I just got a call from a first-time client named Erika who told me in our initial call that she “doesn’t want to know the future.”  I think this is wonderful.  It tells me that she wants to be in the driver’s seat in her life.  She doesn’t want to be stuck with a fate she didn’t choose, and she doesn’t want to buy into the psychology of a self-fulfilling prophecy.  She doesn’t want to have negativity in her mind to battle with as she moves forward into a hopefully brighter future.

la-la-la-la I cant hear youI’m in complete agreement.  When you’ve come to an astrologer to get help in understanding your life more clearly, superstition can cloud the conversation and I’m no spiritual authority.  I don’t even want to be one—frankly, I don’t want that much responsibility.  And I’m not alone in that view—many, if not most, Western astrologers feel the same.  I don’t want to tell you something negative or frightening that could happen, that might happen, only to see you worry it into existence by focusing on it too much.  What I do want to do is show you the path ahead, so you can choose the high road.

Your own spiritual authority is you, or better put, You—the greater self that created the life-plan you are living right now, which the smaller, everyday you has forgotten.  I’m your link between “you” and “You.”  All I do is read the Owner’s Manual of your life.  You make the decisions; you walk the path.  Hopefully, you choose the positive path and then persist in walking that path, even when it’s hard.  Certainly you’ll do your best to create a wonderful life—and that’s a good thing because I can’t do that for you.

When I get an “I don’t want to know the future” call like this, I know that it’s going to be a great session and that I’ll be able to help this person.  Which makes me happy because helping people live their own lives in a better way is what pleases me most.

So thank you, Erika, and all the smart, grounded people like you that populate my practice and will in the years to come.  You’re why I do it.

You probably know that you go through big transitions at times when the outer planets in our solar system trigger something in your chart.  Those planets are Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter.  As the fastest of the outer planets, Jupiter moves at a speed that brings it into aspect with planetary combinations already in progress.  When those planetary combinations are challenging, Jupiter can act as the “good fairy” that blesses where others are cursing.

This Happened in 2009
Let me illustrate this with an example. In 2009, Chiron and Neptune were traveling together in late Aquarius, blending their themes of wounding/healing (Chiron) and spiritual expansion (Neptune). This was a really big deal at the time and I wrote several posts about it:
Neptune Conjunct Chiron: Eighteen Months of Spiritual Healing
Neptune and Chiron Ask You To Bridge Heaven and Earth

By May of 2009, Jupiter had joined the party, and I wrote a 3-part series of posts about “Rejoining the Beautiful and Loving Human Family” because this triple conjunction was in Aquarius:  May’s Triple Conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter.

In 2009, Chiron and Neptune were causing many people to face a deep, spiritual wound in themselves–with the intent to heal it once and for all.  When Jupiter joined Chiron and Neptune, a quality of hope entered the picture and the burden was lightened considerably.  If you have anything in your chart in 26 degrees of Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus or Leo, you would definitely have felt this.  Jupiter was acting as your Good Fairy.

So What Do I Mean By The “Good Fairy?”
In the story of Sleeping Beauty (which by the way, is a fairly iconic fairy tale with many properties that fairy tales typically have), there is a “bad fairy” and a “good fairy.”  Here’s how it goes. . .

At the birth of the baby princess, the King and Queen invite all the fairies to a christening so they can bestow gifts on the child.  The fairies show up and shower the princess with many blessings, mostly in the form of personality traits, like Charm, Grace, Wisdom, Wit, Patience, Beauty, and so forth.  They are almost done when the bad fairy shows up.  In some versions, she’s not actually bad, she’s just angry because they forgot to invite her.  In the Walt Disney version, she’s just plain bad.  She shows up in her black carriage drawn by bats, sweeps in and curses the baby princess: “When she’s 16, she’ll prick her finger on a spindle and DIE!!!!”  After the bad fairy leaves, there’s one final good fairy who hasn’t had a chance to give her blessing.  The good fairy says, “I can’t undo the curse completely, but I can soften it.  When she’s 16, she will prick her finger on a spindle, but instead of dying, she’ll sleep for 100 years—oh and by the way, everyone else will sleep too, so you won’t even notice—and then she’ll be awakened by true love’s first kiss.”

Naturally, all this comes to pass and the story ends with a royal wedding, as such stories do.

How Does the Good Fairy Affect Transits?
The Good Fairy can’t stop the difficult parts of the transit from happening.  After all, that would deprive us of valuable life lessons.  But the Good Fairy can fill you with the confidence to get through them.  The Good Fairy is a voice within you that says, “It’s going to be ok.  I can grow from this.  I am bigger than this.  I am strong and competent.  I can handle it.”  You will feel that everything is going to be all right, even if you can’t explain why you feel that.

Your experience of Jupiter as the Good Fairy can differ depending on whether Jupiter appears on the scene early or late.

When Jupiter appears early, and is followed by a crescendo of challenge as the other two, more difficult planets ramp up, it can lead you to bite off more than you can chew, due to overconfidence.  You have to deliberately hold back and also allow that confidence to accumulate, so it will carry you through the part after Jupiter has moved on and is no longer buoying you up.  Knowing that the challenges will continue beyond the period of hope can let you know to approach with more caution than you may be feeling—and that kind of golden information is one of the best reasons to get an astrology reading.

When Jupiter appears late, it can be like the light at the end of the tunnel.  The beginning of the transit is the most difficult part, and you have to get through it yourself, but you’re rewarded in the middle by the arrival of Jupiter, along with a surge of confidence that carries you across the finish line.  Jupiter fills you with hope and strength, as you hear him cheer, “I knew you could do it!  Now let’s finish this!”  Finding out that Jupiter is about to involve himself before he actually does can also give you hope—another excellent reason to find out about your transits for the year before they begin.

Now Jupiter Is Blessing Pluto and Uranus
If you’re wondering why I’m telling you this, of course it’s because it’s happening right now.  This year, Pluto and Uranus are traveling in a square to each other, which began in 2012 and lasts until 2015.  This is a very challenging combination and many people are experiencing it.  It’s putting people through really big changes, some of which are emotional and some of which are intellectual.  The Pluto part is an intense, full-scale metamorphosis, bringing up issues of power and control as the part of you its triggering goes through a death-and-rebirth experience.  The Uranus part is a paradigm shift—a reframing of everything you thought you knew and understood about the part of you being triggered.  You’ll feel this in the area of life covered by the planet in your chart that’s triggered (Venus = relationships, Saturn = career, Sun = identity, and so on).

Uranus and Pluto began their square in 2012 and won’t be done until 2015.  These are only the most intense years of a larger patch of time—when we look back on this, it will probably define the teen-decade of the 21st century, much the way Uranus and Pluto’s previous connection defined the 1960s.  It’s affecting people with planets in 8 to 15 degrees of all four Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer).  You can read about it here:  Uranus and Pluto Topple the Great Edifice.

Jupiter catches up with the Uranus/Pluto-square-in-progress and “runs with the big boys” from August of 2013 to June of 2014.  The result is that Jupiter blesses all the people who are struggling to transform (Pluto) themselves and revolutionize (Uranus) their lives.

Want to know if Jupiter is blessing you this year?

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This morning I was having a powerful conversation with my intern Erica in our office here at Pandora Astrology.  It was about how important it is for people-helpers and healers to do their work in the world unimpeded by fears of not making enough money, fears of marketing, fears of failure (and the crushing emotional weight that comes with it) and fears of success (and the fear of being a target that comes with it).  And about how very hard it is to set up a client-based practice as a helper when those fears are dogging you.

Read more about this on the FEMTalks blog. . .

Parents try very hard, against all odds, to raise their children in the best way they can.  And parenting is very, very difficult.  Here’s one of the chief reasons why parenting is difficult:  being a parent triggers every aspect possible of your own broken, unfinished, painful, wounded childhood.  It starts the day your kid is born and from there it never stops.  And yet I know of no parent who would ask for a different path than to have this exact child at this exact time and to enjoy the privilege of getting to know this unique person who has entered their life.  It’s a fact of raising kids that, no matter how they drive you crazy, once you’ve got them, they get into your heart and you don’t want to give them back.

Parenting is one of the areas of life that most people are extremely eager to get right and yet it’s also one of the areas of life that is most often pointed to when things go wrong.  I suppose it began with Freud, this idea that whatever’s wrong with us stems from a bad childhood and that we should blame our parents for everything that’s broken in our adult life.  This is actually a useful idea as far as it goes—it allows us to see our own wounding and attempt to heal it, and that’s an important path to walk.  But when we are becoming the parent ourselves, we may find that the blame we laid at our own parents’ door makes it hard for us to even think clearly about how we want to accomplish the difficult and delicate task of parenting our own kids.

