The Wise Capricorn’s 5-Part Formula For Success

capricornRumor has it that Capricorn (Dec 21-Jan 19) is the most hard-working, ambitious and successful of the zodiac signs.  This sign is famous for populating corner offices and millionaire mastermind groups everywhere.  But exactly how does Capricorn get to the top?  And how can you, regardless of how much Capricorn you’ve got in your chart, do it too?

1. Eyes on the prize.  Figure out what you want to accomplish and start focusing on it every day.  Always be thinking of the future fruition of your accomplishment.  Goals are like steroids for Capricorn—they motivate you.  If the goal is too big or too unrealistic, you’ll know it, because it depresses, rather than enlivens you.  Trim the goal until you feel excited just thinking about it—that’s how you’ll know it’s the right size for you right now.  Which brings us to . . .

1. Take a practical approach.  Dreaming is one thing, but doing is another.  Capricorn understands the need for a concrete plan with achievable goals and realistic deadlines by which to accomplish those goals.  A Cap without a plan is a sad-and-sorry, going-nowhere Cap.  Write your goals down and really flesh them out.  How long will it take to achieve them?  What tasks are needed to accomplish the goal and how much time is necessary to make it happen?

3. Be your own worst critic—and your own best cheerleader.  For Cap, being your own worst critic is the easy part—every Capricorn has a well developed Inner Judge, a voice inside that’s always ready to criticize, test and deliver a well-timed reality check.  Like a slave-driver, this voice eggs you on by putting your attention on what you’ve not yet accomplished.  The trick is to create an equally loud opposing voice—your Inner Cheerleader.  This voice reminds you of all you have accomplished and tells you how far you’ve come.  Without this balance, you’ll drive yourself into the ground in despair, because goals are there to be achieved.  Capricorn lives in the space between setting goals and achieving them—once a goal is achieved, it goes away and is replaced by a new, not-yet-achieved goal.  That’s just the nature of the beast.

4. Relax into your competency.  Relaxing is not something that comes easily to Capricorn, but every successful Cap comes to realize at some point in their career development process that a certain level of competency has been achieved—and when that happens, watch out!  On the day you wake up and realize that you are actually good at what you do, the Capricorn in you is motivated and empowered.  Reward yourself immediately (remember the Cheerleader!) and plan how you’re going to exercise your competency.

5. Face your greatest fear—your greatest triumph is inside it, waiting to be released.  They are one and the same.  And while on your success path, when you feel fear, thank your ruling planet Saturn, and then run headlong into that fear.  You will find your triumph inside, like a vein of gold that was waiting for you to mine it.

You don’t have to be a Capricorn to benefit from this wisdom—everybody’s got a little Cap in them and these principles of success can help you get on track and stay there.

More good stuff about your ruling planet, Saturn. . .

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