Aries, this post is all about you, which must mean that I have your full attention! Your sign is the hard-headed ram (born between March 22 and April 20) and like a ram, you literally plunge head-first into life. You’re a natural leader, and the world needs people like you because it is full of followers. But when are you being a pioneering maverick or just an obnoxious blowhard?

Aries, when you’re at your best. . .
…you are being honest, direct and forthright. Nobody has to be a mind-reader around you, because you say what you are thinking with little hesitation. And people like your friendly and transparent nature since ‘what you see is what you get.’ There is a beautiful simplicity to you, and you can get a lot accomplished in your life solely because you know exactly what you want. The sun is exalted in Aries, which means that your ego’s desires translate directly into action. You are also great at pursuing things in all aspects of your life—relationships, jobs, money—so you quite often end up getting the things you need.

…and at you’re worst…
There is another side to your go-getter nature which can actually alienate others. You are the solipsist of the zodiac, so you have a hard time seeing how your actions affect others, or that there are other dimensions to reality beyond yours. You can seriously lack self-objectivity, and lose perspective on your own behavior. Know how irritating a screaming, self-centered infant can be? Well that may be an accurate metaphor for how others view you at times. You can be hasty, rushed, and while you are good at starting things, completing projects is more of a challenge. Your ‘honesty’ (which you value so much) can really just come off as abrasive, blunt and unnecessarily provocative. Your irascible nature means that you can also fly off the handle easily, while others are left spinning in your wake. 

Handling your Aries nature
In order to accomplish things at a pace which keeps you interested, try the method of ‘fail fast, fail often’ where you allow yourself to jump right into a project and fail (without penalty) as many times as it is necessary to successfully complete it. If you spend all of your time dwelling on one aspect of a project, you’ll get bored, and boredom is anathema to you. Also, try to dial down your behavior around others who are slower or have lower energy than you—otherwise you will end up bulldozing them. And lastly, have an apology ready at hand. You will inevitably step on people’s toes so be prepared to apologize quickly and gracefully. That can smooth things over and get you back on the fast track, where you belong.

Clueing others in about you….
Tell others that you appreciate it when they shoot from the hip—let them know that you need strong feedback in order to curb your behavior. Skywriting their words from a plane should do it. Also let others know that every once in while, your Aries bubble may pop and you will feel deflated. Don’t let them ever assume it’s their fault, since you, Aries, will re-inflate your own bubble in no time. And in a similar vein, let others know that if you get angry (which you will), they shouldn’t feel responsible for it nor should they take it personally. Your emotions are like a monsoon season—the skies will be bright and sunny until a torrential downpour strikes. Ten minutes later, the sun will come back again. Let others know that they can run for cover, but that you won’t hold a grudge and will quickly let go of whatever set you off. You’ll always do best with companions who also don’t hold a grudge and who are able to let go of any of your stupid mistakes right away, as being reminded over and over again of what you did wrong brings you unnecessary pain. Then you can get back to barreling through life in your usual way!

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March’s Full Moon is also a Lunar Eclipse, with Shadow Agents Mars and Mercury in attendance. Mercury aligns with the Sun in Aries, demanding logic and swift thought. Mars cheers from the sidelines in support. But the Moon in Libra wants balance instead of impulsivity. And all the while, the thoughts are flying thick and fast. What to do? Make a mental net to capture all the ideas that may come along this swift, intuitive stream. Do you have a good idea-capturing system? Now might be the time to begin.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: March 23, 2016
Time of eclipse: 5:01 AM Pacific Time
Type: penumbral (weak in intensity)
Visible in: North America, northwest part of South America, Australia, eastern Russia, China, Japan, Mongolia, India.
At: 3º Libra
Nodal Orientation: the eclipsed Moon conjunct North Node creates an Initiating (not Releasing) nodal orientation
Shadow Agents:  Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury in Aries

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
March 18 to 28
June 19 to 29
September 21 to October 1
December 19 to 29

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable. A lunar eclipse is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event (unlike a solar eclipse, which is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event).

This lunar eclipse falls at the North Node, making this an initiating eclipse, one which is capable of sparking events that can lead to a new beginning. Be courageous and try new things under this eclipse. You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after). The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You are resting at home, when the doorbell rings. Not expecting any company, you walk to the door and curiously open it a crack. The Sun in Aries, and his small, feisty pal Mercury in Aries, come bursting through the door. “We REFUSE to compromise!” they both scream in unison. Before you have a chance to open to your mouth and ask questions, both planets begin ranting. You suddenly realize that once you’ve let unbridled, Aries energy into your house, there is no way to simply ask it to leave…

“I just moved in with my girlfriend, the Moon in Libra,” whines the blowhard Sun in Aries. “And now, my life has been totally hijacked by this relationship! When I was living on my own, I could do whatever I want! If I didn’t feel like washing the dishes, guess what? They wouldn’t get washed ‘till I felt like it! Also, I could come and go every time I pleased, without ever having to check in with anybody!” The Sun was puffed up with anger. His face became redder and redder as he continued his petulant tirade.