Why should that be?  It becomes very hard to sort through the aspects of their parenting style that we want and don’t want in our own.  In functional to moderately dysfunctional families, it’s a rite of passage when you sit down with your parents late one night and confess to them that now, finally, you get it.  Parenting is hard.  It is mysterious.  It’s always in flux.  And you become humble, even appreciative, of what your parents had to go through in order to raise you at all.  Then you thank them for that and you feel more peace in your heart.

For those of us from very dysfunctional families, that rite of passage may not happen.  If the way you were parented was such an unmitigated train-wreck that you cannot figure out how to forgive and move on, then parenting a child yourself seems daunting to the point of impossibility.  In fact, you may decide not to take it on, and that decision may be a conscious or an unconscious one.  In this sort of situation, what’s needed is a larger—much larger—perspective.  A spiritual perspective.  This is where astrology can offer powerful help, because a person’s chart is their life-plan, a clear map of the purposes they came into this life to fulfill.  Your chart contains all the challenges you came here to face, along with the reasons for facing them.  I call it the Owner’s Manual of your life, because you don’t have to see it as a rigid, dictated-to-you fate, but as instructions for how to live your own finest possible life.  It clearly describes how to turn even most train-wrecked circumstances into evolutionary gold.  And, read properly, it explains why you’d want to face the challenges you did.

When you look at your chart, your own Owner’s Manual, you begin to understand that you may have been drawn to your parents for reasons that go beyond just one lifetime.  And when you look at your parents’ charts, you may come to understand that your family has patterns in it that have been passed from generation to generation, and that you decided to be the place where the buck stopped.  You can actually see and deconstruct those patterns because they are right there in the charts.  You can then understand your parents’ life-plan and you can see how it connects with yours.  And once you realize there is a beautiful design behind it all—more than a plan, a purpose—even behind the pain, then you can relax.  It enables you to engage in that purpose and take your family’s soul-group agenda forward into the next generation.

We all begin life heart-open, trusting in the wisdom and compassion of these beings we call parents.  So when they mess it up, the betrayal sears deeply into our soul, leaving thick scar tissue.  They say that living well is the best revenge.  But revenge is no solution, because it heaps pain on pain and binds your soul and its path even more closely to the souls of those who hurt you.  But if not revenge, then what?  What can adequately express a soul’s anger at being hurt by exactly the people they began life trusting and loving the most?

If you feel hurt by your parents, I say that living your chart well is better than revenge—it is a fulfillment of your life’s purpose and your family soul group’s purpose.  It goes beyond stopping the buck.  Why survive when you can go on to thriving?  And why stop there when you can unload the dumptruck of karma that your family is carrying and, by understanding and forgiving their need to carry it, take those beloved beings right along with you?

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What do you think of when you think of a “soul mate?”  Perhaps that one perfect love that lasts a lifetime?  Fairy tales, such as Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, may also quickly come to mind.  You probably conjure up an image of “love at first sight,” a feeling that emerges in an instant and engulfs you in eternal romance.  You may think of a favorite movie scene, such as the famous moment in Jerry Maguire where Jerry says to Dorothy, “you complete me.”  When you think “soul mate,” you may think of your “missing piece” or your “other half.”

I was at a wedding recently where a guest raised a glass and toasted the fact that the bride and groom “complement each other” so well.  I also heard a friend say recently that between himself and his wife, he figured “we’ve got all the bases covered.”  You may imagine there’s one perfect partner for you out there and all you need to do is find them in order to have soul-filling, heart-drenching love for the rest of your life.  Ah, if only it were that simple.

The myth of the “soul mate” could use some deconstructing here.  It’s a symbol of extreme joy that often brings extreme pain—the pain of disappointment as we discover that the partner we had elevated to a pedestal doesn’t deserve our worship but is as human and flawed as we are.  That there are cracks in that glass slipper.

This brings me to another question:  Why is it that the very things you are most attracted to in someone at first become the most irritating later on?  Those things that fascinated you and were so alluring. . . with time and familiarity can become the very things you wish your partner would stop doing.  And it becomes crazy-making for you as your partner continues doing “that thing he does” ad nauseam and you realize that it’s going to go on for the rest of your life.  What a depressing and soul-draining thought!

If you think about it, you quickly realize that relating with someone who is your complement means they are as different from you as it’s possible to be.  You handle some stuff, they handle other stuff.  You have your areas of expertise; they have theirs.  A relationship based on complementarity does carry with it the fascination of relating with someone who’s fundamentally different from you.  You get the thrill of being bowled over by their strange, foreign ways.  But sooner or later this is followed by the terror of discovering that you don’t really get them and they don’t really get you.  And then you feel alone—really alone.  And worst, you realize you have allowed someone alien to your ways inside your heart and your life and that even though they know you inside and out (or should from all the time spent with you), even so, they just don’t get you.

What then?

What do you do when you’ve finally met your soul mate and married them. . . and it goes sour?  How do you deal with the subjective reality of a soul mate that you felt and that was so… real, when contrasted with the objective reality of the failure of love to endure?

These are burning questions.  Find out the answers to them and more burning questions by getting a Lifelong Love reading. Prepare to change your soul mate perspective (and all your relationships, not just the romantic ones) and change it forever—and replace it with something much, much better.

Learn more about the soul mate myth and your chart by getting a Lifelong Love reading. 
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(this one’s for the ladies)

This article is dedicated to all the wonderful women in my practice (and in the world) who are looking to share heart, mind and body with a perfect partner they haven’t met yet.

In the last few years I’ve been discovering the most effective ways to use astrology to find exactly the right life partner.  Along the way I’ve been hard at work figuring out how to communicate this to the women in my practice who are searching for their partners, so their search can be easier.  This has caused many of my clients to confront something really painful.  Imagine having to ask yourself the question, “what if the way I’ve been been searching for a partner my whole life was. . .  wrong?”

If you’re like most of us, you approach relationships with an ever-growing laundry list of traits you absolutely must avoid in the next partner, a sort of “been there, done that” list.  “No more workaholics!”  “I can’t stand a smoker.”  “I don’t want to clean up after him anymore.”  And so on.  The list is useful, powerful even, because the list is you asserting yourself, right?  But the list is also reactive, based on pain from previous relationships.  You might especially congratulate yourself if you’ve learned how to be less reactive about it, if you’ve put attention on figuring out what you want by looking at what you don’t want to avoid.  Like this:  “I don’t just want to avoid dating workaholics, I want someone who can spend quality time with me, building our bond.”  That approach is already several shades better than reactive avoidance.  But what if you could just cut to the chase, pick up your own owner’s manual and know what you have always really, truly, authentically needed in a relationship?

Life is like a video game you learn by playing it.  But in a video game you get to die several times before you lose the game.  In life, you don’t get that luxury.  Every failure costs you–a lot.  Time, money, energy, hope, heartbreak.  Can’t it be simpler?  Hell yes!

If you feel that you are getting older and want to get on with partnership, marriage, maybe even children, the possibility that it could be this simple might sadden you as you think of all the wasted time you could have avoided.  But bear with me, because you might even find that the perfect partner for you is closer than you think and that your increased clarity makes it possible for him to show up in your life.

The solution is what I’ve come to call the Bad Boy/Good Man profile.

Your Bad Boy is your negative type.  He really gets you going.  You don’t see him coming and by the time you look in his eyes, it’s already too late to be sensible.  You date him over and over again in different forms, perhaps you marry him (maybe even more than once).  And yet, you keep coming back for more.  Why?

Obviously, it’s because there’s something genuinely there for you. Something you’d rather die than live without, even if it costs you something else really important.  But when you date your positive type, you don’t have to choose. The dilemma doesn’t show up in the same way.  You get to have all that you want.  And the lure of that keeps you coming back.  But why is it so easy to end up with your Bad Boy instead and how to spot him before it’s too late and you’re caught?

Funny thing is, in many ways they are the same person. They have a lot in common, but how they express it is different.  And what you’ll put up with is different.  This is why changing yourself—upgrading your approach to relationship—makes all the difference.  When you change into a better version of yourself, your “type” naturally—and effortlessly—changes into the better version of himself.  Change yourself and what you attract (and gracefully deflect) changes.  This puts you in charge.  You’re the driver here.

