Capricorn at 9:22 that night, it will be said to be void-of-course between 6:05 (when it made its last aspect, which was to Jupiter) and 9:22 (when it left Capricorn and entered Aquarius).  The period of time that the Moon can be void-of-course varies—it can be for just a few minutes or a whole day (although that’s rare).

So those rare days I’ve been describing in my Forecast pages as days when “the Moon makes no exact aspects” tend to have an eerie feeling, almost a feeling of suspense.  It’s hard to know how to respond to anything on these days, and making decisions is about as bad an idea as it is during Mercury retrograde, and for similar reasons.

Not all these “no aspect” days are also void-of-course days, because it’s possible for the Moon’s course to have a sort of dead patch in the middle, followed by more planetary connections, followed by a real void period at the end.  But when a “no aspect” day is also a void-of-course day, the effect is intensified.

While the Moon is void-of-course you may not know what you feel and your intuition may be off, so you may decide later that your decision was faulty.  Astrologers have a catchphrase for what happens during the void-of-course Moon: “nothing will come of the matter.”  One astrologer made use of this characteristic of the void Moon, with rather famous results.

You may know that Astrologer Joan Quigley was hired by President Ronald and Nancy Reagan to help set dates for meetings and other things during Reagan’s presidency.  According to Wikipedia, Nancy hired Joan after the assassination attempt on the president, because Joan said she could have predicted that event.  What you may not know is that Joan’s astrological help is probably the reason why Reagan came to be known as the “Teflon President.”  Joan advised the Reagans about when to hold press conferences, scheduling them during void-of-course Moon periods so that “nothing would come of the matter.”  So, no matter what difficult questions the press threw at Reagan, he was able to smooth things over.  Nothing ever happened that seemed important enough to report on or to question in the press, and no ugly smear campaigns or rumors ever resulted.  Nothing stuck to Reagan—and thus he was Teflon.

The Moon void-of-course is a powerful time, even though it’s also a “dead” time.  So the conclusion that we must come to is that during a void-of-course Moon you have two choices:  1) take a load off and don’t make any important decisions or 2) call a press conference you don’t want negative repercussions from.  And that’s what to do with a void-of-course Moon!

This is a profoundly domestic New Moon.  This Moon asks, “Exactly how do you want your home to be?  Do you feel safe at home?  Do you feel supported?  What can you do to make it a better nest for you?”  Mars, traveling through Virgo forms a helpful sextile to the Moon, offering loads of industrious energy to tidy, fix and refurbish.  This is a great time for house projects.  And because this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, we are also likely to see our shadows during it.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: July 11, 2010
Time of eclipse: 12:40 PM PST
Type: total (strong in intensity)
Visible in: People in New Zealand, Patagonia, the South Pacific, and parts of Chile and Argentina will see this eclipse.
At: 19 degrees Cancer
Shadow Agent: Mars in Virgo

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
January 3-13
April 3-13
July 5-15
October 6-16

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is mostly experienced internally).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Mars is there.  Before you can even speak, he’s rushed past you and is bringing things inside: a vacuum cleaner, a toolbox, a bucket containing cleaning supplies and several kinds of brooms, mops and brushes.  Outside you can see his van, groaning with construction supplies: jars of nails and screws, aluminum siding, wood flooring, copper pipes, roofing shingles and other sundry building materials.  After a few minutes of lightning-swift activity, he stops in front of you and gives you a military salute.

Mars:  Domestic Industry Team, reporting for duty.
You:  Team?  But there’s only one of you.
Mars:  I’m so efficient, you only need one.
You:  Oh.
Mars:  So what needs doing?
You:  Um, I have no idea.
Mars:  (pushing past you into the house) Ok, so the foundation needs fixing, the drain-pipes need adjusting before the next rainy season, and you could really use a drainage ditch.  A couple of rooms need updated wiring, and you’d really like a second story and some solar panels.  Is that all?  That can’t be all.
You:  Um, I think that’s it.
Mars:  What about your sense of safety here at home?  Do you feel loved?  Are you comfortable?
You:  What?
Mars:  How about some fixes not only to your home, but also to your sense of home?  Does your relationship need fixing?  How about your family?
He starts rummaging through his toolkit.
You:  Uh, sure.  Lots of things like that need fixing too.  Can you really do that?
Mars:  I can at least kick your butt and get you started.
You:  Wow.  You mean I could get a whole new sense of home out of this eclipse?
Mars:  You betcha.  But you gotta be willing to take action.  Just figure out what your real needs are and ask for them.  You need to take the first step.  Help is near, but you’ve got to ask.
He winks and goes back to the truck for more supplies.  You sink onto your sofa.
You:  Nothing like getting the problem and the solution at the same time!

Today’s post is in honor of the Sun’s passage through Cancer (ruled by the Moon) and all the Cancerians out there.  Here I’ll be describing why and how to nurture yourself according to your Moon. If you don’t know your Moon sign, you can make your own chart on to find out.

