It’s May of 2017 and this month Saturn will trine Uranus for the second pass of three. Yes, we are in times of change and of extremes, but when Saturn trines Uranus in the sky, those extremes can be smoothed out. Early in the 20-teens Pluto squared Uranus, which brought changes the like of which we haven’t seen since the 1960’s, when those two formed a conjunction. We’re still reverberating with these radical changes but now that Uranus is trining Saturn (instead of squaring Pluto) change can come with less violence and it can flow more naturally from tradition.

Sometimes you can get a feel for a transit by noticing how it manifests in human personality. In a natal chart this signifies the ability to change the system from within because of an ability to respect the ways that came before, while also introducing the new. Individuals with this placement in their natal chart can accomplish much in their lifetime because they approach innovation with a healthy respect for authority. But such individuals can also be blind to the needs of those not served by their authoritative paradigm.

How does this translate into a transit? On the positive side, this can look like innovation gently introduced as a worthy graft atop established structures. On the negative side, this can look like radicalized authoritarianism. Which will future historians ultimately judge it to be?

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