Your chart lays it all out:  Your Bad Boy type and his flip side—your Good Man type.  Once you know what it is you’ve been looking for, and you begin becoming the person who will attract that, he will find you.  It’s inner work.  The bad news is, it’s work.  The good news is, it’s inner (i.e. you have control over it).

Are you ready to take that control and the responsibility that comes with it?

Learn more about your own Good Man and Bad Boy profile by getting a Lifelong Love reading. 
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Success, thy name is Saturn.  Yet Saturn is such a boogeyman, an object of terror for astrologers, their clients and those of the general public who understand what Saturn demands of us.

Feeling trapped?  Guilty?  Obligated?  Pressure to perform?  Blame Saturn.  Then roll up your sleeves and get to work because when you do the work Saturn is demanding of you, the reward he promises is sure to follow.  It is a simple, if arduous, contract.

Saturn’s purpose is to press you to work, sharpen, hone, structure, build and persist until you master the very thing you fear the most.  He’s nobody’s bosom-buddy but with time he can become a staunch friend.

Here are 5 ways, based on the Buddhist language of the Eightfold Path, that Saturn can accelerate your career.  If you let him.

  • Right Livelihood.  The position of Saturn in your natal chart tells you what you should be doing.  Paradoxically, that very thing is also your greatest fear.  By pushing through your fear, persisting and taking responsibility for it, you win through to your greatest success.  You also, along the way, discover what you came here to build and give back to the world.
  • Right Reputation.  Your Midheaven in your natal chart describes your public face, the image you present when you are seen in your career, your place of business, in the public eye or even on TV.  Cultivate this side of your personality and you can shine in public, even if you are normally shy and reserved.
  • Right Response.  Transits of outer planets (Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus) to your Saturn are times of career-building activities.  Sometimes that involves career-breaking activities or career-explosion activities.  Knowing when they are due and understanding their nature can leave you responding to events powerfully while they are happening.
  • Right Practice.  Transits of Saturn to your natal planets and houses answer the question “where are you supposed to be working hard this year?”  Saturn spends about 2-1/2 years in a given sign or house, allowing ample time for practice in the area of life symbolized by that sign or house (i.e. creativity, relationship, communication, etc.).  Knowing where Saturn is can help you identify and practice the things that matter and stay on target.
  • Right Timing.  Your 29-year Saturn cycle is nature’s best gift ever for helping you create and build your long-term goals.  The 29-year period between your first and second Saturn Returns is the most fertile period of your career history.  You can learn to use its phases to time important steps in the development of your career, reaching for success in exactly the times when it’s reaching for you.

And why do all this?  It’s so much easier to go with the flow of life—why bother struggling and pushing toward something so difficult?  Saturn’s gift is mastery.  It’s really simple—you do the work, and you get the reward.  And the satisfaction that comes from a reward worked for and earned beats the satisfaction that comes from merely having it given to you.  Excellence must be worked for—so that when you achieve it, you value it and you can teach it to others.

Learn more about Saturn and your career by getting a Mission Orders reading. 
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This morning, at the dawn of the new year I woke up burning with the desire to recommit to this blog and the deep conversation that it is with you, my fellow human being.  I am actually composing directly into WordPress (rather than writing elsewhere and posting after my thoughts are perfectly composed).  I am habitually meticulous, so this is unusual for me.

I want you to know that I LOVE the many opportunities I have had to touch people’s lives through astrology in 2009.  I have had more sessions than ever before, with more interesting, growing, exciting people than ever before.  I have had a lot of requests to join my newsletter list and am very excited at how this ongoing conversation about how we humans can take charge of and change our lives using astrology as a power tool is expanding.

To mark my excitement, I am recommitting to this blog.  In 2010 I will continue writing timely, relevant posts designed to help you apply astrology’s wisdom to your real, actual life.  I write to you, my intelligent, motivated audience.  To remind us both who you are and what our relationship is, I am reposting one of my very first posts, called “I And Thou” in which I wrote our relationship into being.  I hope you are as inspired by it as I am by you.

Here is what I said to you on April 3, 2007.  After blogging for 2 and 3/4 years, it is even more true today.

*     *     *     *     *

“If you hallow this life, you meet the living God.” Martin Buber, I and Thou

The Necessity of Imagining an Audience
Every writer needs an audience. That audience is of necessity a fabrication, at least at first. It is invented out of pure imagination. In “inventing” you, I am adding you to my waking dream.

I am setting a high bar for myself. I know you are intelligent, discriminating and thoughtful. I know you are practical and desire more active participation in your own life. I need a reader just like you. I become a better person just thinking about you and the vast worlds we have to talk about together.

Here and now I get the opportunity to determine what you are like, but I also know that if I am to hold your attention I must remember that you have a reality beyond my imagining. So I choose to see you as a real person of stature and solidity, a person who is my equal (a Thou to my I) and a person who is capable of surprising me in a way a fiction can never be capable of. I have put out the shoes. If they fit, step into them.

You are adding me as a character in your dream by reading this and volunteering yourself for the relationship with your attention. You will self-select in or out of being here according to your needs. I trust you to do that.

Now that you’re here, please—pull up a chair. Join me here, at the fire.

Fireside Chat: Can I Be Frank With You?

I speak to you as to someone who understands, someone who “gets it.” We share certain values. You are spiritual but grounded. You have one foot in this world, one in a very different world. You are a spirit and a body and very interested in both. You are smart, subtle, psychological, metaphysical, but also motivated and driven. You are going somewhere in life (as I am) and don’t have patience or time for beating around the bush. You appreciate practical approaches to metaphysical matters. You’ll reach for whatever will help you move forward but if I am too woo-woo or new-agey you will get bored. I know that you are choosy and that I need to stay interesting or I will lose you. I respect that. It is a sense of discrimination I share.

Here, in this conversation, which is just between you and me, the medium is the message. Sometimes I will speak sharply; sometimes with infinite gentleness. It is my job to remind both of us again and again that life is marching on and each moment is too important to waste.

I keep to the realm of the universal, the classic. I talk about small, subtle experiences and large, general ideas. Things that pertain to you when you see how they apply to your life. All of it is useful. You find more here than you can use at one time, so you come back later to absorb the parts you couldn’t take in before. You are learning astrology despite yourself. Perhaps you came because you know some astrology and you want to learn more and you stayed because I’ve shown you new ways of thinking about it. You will never be the same.

I have very little use for knee-jerk negativity and “helpful criticism.” For this reason, I am letting you know now that I won’t have interest in comments that are critical but suggest no helpful change. But I am deeply interested in comments that add value to this conversation. In my view, you are an excellent person with much to say and useful experience to draw on. If you dilute that respect by speaking drivel it will be a loss for both of us. Mother used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” I would say, “if you can’t say anything useful, wait to speak until you can.” Please don’t waste my time. I promise not to waste yours.

Hello, Thou. Who Are You?
You are adventuresome, growing, not judgmental, leveling, able to hold what I say gently in your mind. Your mind is open and curious. You are willing to consider any idea that might help you in your life.

You are an experimental person. This is because you’ve come to realize that there are no test runs in life, so your life is one big laboratory and you like to try things in it. You’ve had enough life-experience to trust your own assessment of the workability of ideas. You’re willing to grow-as-you-go.

You are a self-aware person. You notice your impact on others and your impact on life. This too enables you to experiment. When your experiments drive others away from you, you notice and perhaps change course. But you’re brave enough not to change course even if others are uncomfortable, in the times when you are sure you’re on the right track.

You have an idea where you are going, maybe sometimes only a general idea, but most importantly, you’ve got some kind of intuitive mechanism that lets you know when you are on-track, and when you are off. You pay attention to that. This gives you freedom to explore because you know that when you get off-track, you will eventually restore your course.

You are in the prime of your life but perhaps you don’t know it, because sometimes you’d rather be somewhere else. You have much more power than you’re using. You are at a nexus, a crossroads, a fork in the path. What you choose now will affect the whole future. New paths will open up, existing ones will close. There is no time but now for you to create the life you really want to live, to carve it out of the block before you. You are looking for what will help uncover the meaning of your life. What I’m writing will help you. At times it is exactly what you need. You are happy to have found me. I am grateful to have found you. We now have each other.

You look at your life differently because of what I have said. You are someone willing to do that. You are willing to change your whole life now, today, because of something that happened this moment. You are open to wild insight and willing to suspend disbelief long enough to entertain crazy ideas. You are willing to rearrange your brain. You are not stuck in ideas. You are also not stuck in a rigid “flexibility,” an ungrounded state that cannot find anchor or center and cleaves to nothing. You know your center when you’ve found it. For this reason, I can speak strongly to you. Thank you for that.