The Moon in a chart is connected with a person’s emotional life.  It is like the small, tender inner child in all of us, which is there inside even the most toughened adult.  If you want to re-parent yourself, you need look no farther than your Moon to find out what is needed to do that.  Your Moon Sign describes what you need to feel safe, secure and well taken-care-of.  It also tells you how to access your intuition and which bad, security-based behaviors to beware of.  What does this mean for you personally?

If You Have. . .

Moon in Aries
You need honesty and directness, both in yourself and from others you can trust. You need to be able to be your real self, without apology or pretense. You also need to be in touch with your gut, so right action is your path to intuition. Beware of acting too impulsively and then defending yourself with a fiery blast when others attempt to correct your course. Believe me, they have no idea how sensitive you are under the bluster.

Moon in Taurus
For you, emotional safety is linked to physical safety. Filling your bank account & your fridge goes a long way toward reducing anxiety but beware of using food or shopping for comfort. Your body is the key to your intuition, as long as you are eating right for your body type, not indulging in bad foods or purging with bad diets. Put good habits in place because you are likely to maintain (set & forget) them. Gardening & cooking soothe you.

Moon in Gemini
You love stimulation. You probably read in bed, to comfort yourself so you can sleep.  You have little tolerance for people who won’t talk with you and the “cold shoulder” affects you greatly. Watch out that your nervous energy may make you a chatterbox—sometimes you’ll need to slow down and just feel a thing without putting it into words.  Soothe your soul by keeping a journal, where your inner conversation can thrive.

Moon in Cancer
You are a very sensitive soul with a strong tendency to give nurturance & care to others.   Be careful not to drown them in affection and attention and also to avoid hidden contracts where you are giving in expectation of repayment in kind. Not everyone is as capable of giving endlessly as you are. If you’re unhappy with your childhood, become the parent  that you wish you’d had. Soothe your heart with frequent trips to large bodies of water.

Moon in Leo
Attention is the key to your soul. When others pay attention to you, your heart feels nurtured and fed, when you are ignored or not noticed, it cuts you deeply. Remember that your creativity is your own, not dependent on whether others see it or not. Your best intuitive compass is to follow things that make you expand and avoid things that make you contract. To soothe yourself, stare into a candle flame or a campfire.

Moon in Virgo
You have a deep sensitivity to order in your environment and it’s important for you to take charge and create order in all the ways that have meaning for you, instead of giving up and surrendering to entropy, which depresses you no end. Nothing satisfies you like a clean, fresh area, ready for use, so make that happen on a regular basis. Try not to impose your standards on others because they may not care about these things as you do.

Moon in Libra
Fairness is one of the most important things in your world and you can become quite paralyzed when you feel discriminated against. This being said, you must not wait for the world to deliver what you deserve—you must go out and get it. You’re a relater, so get into partnerships (business and personal) because your intuition is founded in how other people’s ideas make you feel. The feel of air moving across your skin is soothing.

Moon in Scorpio
It’s hard to imagine a more passionate or sensitive soul than you. Once a Moon in Scorpio person learns that gaining control of their circumstances can lead to a feeling of safety, they soon discover that no amount of control is enough. You’ll have to give it up, but be judicious about where you give up control and surround yourself with people you love and trust. As with Cancer & Pisces, make periodic visits to large bodies of water.

Moon in Sagittarius
The thing you need above all else is freedom and the room to expand.  Live in a home with high ceilings and lots of light and air.  Or live in a tiny, well-ordered place that you can carry with you, like a turtle.  This is my way of saying that travel soothes your soul, so get out into the world and explore it! Play early and often. Your adventurous soul needs scope, not rope, and tying you down creates a very sad & sorry Tigger.

Moon in Capricorn
What really makes you feel secure is to be recognized for your achievements, because you’re convinced, deep down, that nothing you do is ever enough. Other people sometimes need to beat compliments into you. Absorb praise, take it in and remember to create an inner praising voice loud enough to sometimes drown out the inner judging voice. When you need soothing, go sit with the most ancient tree you can find.

Moon in Aquarius

Friendship is the highest value you hold and so it may be hard to understand why sometimes people would want more from you than that. Go ahead & prize your intelligence, but don’t let it get in the way of connecting with others. Wear your geek badge as an attractant, not armor. Be warm and really connect with people emotionally, rather than intellectually, and this will give you the social contact your soul needs.

Moon in Pisces
Perhaps the most important need you have is for dreamtime:  meditation, visualization, prayer, whatever you call it, it means time to let your imagination run free. When you are feeling escapist, this is what you’re longing for. Set up ways to get it that don’t damage your body or your focus and you’ll be in good shape. Hang around people that feel right, because you are your moral compass. And remember to visit those large bodies of water.

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Be Afraid—Be Very Afraid!
In astrology’s infancy, about four to five thousand years ago, eclipses were a terrifying phenomenon. The experience of day suddenly becoming night, of the moon covering and temporarily hiding the sun and the sun inexplicably disappearing brought terror to human beings. Early astrologers sought to understand and ultimately predict this phenomenon. They did become able to predict it, and ultimately became able to manipulate kings and peoples with this knowledge. Their ability to predict an upcoming eclipse and to predict also the rise and fall of crops and nations gave them unprecedented power, power which was rooted in their understanding of the natural world, but which ultimately became political. If there is a reason why astrology is hated and feared today, eclipses may well be wrapped up in it.

