A Thunderstorm of Tears: October 2013’s Lunar Eclipse

What to do when emotions get too hot?  Jupiter in Cancer has the solution to this month’s Lunar Eclipse, happening on the Full Moon in Aries.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: October 18, 2013
Time of eclipse: 4:38 PM PST
Type: penumbral (weak in intensity)
Visible in:  Eastern Canada, Europe, Africa
At: 25 degrees Aries
Shadow Agent:  Jupiter in Cancer

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
October 13-23
January 10-20
April 10-20
July 12-23

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door.  You answer it.  Lying down in the door-frame is the Sun in Libra, weeping a little, while the bright red Moon in Aries walks over him and into your living room.  
You:  What on earth are you doing?  You could hurt him!
You help the Sun to his feet, where he totters uncertainly.
Moon:  For once, I’m stronger than he is!  So there!
Sun:  I’ll be eclipsing you shortly.
Moon:  You mean the Earth will be eclipsing me.  Sure.  But until that happens, you’ll have to deal with ME!
Sun:  It’s true I don’t do well in Libra.  I feel weakened.  I want to please everybody else before myself.
Moon:  While I have the opposite problem in Aries!  I want my own way and that’s all.  Don’t care who I have to step on.
Sun:  Can’t we do something a little more fair please?
Moon:  Don’t even think about crossing me—I’ll burn your eyebrows off.
Just then the door opens again and Jupiter walks in.  He’s a large guy in a blue costume of some soft fabric that shimmers gently.  
Jupiter:  Am I the only one around here in a sign I like?  (checks)  Oh yeah—I am.  I’m afraid I can’t help but feel self-satisfied about that.
You:  I’ll bet you do.
Jupiter:  But I am here for a reason.  This eclipse that’s coming.  I have a solution.
You:  What’s that?
Jupiter:  A storm of tears.
You:  What?
Jupiter:  Like this.
While you’ve been talking with Jupiter, the Sun and Moon have been moving in a circle, stalking each other.  The Moon is beginning to dim.    
Moon:  I’m not happy about this eclipse thing.  Just letting you know.  (getting louder)  This is really not ok!  I’m getting mad now!  I really am!
Jupiter:  She’s gonna blow any minute—
Sun:  (backing up)  Yikes!
The Moon suddenly turns a dark, angry red.  Jupiter pulls a magic wand out of his voluminous sleeve—
You:  Really, Jupiter?  A magic wand?
Jupiter:  Yup.  I’m a god, after all.
He waves it and a small thundercloud appears in your living room, right over the Moon’s head.  The Sun claps his hands in glee.
Jupiter:  (cheerfully)  Don’t worry—this will pass soon.
A couple of spikes of lightening hit the Moon, then the thundercloud opens up and pours rain on her head.
Moon:  (madder than ever)  Blub-blub-blub—
Jupiter:  Just watch. . .
As the rain pours down on the Moon, she begins to relax and her color changes from dark red to her usual soft blue.  As the burst of rain is slowing down to a gentle drip, she smiles.
Moon:  Ah, I feel so much better!  I just needed a little outburst.  No hard feelings, Sun?
Sun:  (gallantly extending his hand)  None at all.
They shake on it.  Then they link arms and walk out the door together in step.  Jupiter follows.
You:  But wait—what about this mess?
You point to the giant puddle on the floor.
Jupiter:  After an eclipse, there will be some mess to clean up.  It could be worse.  See you later!

Read about other eclipses this year.

If you’re feeling this eclipse
and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans listed above,

contact Jamie for a reading.

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