Thank you for listening; I see you are on the edge of your seat. That’s good because it’s your life we’re talking about here. Even when you are skeptical or the subject doesn’t grip you, you read to the end anyway, because you’ve learned to trust me. You know it will be just for you again very soon and you are watching eagerly for that moment.

What I Plan To Do With Your Attention
The conversation has already been going on. Somehow we entered in the middle of it. Our relationship? We are human beings. Sometimes we are up off the planet observing phenomena in ourselves, each other, other humans, the world; sometimes we are down in the thick of it, immersed in our lives, our points of view, our perspectives. Sometimes taking strong positions, sometimes not so much. We immerse ourselves, then pan out and look at the big picture. We are always deriving value from the comparison between the subjective and the objective.

I tell the truth and tell it often: on myself, on you, on others, on life. You respect me enough to hear it and to select what you need to hear from among the things I say. Sensibly, you discard the rest. You give me the infinite gift of changing your life because of what I’ve said here. I galvanize you; you allow yourself to be galvanized.

I respect you, I know your strength and I’m standing for it. I won’t tolerate you being a wimp. In speaking to you this way I am saying “I know you are already conscious, although sometimes you look asleep. Look at your life and take charge of it. It’s yours—no one else’s.”

Now I see others have joined us here at the fire. That’s ok—they can listen. This is still just between you and me, but if others benefit from it, that is very, very good.

Look at the fire. That fire is the urgency we feel: life is being lived now, here, whether we are paying attention or not! The dancing flame is never the same twice: in every moment comes another chance to change it all. In every moment comes another chance to leap in and shape this life according to our joy. To do that we need to give up resentment and discontent, accept how things are and then find the hope to move.

If you are still reading, then you belong here. You and I are connected, as we always were, as we always will be. This ever-existent connection has lain dormant in the back of our consciousness, waiting to be born in this moment, when you showed up and read to the end of the entry. And this, dear reader, is the beginning of our relationship.

From May of 2009 to November of 2010, Neptune and Chiron are dancing in & out of conjunction with each other.  They came within kissing distance of a conjunction on May 30, 2009 and will again on November 6, 2010.  Their only true (exact) conjunction will be on February 17, 2010, but since they’re close enough for us to feel it here on earth, I thought I’d better let you know what this is about.

While you are in a dream, you find yourself in a beautiful, ancient forest, filled with tangled trees and brush.  You sit quietly, feeling at peace with the world and your place in it.  Among the trees you spy two beings who must be gods because they are larger-than-life and they glow.  You sit very quietly and watch them from behind a tree.
Neptune is a slim woman, dressed in a flowing garment that is always moving.  Sometimes it looks like water, sometimes mist and sometimes clouds.  As you look at her, you can’t quite get a fix on her position, even though your peripheral vision sees that she is there.  It’s like the way some stars are so faint you can’t see them dead-on; you have to look a little to the side.  She is like that.
Chiron is a little more solid.  He is a centaur, standing strong on his four horsy legs while his naked human torso rises proudly from his animal body.  He seems comfortable with his odd self, which makes you feel comfortable too.
The two are having a conversation, which you are able to overhear.

Neptune:  I have always loved this beautiful green place.  I love how it could be on any continent, anywhere on Earth.
Chiron:  Me too.  What do they call this?
Neptune:  It is the Wood Between The Worlds.
(And if you ever read the Narnia books as a child, particularly The Magician’s Nephew, you now know exactly where you are.)
Neptune picks up her skirts, which go green to match the surrounding leaves and she spins, casting off green sparks of living energy.  Then she laughs and sits on the grass, her skirts gathering around her but still ever-moving.  She reaches out her hand into a nearby pool of water and gently touches its surface, smiling meditatively.

Chiron:  What world is in that pool?
Neptune:  It’s the ideal world of that silly little human over there, hiding behind the tree.
You freeze, wondering how she knew.
Chiron:  She’s a goddess, silly!  That’s how she knew.  You can come out now.  We’ve turned down the volume on our divine presence, so you won’t get blasted.  It’s safe.
You slowly come out from behind the tree.  Neptune is beckoning softly.
Neptune:  Why not have a look?
You:  What am I supposed to do?
Neptune:  Sit here beside me.  Meditate and make your mind very still.  Take the armor off your heart and reach way down into your belly for the last moment of real bliss you felt.  Then, when you’ve done all that, put your hand in the water.
You are nervous, but you obey.  Making your mind still turns out to be harder than expected, and removing the heart-armor is hard too.  After you’ve done those things, feeling the bliss is fairly easy and soon you reach out to the pond.
As your hand slips into the water, you become aware of descending into a beautiful landscape.  As you look around you, you notice it’s just like the everyday world you know, except everything is just a bit brighter and warmer.  There are people in this place, and they are happy—really happy, deep down, not just in a phony way.  You see that they are doing what they love to do and somehow it all fits together.  There is no sign here of all the things you hate and fear:  war, poverty, disease, and the rest.  This is a well-functioning world.  Everything is as it should be; everything is perfect.
You are struck by the disparity between the world you long for and the world you live in and you begin to weep.  You realize that you need to bridge this gap in order to make yourself whole.  With that realization, that there IS a way to this beautiful place, your heart breaks open and you can feel sunlight streaming out from it.  Peace descends upon you.
As you come back to yourself, you realize Chiron’s hand is on your shoulder, touching you reassuringly and giving you strength.

Chiron:  Do you know what you must do now?
You:  I have to create that world, on Earth, in my own life.
Chiron:  Yes, exactly.  You are the bridge.
Neptune:  You are the one, the only one who can do it.  Don’t wait for someone else.  Your world is special; everyone must create their own heaven on earth.
Chiron:  And it’s not a burden, not something you must do, but something you get to do.
You:  Woah.
Chiron:  Yeah, “Woah.”  That’s right.
Neptune and Chiron link arms and stroll away through the wood, leaving you to ponder this.  As they walk away, you can still hear their voices, fading but ringing clear through the trees.
Chiron:  Do you think that one knows what it’s going to take?
Neptune:  Nope, there’s absolutely no clue.
Chiron:  It’s probably better that way.

Neptune and Chiron will be doing their dance in the sky from May of 2009 to November of 2010.  They will make 3 passes.  The first and last pass will be inexact but extremely close.  The middle pass will be exact on February 17, 2010.  If you have any planet in your chart between 25 and 27 degrees of fixed signs (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio), you are bound to feel this.

If you want to read other articles about 2009’s triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron & Jupiter, look here on the Trends For The Year 2009 page.

Today’s lunar eclipse places the Moon in Aquarius against the Sun in Leo, pitting the desire for individual self-expression against the group’s need to spread attention out among its members. Mars acts as the Shadow Agent, mediating the Sun’s bid for individual attention with the Moon’s bid on behalf of the group’s needs.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: August 5, 2009
Time of eclipse:
5:55 PM PST
penumbral (weak in intensity)
Visible in:
People in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, western Russia and western Asia will see this eclipse begin. People in Africa, the Middle East, Europe (except extreme north) South America and North America (except northwest) will see it end.
13 degrees Aquarius
Shadow Agent: Mars in Gemini

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you most likely experienced this eclipse:
December 31-January 10
March 31-April 10
July 2-12
October 3-13

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable. A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions. This particular eclipse may bring up emotions relating to the polarity of individual vs. group. The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door. You answer it. Mars is standing there. Funny how he seems to be in motion, even when he’s standing still. He’s a little bit hyper. Behind him stands the Sun, a jolly looking man in a bright orange jacket. And behind the Sun stands the Moon, a mousy woman wearing gray. They all seem to be having an argument between them, which continues as they enter your house.

Mars (to the Moon): Do you have trouble being seen in groups? Do you struggle to get the attention you deserve? Does it make it hard for you to take action?
The Sun (also to the Moon): Some part of you wants to take center stage. You know you do.
The Moon: Yeah, maybe that’s easy for you to say. You’re comfortable receiving attention. But what about all the other people who deserve attention and aren’t getting any? Sometimes it’s important to back off and let someone else get a chance.
Mars: The logical thing to do is to back off sometimes and to start conversations so everyone can be heard. Then there will be room for the individual and the group too. Don’t you see?
The Sun: Mars, you get a little weird when you’re in Gemini. All talk and no action. Where’s your drive, your initiative?
Mars: When I’m in Gemini, I find I have to think before I act. Otherwise I just fritter my energy away in nervous activity that accomplishes nothing.
The Sun: Hrumph. Look, my point is, I’m just not willing to make myself small to make other people comfortable. It’s important to express oneself in life. Individual creativity is crucial to the community.
Mars: Why don’t you shut up and give the Moon a chance to speak?
The Sun: Since you ask directly, instead of covertly, sure, I’ll shut up. Moon, what do you have to say?
The Moon bursts into tears.