Interpretations of ancient astrologers were highly fatalistic, focusing on physical events to come and predicting human behavior, even death, with surprisingly consistent accuracy. But that’s not how astrology is used today. Modern western-world astrology is much less fatalistic and much more psychological. Today it is about human motivation and a person’s inner experience. We have all but lost some of the most ancient predictive techniques because of their extreme fatalism. Modern people do not want to know the date of their death, even if an astrologer today could predict it, which is not likely. It’s possible that a Vedic (Indian) or a Chinese astrologer could, but not a Western one.

The interpretation and use of eclipses has changed with the times. Although astrologers who focus on politics do continue to use them to predict the fates of rulers and nations, eclipses are more commonly used to interpret personal, individual experiences in psychological ways. And eclipses today generate more fascination and less fear.

What Is An Eclipse?
The Sun and Moon are by far the brightest objects in our sky; thus they are called the luminaries or “lights.” An eclipse is an occasion when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up so precisely that one of the luminaries becomes shadowed, and therefore goes dark.

A solar eclipse is only possible during a new moon. During a new moon, the Moon and Sun are on the same side of the Earth, so close to each other that the Moon fades from sight. This is a familiar phenomenon—it happens every month, and gradually. A solar eclipse is a special type of new Moon, one where the Moon and Sun are not only in the same general area of the sky, but also in exactly the same plane. From our view on Earth, the Moon covers the Sun and hides it from us, darkening the sky. Compared to the new Moon, this is a sudden and rare phenomenon.

It is not, however, as rare as you think. A set of eclipses, usually including a solar and a lunar, happens every six months. Not every eclipse is visible in every area of the world. This is one reason why the ancients found eclipses so fearsome—they seemed to occur at such irregular intervals. Astrologers today interpret an eclipse as having more effect in the areas where the eclipse can be seen.

A lunar eclipse is only possible during a full moon. During a Full Moon, the Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, and the Moon is at its brightest. A lunar eclipse is a special full moon where the Earth is in the same plane with both luminaries and the Moon is therefore shadowed by the Earth. This too, is a relatively sudden and rare phenomenon and not visible to everyone on Earth.

What Is The Shadow Agent?
Sometimes during an eclipse, another planet will be close by (within 5 degrees of arc), close enough to be drawn into the themes of that eclipse. I call that planet accompanying the eclipse the “Shadow Agent.” It assists the eclipse by pointing out your shadow in its area of life. For example, Mercury points out your shadow by means of communication while Neptune points out your shadow by means of dreams and spirituality.

According to Wikipedia, the shadow side in Jungian psychology is a part of the unconscious mind consisting of repressed weaknesses, shortcomings, and instincts. Jung developed the idea of the shadow to represent that side of a human being which is held back and not consciously expressed. Some aspects of a shadow can be positive as well as negative, as some human beings repress positive traits. Jung said that the shadow, if ignored, is often projected onto other people. He also said that it can be brought up into consciousness and integrated with the rest of one’s personality.

One way to describe an eclipse is “a luminary is occluded such that we see a shadow.” Psychologically, eclipses represent the appearance of the shadow and the occasion of an eclipse contacting something in your natal chart is the perfect opportunity to get a good look at your own shadow. The shadow is, by definition hard for you to see, because it is behind you. An eclipse can bring it out and make it easier to see, thus giving you a chance to stop projecting it, own it, accept it as part of yourself and integrate it with the rest of your personality. This is uncomfortable, but it is also a gift. Much human energy is wrapped up in avoiding, projecting and hiding our shadows. When you integrate your shadow, you reclaim that energy.

The Shadow Agent is a planet (or planets) which is an agent of the eclipse and is therefore asking you to look at your shadow. It will do so according to its planetary nature. Sometimes a person in your life may take the role of the Shadow Agent for you, acting out the agenda of this planet and forcing you to look at things or areas you don’t ordinarily look at.

How Do You Know If An Eclipse Will Affect You?
You’ll feel an eclipse if it falls within 5 degrees of one of your natal planets. A good astrologer can tell you that. An eclipse’s effects are also likely to be stronger if you live in the part of the world where it can be seen directly. And an eclipse will be stronger if it is total, rather than partial. These things taken together and with a few other factors added in, will tell you the generic nature of the eclipse, the area of your life where it’s likely to affect you, and the strength of the effect. A strong eclipse is likely to be felt, at least in a background way, for six months until it is replaced by the next same-type of eclipse (solar or lunar). According to Georgia Stathis, a San Francisco Bay Area expert on eclipses, there is also likely to be a resurgence of the eclipse’s themes during the same-type lunation (New or Full Moon) three lunar cycles after the eclipse and a foreshadowing of the themes of the eclipse will happen during the same-type lunation three lunar cycles before. More on that another time.

Does the Shadow Agent make life uncomfortable? Yes. Will human beings ever enjoy looking at their shadows? Probably not. But the gift of energy returned to us when we embrace our shadow and the gift of conscious self-knowledge and acceptance are great, when we are courageous enough to accept them.

Find out about this year’s eclipses.

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