Mars: Now you’ve gone and done it. He pats her back awkwardly. There, there—it’s not so bad, is it?
The Moon: I was just thinking of the Star Trek moment when Spock is dying and he says, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few—or the one.”
The Sun: Outrageous! That’s a ridiculous notion, promulgated by a few who want to interfere with self-expression!
Mars (through clenched teeth): Zip it!
The Sun actually becomes noticeably smaller.

The Moon: When one person’s self-expression becomes too large, it takes away from the voices of others. If the individual is willing to diminish himself just a little, so many more perspectives can be heard!
The Sun: But not at the cost of squashing the individual!
The Sun here gets so large that the Moon begins to fade away. Mars places himself between them as the Moon starts to breathe heavily, as if she’s having an asthma attack.

The Sun (to the Moon): Why do you have to be so passive aggressive? All I want is space to be myself.
Mars: You need a little more awareness of your impact on others.
The Sun: I’m not the only one! She needs to get that groups are made up of individuals, all of whom have an impact. And if the individual is stifled out of fear of expressing himself, the group suffers.
Since the argument has turned into a shouting match, you stand on a chair and interrupt.

You: Quiet, everybody!
There’s silence. You actually have their attention.

You: I want to know why you are all here. Why are you arguing in my home?
Mars: Isn’t it obvious? We have a message for you.
You: You do? All of you? Together?
The Sun nods and the Moon stops breathing heavily long enough to nod also.

You: Well, out with it then!
Mars: It’s that you need to let your creativity be guided by what the group actually needs. Are you giving what you want to give, what will feed your ego rather than what will serve the collective best? Let go of the need to stand out from the crowd. Instead, allow yourself to be embraced by your networks of like-minded people, let your soul find a home and a purpose there. Serving that will fill a place in you that ego never could.
The Sun: Hmm, now there’s some food for thought.
The Moon actually breaks into a smile. The three of them leave quietly, while you meditate on their messag

For more about this year’s eclipses, see this:
2009 Eclipses and their Shadow Agents

Details About This Eclipse

eclipse art by Kristin PlescowDate:  July 21, 2009
Time of eclipse:
7:35 PM PST
Visible in:
  northern India, eastern Nepal, southern China, in cities like Delhi, Calcutta, Kathmandu and Shanghai.
  29 degrees Cancer
Shadow Agent

This eclipse falls in the sign of Cancer, which means it shows us our shadow in the area of emotions, feelings and our inner life.  The funny thing is, this is a solar eclipse, so it’s marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is mostly experienced internally).  So during this eclipse our inner life may be symbolized in the outside world by a physical event.  The eclipse may also stimulate events in Cancerian arenas, such as family (meaning both the family you grow up with and the family you create as an adult), the home or private sphere and one’s emotional life.  The eclipse is total, so it is likely to have a stronger effect on those it touches than the other 5 eclipses this year.  The Shadow Agent for this eclipse is Uranus, acting gently by a harmonious trine.

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Uranus is standing there.  He’s a funny-looking guy, a little cross-eyed, wearing a beanie cap.
You:  I’ve seen you before.
Uranus:  I tend to bring the unexpected.
You:  Uh, yeah, I’ve noticed that.
Uranus:  Don’t worry, I’m acting by trine today, so this won’t be so bad.
He sweeps past you into the house and starts rearranging your furniture.  You’re amazed and more than a little taken aback. When he moves the sofa to a totally different spot, you interrupt.
You:  Hey—I liked that there!
Uranus:  You’d gotten too stuck in your ways.  This will be better.  Trust me.
You fall silent and watch.  In a few swift moves, suddenly he has made everything different.  You sit on the newly-placed sofa and notice that things look very different from this new angle.  They feel different too.  There’s a freshness and you don’t really know what it all means.
Uranus:  You have more space now.
You:  More of something, but I’m not sure what.
Uranus:  That should come clear within a few days.
You:  I’m going to have to get used to this.
Uranus:  Yep.  Sometimes people don’t know what they need until it happens.
You (still in shock):  I can’t tell if this is bad or not.
Uranus:  Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.  You decide.
He tips his silly hat and goes.

Art by Kristin Plescow.

For more about this year’s eclipses, see this:
2009 Eclipses and their Shadow Agents

Mercury’s epiphany day is here—have you had your epiphany yet?

If you’ve read my blog much, you probably know by now that Mercury moves in cycles lasting four months, or three cycles a year.  Mercury moves retrograde (or backwards) for about three weeks of that cycle, and forward for the rest.  Twice during each cycle, Mercury crosses (conjuncts) the Sun, once while both are moving forward (but Mercury is faster than the Sun), the other while the Sun continues forward but Mercury is moving backward.  Those days when Mercury conjuncts the Sun are days of epiphany.

The Sun, by the way, is always moving forward, never backward.  If an astrologer ever tells you that you have the Sun retrograde, they are pulling your leg.

The Mercury cycle is great for working on projects.  Using the natural flow of the Mercury cycle can be like getting on a ride that helps your project get done. When Mercury is direct, as it is now, great forward progress can be made.

Today is July 13, 2009.  Mercury is now moving forward, and crosses the Sun this evening around 7:18 PM Pacific time:  today is Epiphany Day. Now is the time to bring your project to a culmination–the atmosphere is ripe for a peak of office energy and efficiency.  Maybe you’ve had your moment of clarity already; maybe there is more to come.  Look for and make use of it!

In the upcoming weeks, Mercury will continue moving forward, but will begin to slow down by the end of August, preparing to go retrograde in its usual way.  At that time, the office energy will be winding down and preparing to hibernate.  So get everything done that you can now, while it’s easy and the astrological weather supports progress.

Today’s post is in honor of the Sun’s passage through Cancer (ruled by the Moon) and all the Cancerians out there.  Here I’ll be describing why and how to nurture yourself according to your Moon. If you don’t know your Moon sign, you can make your own chart on Astro.com to find out.

The Moon in a chart is connected with a person’s emotional life.  It is like the small, tender inner child in all of us, which is there inside even the most toughened adult.  If you want to re-parent yourself, you need look no farther than your Moon to find out what is needed to do that.  Your Moon Sign describes what you need to feel safe, secure and well taken-care-of.  It also tells you how to access your intuition and which bad, security-based behaviors to beware of.  What does this mean for you personally?

If You Have. . .

Moon in Aries
You need honesty and directness, both in yourself and from others you can trust. You need to be able to be your real self, without apology or pretense. You also need to be in touch with your gut, so right action is your path to intuition. Beware of acting too impulsively and then defending yourself with a fiery blast when others attempt to correct your course. Believe me, they have no idea how sensitive you are under the bluster.

Moon in Taurus
For you, emotional safety is linked to physical safety. Filling your bank account & your fridge goes a long way toward reducing anxiety but beware of using food or shopping for comfort. Your body is the key to your intuition, as long as you are eating right for your body type, not indulging in bad foods or purging with bad diets. Put good habits in place because you are likely to maintain (set & forget) them. Gardening & cooking soothe you.

Moon in Gemini
You love stimulation. You probably read in bed, to comfort yourself so you can sleep.  You have little tolerance for people who won’t talk with you and the “cold shoulder” affects you greatly. Watch out that your nervous energy may make you a chatterbox—sometimes you’ll need to slow down and just feel a thing without putting it into words.  Soothe your soul by keeping a journal, where your inner conversation can thrive.

Moon in Cancer
You are a very sensitive soul with a strong tendency to give nurturance & care to others.   Be careful not to drown them in affection and attention and also to avoid hidden contracts where you are giving in expectation of repayment in kind. Not everyone is as capable of giving endlessly as you are. If you’re unhappy with your childhood, become the parent  that you wish you’d had. Soothe your heart with frequent trips to large bodies of water.

Moon in Leo
Attention is the key to your soul. When others pay attention to you, your heart feels nurtured and fed, when you are ignored or not noticed, it cuts you deeply. Remember that your creativity is your own, not dependent on whether others see it or not. Your best intuitive compass is to follow things that make you expand and avoid things that make you contract. To soothe yourself, stare into a candle flame or a campfire.

Moon in Virgo
You have a deep sensitivity to order in your environment and it’s important for you to take charge and create order in all the ways that have meaning for you, instead of giving up and surrendering to entropy, which depresses you no end. Nothing satisfies you like a clean, fresh area, ready for use, so make that happen on a regular basis. Try not to impose your standards on others because they may not care about these things as you do.

Moon in Libra
Fairness is one of the most important things in your world and you can become quite paralyzed when you feel discriminated against. This being said, you must not wait for the world to deliver what you deserve—you must go out and get it. You’re a relater, so get into partnerships (business and personal) because your intuition is founded in how other people’s ideas make you feel. The feel of air moving across your skin is soothing.

Moon in Scorpio
It’s hard to imagine a more passionate or sensitive soul than you. Once a Moon in Scorpio person learns that gaining control of their circumstances can lead to a feeling of safety, they soon discover that no amount of control is enough. You’ll have to give it up, but be judicious about where you give up control and surround yourself with people you love and trust. As with Cancer & Pisces, make periodic visits to large bodies of water.

Moon in Sagittarius
The thing you need above all else is freedom and the room to expand.  Live in a home with high ceilings and lots of light and air.  Or live in a tiny, well-ordered place that you can carry with you, like a turtle.  This is my way of saying that travel soothes your soul, so get out into the world and explore it! Play early and often. Your adventurous soul needs scope, not rope, and tying you down creates a very sad & sorry Tigger.

Moon in Capricorn
What really makes you feel secure is to be recognized for your achievements, because you’re convinced, deep down, that nothing you do is ever enough. Other people sometimes need to beat compliments into you. Absorb praise, take it in and remember to create an inner praising voice loud enough to sometimes drown out the inner judging voice. When you need soothing, go sit with the most ancient tree you can find.

Moon in Aquarius

Friendship is the highest value you hold and so it may be hard to understand why sometimes people would want more from you than that. Go ahead & prize your intelligence, but don’t let it get in the way of connecting with others. Wear your geek badge as an attractant, not armor. Be warm and really connect with people emotionally, rather than intellectually, and this will give you the social contact your soul needs.

Moon in Pisces
Perhaps the most important need you have is for dreamtime:  meditation, visualization, prayer, whatever you call it, it means time to let your imagination run free. When you are feeling escapist, this is what you’re longing for. Set up ways to get it that don’t damage your body or your focus and you’ll be in good shape. Hang around people that feel right, because you are your moral compass. And remember to visit those large bodies of water.

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(Note to educators: In the following article, I use astrology to present a non-pathologizing view of differences in learning style among individuals. I hope you find it useful.)

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is the part of your chart that tells what your learning style is.  If you know what element your Mercury is in, you can get some marvelous clues to using your learning style to your advantage, so you can learn faster and more thoroughly.  Obviously no one part of the chart can tell us everything about a person and so your Mercury sign cannot encompass all of you any more than your Sun sign can.  Keeping in mind that you are a vast being of which your Mercury sign & element are just one small (if important) part, let’s examine this interesting planet and its influence on you and your learning style. And if you don’t know what sign Mercury occupies in your chart, you can use Astro.com to make your own chart and find out.

When you have Mercury in the Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), you learn by pratfall and adventure.  Fire is spontaneous and action-oriented—you need the freedom to just try stuff and be ok with failing.  You need to apply what you learned right away, so you can really take it in.  Mercury in fire has a visual learning style and will do best when presented with the big picture first and the details later—in fact, the details will make no sense to you without the big picture to contextualize them and you won’t be able to retain them without it.  You’ll also learn best if you can put your own creative stamp on the project, infusing it with your own personality.  Fire signs enjoy being seen and showing off, so doing a presentation to the group about what you’ve learned can be a way of cementing your understanding of what you’ve learned.

Mercury in the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) learns best by doing. Mercury/Earth is a kinesthetic learner.  If this is you, you’ll do best when you can proceed slowly and deliberately and learn in a deep, thorough way.  Other types (especially Air) may have grasped the material while you can end the course feeling that there’s still so much to learn and that the class only scratched the surface.  Earth also does well when presented with a pre-created structure, a conceptual set of bins or a toolbox, into which the new ideas can fit.  When presented with the structure first, you Earth types learn eagerly, because you’re enjoying getting cool tools that go into the toolbox.  Mercury/Earth types like learning things that have a real use and will retain information best when shown how to apply it.  Useless ideas are . . . useless.

Mercury in Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) types love ideas for their own sake.  If this is you, you’ll embrace theories and have a love of the pure, pristine quality of a beautiful idea more than you have interest in applying it.  You’ll grasp ideas quickly and you’ll like to keep moving, so you tend to skate over the surface while a subject’s depths may not capture your quick-moving mind.  Mercury/Air types like to learn the abstract notion behind a thing before thinking through its applications.  Since the Air learning style leans toward auditory, you learn well from lectures, often grasping and retaining lesson material the first time it is delivered, without even taking notes (which is especially frustrating to Earth types, who can take notes religiously and Fire or Water types whose note-taking can be atrocious).  Mercury/Air types are avid readers and often go on learning far beyond school, because they naturally love information and the written word.

If you have Mercury in the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you are an emotive learning type.  You learn by feeling your way along.  Your style is intuitive and you are capable of making great leaps and grasping material instantaneously or sometimes not at all.  You may have muddled around in your childhood for years before figuring out how you work as a learner, especially if your childhood home was a turbulent one.  You need to keep your emotions clear in order to absorb and remember new material and on days when you are upset, learning may feel impossible.  If you were lucky enough to come from a stable, loving family, you probably did well in school, even though you often can’t explain how you got to the conclusions you reached.  The teachers you had the most emotional affinity with were your best ones and their fond indulgence of you may have led to some of the best learning of your life.  You learn from what others feel and you’re sensitive to teachers’ emotional states and can be suspicious and resistant to learning from teachers who put off a different vibe than they say they do or who want you to do as they say, not as they do.  Having to shut off or ignore emotions while learning cripples you and slows you down, sometimes stopping you entirely.

The Types Compared
Most education and schoolwork is oriented toward Air-style learning, so those able to learn by listening to lectures and doing writing assignments and reading books do well.  Teachers love them, not least because such students are a pleasure to teach and make a teacher look good.  The other types, especially Water, do not do well and often are viewed by teachers as slow or obstructive, which is sad, because it’s not a matter of intelligence, but of style.

Earth can succeed in the standard system through sheer diligence.  By persisting and exercising a little ambition, Mercury/Earth types can rise to the top of the class.  Mercury/Water types can go to either extreme—sheer brilliance or sheer failure.  Their natural tendency is to hang back and absorb slowly, learning best from teachers they have an emotional affinity with.  An unfortunate student-teacher chemistry can lead to disaster and throw off a Water child’s whole academic career.  Mercury/Fire types can also go to extremes, but they tend to be so charismatic and enthusiastic about the subjects they are interested in that the extra attention they put in at those times makes up for the horsing around at times when they are bored.  When a Fire child is bored, the best thing the teacher can do is to give them a wacky, challenging assignment, especially one that puts them in the spotlight—then they will scramble to look good.

For Teachers:
If you are a teacher and able to find out something about the Mercury position of your students, this can help you teach them the way they need to learn.  Even if you can’t get details of your students’ charts, identifying the types I’ve described and responding to them as suggested can help you more effectively teach the variety of styles you’re likely to encounter.  And if you teach large classes as if all four types were represented, you can let your students self-select the way they want to learn and more of them will succeed.

A really fine teacher can adjust or supplement their style to accommodate all types of learners and then students do not have to come away feeling stupid or wrong for learning the nonstandard way.  Just being able to validate all 4 styles and work with them goes a long way toward awakening in a child the passion for learning.  If you can avoid being the kind of teacher who presses your own style on students as if it’s the one right way, you will have done a very fine thing.  Simply acknowledging that there are different styles, each of which is valid, helps marginalized learners feel good about the way they learn and better able to use their style instead of being a victim of it.

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As you may know, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter have met in the sky this month.  This triple conjunction is a powerhouse of meaning.  In my previous post I talked about what it means that Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter are in Aquarius.  That was a follow-up to my first post in this series, which talked about the meanings of these planets in themselves.  What follows is the third of the 3 posts and should serve to bring it all together.

What Do These Planets Want From You?
They want you to dream a big dream of community and togetherness.  They call for you to heal your community and yourself by taking up your full space in your public social arena and being visible.  They say there’s some part of you that you’ve been hiding, some place in you that feels split and has kept you participating only halfway in some communities.  They say that if you connect those communities you will not only make yourself whole but also make room for others who may have felt marginalized to express themselves.  They say that community can be a spiritual experience.

They say you should trust your intuition and they add that this time is a special opening in human consciousness—people are looking for answers.  People are disillusioned but ready to dream again.  People know that it all needs to be redreamed.  These 3 planets are telling you it’s time to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

Here’s some conversation overheard among Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter:
Neptune:  The human family seems to have become splintered.  I think they forgot how to love and accept each other.
Jupiter:  I’ve noticed that some human beings keep themselves pretty small in their lives.
Chiron:  Yeah.  I think it’s because they forgot their own power, maybe got caught up in their own broken places.
Neptune:  Everyone has broken places.  That’s what makes life so interesting.  That no one is perfect makes it all so . . . perfect.
Chiron:  Neptune, you’re full of paradox, aren’t you?
Neptune:  That I am.
Chiron:  I suspect that if people dove right into the most painful places, they would find the ways we are all connected.  Then they could stop isolating themselves and rejoin the human family.
Jupiter:  No one is an island, eh?  I subscribe to that belief.
Neptune:  Me too.  But it sounds uncomfortable.  A person would probably have to feel deeper alienation before the healing happened.
Chiron:  True.
Jupiter:  Do you think humanity is ready for that?
Chiron:  I’m not sure.  But I’ve noticed some pretty big dreamers among them.  Those few could open up the way to a wonderful new world.
Jupiter:  And there are a few crazies who are ready to hope again.
Neptune:  Let’s blast the planet with some cosmic energy & see what happens!
Chiron:  What will that do?
Neptune:  I’ll send each human being a beautiful vision of their ideal community. . .
Jupiter:  I’ll give each person the confidence to do something about that vision. . .
Chiron:  And I’ll break each person’s heart just a little, so there is a crack in the armor for the love to seep in by.
Jupiter:  Ok, let’s do it!
They huddle up and form a giant blast of energy, which they release at Earth.  Poof!  Green and gold sparkles everywhere.
Neptune:  Nice!
Jupiter:  Now let’s go get coffee.
Off they trot, arm in arm in arm.

What will the results of this triple conjunction be?  Only time will tell over the years to come.

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“The needs of the many outweigh needs of the few—or the one.”  -Spock

In my previous post I introduced the 3 characters in the present Triple conjunction in Aquarius:  Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune.  In this post I’ll talk about what it means that they are in Aquarius (see more posts on the nature of Aquarius here).

Aquarius Is About Change
This sign is associated with breakthrough, change and experimentation.  Aquarius is radical, progressive and drawn toward the cutting edge.  This Fixed Air sign loves ideas and abstract thought—a well-thought-out idea is valued for its own sake.  Aquarius is associated with breakthrough thinking and paradigm-shifting, giving access to the “Eureka!” experience—that moment of insight when the light bulb goes off over your head.

Aquarius Is About Science and Technology
Aquarius (and its ruler, Uranus) is the Scientist (sometimes the Mad Scientist!), the Brilliant One, the Nerd.  This sign is experimental, loving to step back and look at things objectively.  Aquarius is cool and collected, intellectual and logical.  Uranus rules electricity and networks and Aquarius loves the rapid changes and developments in the computer field.  Having to keep current with computer and software updates is a joy to Aquarius.  This sign is fascinated with all things scientific and technological.

Aquarius Is About Community and Networks
Let’s face it, Aquarius loves people—but at a distance.  Aquarius is the Humanitarian. the Social Activist, sometimes even the Scapegoat—willing to take the hit for the progress of the team. This is the sign of the Rebel or Revolutionary, the one who overthrows the King (Leo, Aquarius’ polar opposite) and decentralizes power, bringing it to the people.  But Aquarius has difficulty getting intimate with actual individuals in real time.  Connecting a little with a lot of people while keeping them at a cool distance is much more comfortable for this ultra-gregarious sign.

The Aquarian Dark Side
It’s easy to see how this sign, while associated with beautiful themes, can also go too far.  Aquarius can be overly analytical, cold, emotionally detached, preferring hard logic over feelings or even inhuman to the point of being a sociopath who does not feel a part of the rest of humanity.  Embracing social change can go too far, resulting in a radical who wants overthrow of the current order regardless of consequences or a social changer who wants their group’s agenda forwarded with no regard for the cost to others.  Aquarius is prone to groupthink, to loss of individualism within the group-mind.

What It Looks Like When Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter Act In Your Life Through The Medium Of Aquarius
Neptune, the Spiritual Awakener, acting through Aquarius will bring you into contact with groups of people for the purpose of spiritual growth.  Neptune in Aquarius says:  “I am the spinner of dreams and fantasies.  In Aquarius I’m dreaming of ideal communities, places where people can come together and feel a sense of universal connectedness in humanitarian causes.  Some of the visions I dream up may not work in material reality and may lead to disappointment, but I’ll dream them anyway.”  Neptune’s dark side expressed through Aquarius can bring you into contact with groups of deluded people who together subscribe to a shared point of view that alienates them from the rest of humanity, instead of connecting them to it.  This is the sort of place people end up when they crave acceptance and will do anything (or believe anything) to get it.

When Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in Aquarius, the time is ripe for healing past experiences of groups.  Chiron in Aquarius says:  “I’m going to get you into situations where you feel like an outsider so you can deal with the sense of alienation and rejoin the human family.  I’ll also bring opportunities for joining groups that give you a sense of community in areas of your life where you may have not thought it possible.  If ultimately you come to the understanding that we’re all in this together, my work will be well done.”  The dark side of Chiron in Aquarius is the witch hunt, a situation where one person is cast out, misunderstood and the group is pitted against them.  A witch hunt is hard to distinguish from a intervention, where a group gathers to show an individual his own shadow, because they love him and want him to stop some destructive behavior.  Whether a situation is a witch hunt or an intervention often depends on your perspective and whether or not you take a victim stance.  It is possible to endure something you may at first call a witch hunt and ultimately to respond to it in a way that make you more whole, not more broken.

And last, but definitely not least, Jupiter in Aquarius will create opportunities for playful, growthful and expansive group experiences.  Jupiter says, “Go do a workshop, because your personal growth will go better with other people around.  Throw a party and have fun with like-minded folks.  Gain confidence in your ability to hang out and take up space with lots of people around.  Expand your social network and enjoy all the varieties of people you’ll meet.”  Jupiter’s Aquarian shadow side has to do with grabbing the group spotlight and puffing oneself up to be bigger than others.  Jupiter in Aquarius secretly thinks, “of course everyone is equal—but some are more equal than others,” and sees himself and his contribution to the group as superior.  This attitude can be leavened with a little humbleness to bring Jupiter back onto a level with his peers.

What is the mission of the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction?  How can we use it to make our lives better?  Tomorrow I’ll finish up this 3-post series by bringing it all together.  And maybe we’ll overhear a dialogue among these 3 planets.

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Here at the end of May of 2009 there is a momentous and extremely rare triple conjunction of Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter in 26 degrees of Aquarius.  This conjunction provides an unprecedented opportunity to re-experience your place in the human family in ways that bring growth and healing.  To understand what that means, we start by looking at what each of these archetypes is about, so let me introduce you to Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter . . .

Here’s Neptune.  Think of Neptune as the Dreamer or the Visionary.  She’s wearing a long, flowing dress that shimmers.  You look carefully, but you can’t tell whether it is made of stars, water or wind.  She is beyond lovely so that it actually hurts your heart to look at her.  She gazes at you with compassion, and restrains herself from showing you her full glory because she knows no mortal could take it.  Although her mouth doesn’t move, you hear her voice anyway, as if it’s coming from everywhere and nowhere at once.

She says:  “I am the weaver of dreams.  I bring you beautiful visions of what could be.  My gift is longing. Once you have seen my visions, you will be caught in the place between wanting and having because my visions are always of things that are to be or could be but are not now.  That is their nature.  A vision is a beacon.  It is not for having—it is for filling your heart with courage to pursue its beauty.

Next comes Chiron.  He’s a centaur, a strange creature who is half beast and half god.  You feel discomfort as you look at him, because you recognize his divinity but his beastliness is unattractive and it seems impossible the two could be blended in one being.  He’s a reminder that to be human is to be an uneasy union of the beastly and the divine, and that our job as human beings is to bridge gaps and make ourselves whole.

Chiron says:  “I’m the wounded healer.  I bring you an experience of irreconcilable differences, a duality within yourself so profound that it splits you in two.  Your job is to bridge those disconnected worlds within yourself and your life and thus to make yourself whole.  Wholeness can only come from accepting and truly healing the break between the side you judge beastly and the side you judge divine.  My work is shadow work and the wholeness that arises from it is my gift.”

And finally, Jupiter appears.  He’s a large, jolly fellow dressed in a flamboyant, flowing cloak in bright, fiery colors.  His coat swirls when he moves, lending grace to his large frame.  He is the Sage, the Storyteller, the Explorer and the Seeker, always on a quest.  His voice is just a little too loud for comfort, but it feels so good to be around him that you don’t really care.

Jupiter bellows:  “You must grow and expand!  Get out and try new things!  Life is an adventure!  You are capable of greatness—you owe it to yourself and others to pursue that greatness.”  While your mouth is hanging open at the sheer force of personality emanating from this deity, he deftly pours a liquid down your throat from a flask he wears.  Suddenly you are filled with exhilaration and confidence and the certainty that you can do anything you set your mind to.  “There you go—that’s my gift,” chuckles Jupiter.

These 3 deities have much to say to each other during their triple conjunction, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  This post is post 1 of 3 coming up this week.  In my next post, I’ll talk about what it means that these 3 are in the sign of Aquarius.

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Mercury retrograde epiphany day is here—have you had your epiphany yet?

If you’ve read my blog much, you probably know by now that Mercury moves in cycles lasting four months, or three cycles a year.  Mercury moves retrograde (or backwards) for about three weeks of that cycle, and forward for the rest.  Twice during each cycle, Mercury crosses (conjuncts) the Sun, once while both are moving forward, the other while the Sun continues forward but Mercury is moving backward.  Those days when Mercury conjuncts the Sun are days of epiphany.

The Sun, by the way, is always moving forward, never backward.  If an astrologer ever tells you that you have the Sun retrograde, they are pulling your leg.

The Mercury cycle is great for working on projects.  It is a cycle of nature that has a flow that is good for various parts of a project; using the Mercury cycle can be like getting on a ride that helps your project get done.  Mercury’s retrograde period is a reflective period, during which it’s best to slow down and meditate on your project or do research, but to not expect to meet deadline or sign contracts.  It’s also a good time for cleaning up a project in anticipation of beginning a new one.  During Mercury retrograde, deep thought builds up pressure and insights can break through in the right timing.  The day Mercury conjuncts the Sun is a day when clarity has a good chance of descending on those who are watching for it.

Today is May 18, 2009.  Mercury is now retrograde, and crossed the Sun this morning around 3 am Pacific time:  today is Epiphany Day.  Maybe you’ve had your moment of clarity already; maybe there is more to come.  Ruminate on it, let it all come together in your mind.  Let the wave break and carry you to the end of the Mercury retrograde period and the fruition of your project.

As my readers well know, Mercury goes retrograde every 4 months for a period of about 3 weeks, sowing disorder most times it does so.  Here are some brief tips on how to handle things at your desk while the silver-tongued rascal is doing his backward jaunt:

  • Expect interruptions. Prepare for them by cleaning up your desk and your to-do lists whenever you have the opportunity to do so.  And when those interruptions come if you are already expecting them they don’t need to surprise you and knock you off-center.
  • Don’t panic. Panic makes everything worse and nothing better.
  • Hold your center. And when you lose hold of it (as will inevitably happen), return to it as soon as you can.  If you don’t know what it feels like to be centered, you can learn that from a martial art or meditation practice.
  • Ask yourself if this interruption is a true emergency.  Does it really need handling now?  Might it go away if ignored?  Can someone else handle it?  Develop a clear sense of what is (and what is not) truly urgent.
  • Clean up as you go. Regard any task as finished only after it has also been cleaned up and your desk surface is once again empty.
  • Close attention loops. When doing deskwork, it is normal to be interrupted in the middle of something you are doing.  You then have to finish Thing 2 in order to go back to, and finish, Thing 1.  During Mercury retrograde these attention loops can multiply until you suddenly find yourself inside the 6th nesting open loop, dying to finish it and get back to loops 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.  Focus on closing loops as soon as possible and making interruptions wait until you don’t need to interrupt yourself to handle them.
  • Screen calls and don’t answer the phone unless you can really connect with the person on the other end.  Keep your tone of voice warm and relaxed.  If you can’t be warm and friendly, let the call go to voicemail and return it when you can be that way.
  • Stop to share love with those most important to you.  A five-minute concentrated petting session with your cat/dog, loving conversation with your partner or spouse or rough-and-tumble play with your child can save you hours of screaming anguish/recrimination/reproaches later.  End those loving interactions with the promise of more later–then keep that promise.
  • Take opportunities to clean up the past. During Mercury retrograde it is highly likely that some old past communication, miscommunication or noncommunication will come back to haunt you.  Recognize it when it arrives on your doorstep.  Do your best to handle it in a loving way, to yourself and the other person.
  • Forgive yourself if you fail at any of these suggestions.  Then get back into your center and try again.

Good luck!  For more about the current Mercury retrograde period, look here.

My previous post was about how Sagittarians got to be so lucky—and how you can too, whether you’re a Sag or not.  Here are some more Sagittarian luck-generating habits:

Sagittarians are hopeful.  They are naturally optimistic and are willing to invest hope in possibilities.  They see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty.  Sometimes a Sagittarian will even point out that the glass is always entirely full, regardless of how much water is in it, because if it were truly empty, it would contain a vacuum and collapse in on itself.

Sagittarians expect good things to happen, but they are not attached.  This is because Jupiter’s children understand that opportunities come and go and they instinctively trust that today’s opportunity will be replaced by a fresh one—or two—tomorrow.  They are used to a constant flow of possibilities, like a siphon of goodness.  This lack of attachment is the heart of Jupiter’s gift, and it is the thing that makes the siphon go.  Everyone knows desperation is unattractive, and that grasping, miserly behavior does not inspire generosity in others.

Sagittarians look for the deeper meaning behind things.  They are constantly on the hunt for the principles behind the ways things work in the world.  They feel that once these principles are grasped and lived by, that their life will flow.  Sagittarians can find the design of life in a number of ways:  religious experience, exploration of philosophy, higher education, personal growth, or by throwing themselves into a variety of cultures in order to apprehend what is human behind the differences.

Sagittarians assume that the intentions of others are good.  In part they assume this because their own intentions are good and they project this intention onto others.  This can sometimes get them into trouble and lead to being taken advantage of, but a happy-go-lucky, trusting Jupiter person will slide out of trouble as fast as they got in because they are non-confrontational.  Instead of meeting aggression with more aggression, they tend to evade and lighten up any potentially dangerous situation with humor and can win enemies over with a well-timed and well-aimed joke.

With all the luck and abundance that surrounds Sagittarius, you’d think all Sagittarians would be wealthy, wouldn’t you?  But not necessarily.  Sags (pronounce that “Sadges”) are not so much wealthy in money as they are wealthy in monetary flow.  This is because Jupiter’s people tend to have such faith that they can create what they need when they need it, that for them, money and goods are “easy come, easy go.”  Many Sags would rather live on the financial edge than carry dead weight (money that’s not in motion).  They are spenders, not savers (this drives the Taureans and Cancers of the world crazy).  Some Sags experience themselves not as a receptacle for things and money, but as a space through which things and money tend to move, a living stream of resources.  They have gotten what they needed when they needed it so often that they have become unattached to having things around when they are not needed.  A Sag will give you their last dime today because they know someone else will offer them one tomorrow.  And they don’t just believe it—they know it.

So how can you be a lucky Sagittarian? There’s a simple feedback loop that Jupiter people participate in:  be generous in giving, be appreciative in receiving. You can jump into that loop anywhere and start the process going.
Have trouble asking others for help? Decide it’s ok to make yourself vulnerable and ask—despite the discomfort.
Feeling too poor to give? Find something you are rich in (time, friends, information, attention, praise, wisdom, books, social contacts) and give that. You are starting the siphon.
Can’t imagine good things coming your way? Decide to hope, to take the risk of believing that what you want is possible and watch resources pop up right in front of you.

Sagittarius is sounding pretty good, isn’t it?  But every sign has a shadow side and in my next blogpost, I’ll list a few things every Sag should look out for.

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