“Ever since my girlfriend moved in, everything I do becomes a long discussion. If I want to decorate, I have to clear it with her first. If I want to invite my buddies over, I have to ask her if it works for her too. I’m sick of this! I want to be a bachelor again!”

The Sun and Mercury storm into your living room and plop down on your couch. They put their feet up on your coffee table. You hesitantly offer some advice, “Well relationships can be tough, because they require lots of communication…” but then you get interrupted by brash Mercury in Aries.

“Who is better at communicating than me?” he exclaims as he clearly hasn’t heard anything you have just said. All of a sudden, a text pings on your phone. It’s from the Moon in Libra: “Excuse me, but would it be all right if I stopped by? I’m having problems with my boyfriend, the Sun, and I’m at my wit’s end about what to do with him. I would appreciate some advice about it.”

As the Sun and Mercury whine on about how lame it is to have to talk about everything, they don’t even notice you texting the Moon back. You write: “Of course you are welcome to come over. But the Sun has already beat you here!”

Half an hour passes, and the Sun and Mercury have not stopped talking about how much the Sun is ready to move out from his home with the Moon. In fact, neither of them has even asked you one question about how you are doing. You’ve already begun to sense where the root of the problem in communication may lie…

The doorbell rings and you get up to answer it. As you expected, the Moon in Libra is at the door. She is standing there politely, and has even brought over some flowers in a gesture of consideration. Behind her is Mars in Sagittarius, one of the Sun’s best friends. As they enter the living room, the Sun and Mercury jump up from the couch. “Hey, Mars buddy!” the Sun exclaims. “Did my girlfriend drag you over here? Oh, hey babe….” the Sun says as he glances over at Moon.

Mars in Sagittarius has often played the mediator between the couple, diffusing tensions and suggesting actions that can help things move forward when they’re stuck. The Aries Sun loves his bluntness, and the Libra Moon enjoys his travel stories. They’re both happy to see him, sensing an end to the tension between them.

“Guys, it’s time you two sit down and discuss you problems,” Mars says, as the Sun rolls his eyes. “Discuss?! That’s all we ever do! I guess I have no patience for living with someone else. I’m not much of a compromiser.”

“Oh, shut up and grow up, Sun!” replies Mars in his typical shoot-from-the-hip style. “You’ve been hanging around with that Peter Pan Mercury in Aries too much. He may never want to grow up, but you’d better, if you expect to have the lovely and talented Moon in Libra in your life.” It’s just the kind of directness that the Sun in Aries needs to make him actually listen. “I could never have said that to him,” whispers the Moon in your ear.

“There’s no reason to be afraid of having your independence taken,” says Mars. “The Moon is in an Air sign. She’s perfectly capable of giving you space when you need it. But now that you and she are living together, naturally she expects you to tell her about things ahead of time, because they affect her too.”

For the first time you can ever remember, the Sun is at a loss for words. Even Mercury in Aries can’t argue with that kind of logic.

Mars in Sagittarius continues, “Sun in Aries, you don’t want to be single. You’ve been on your own for most of your life. This is merely a new experience—and there’s no one better than you at trying new things. Maybe underneath all of your complaints, you are just really afraid of something…maybe it’s becoming more mature, maybe it’s losing your independence…but those fears are all ungrounded. You see, Libra Moon isn’t your adversary, she’s your teammate. And with her, your life is so much better. You live in a beautiful home with someone who cares about what you’re up to. What could be better than that?”

The Moon in Libra relaxes noticeably because Mars has cut straight to the point. And the Sun relaxes too. “Thanks, my brother,” he says. “I needed that.” Mercury looks on in amazement that Mars has stated both positions and brought the two into alignment by being soft on the Moon and tough on the Sun. It looks like magic to him. He sidles up to Mars, whispering, “Can you teach me how you did that?” Mars signs him up for a teleseminar on the spot.

The Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra look adoringly into each other’s eyes, then link arms and happily stroll out of your home towards their own, trailing a cloud of little pink hearts.

Read about 2016’s eclipses here.

If you’re feeling this eclipse
and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above
contact Jamie for a reading.



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March’s New Moon in Pisces is also an eclipse and oh boy is this a complex one! Shadow Agents in attendance include Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Chiron, Ceres and Juno. The mood is one of new beginnings that emerge from muddy origins. The healing themes present in the Jupiter/Chiron opposition are also a part of this eclipse. Imagine yourself pulled in two directions, toward both chaos and order. Now imagine that there are many more factors to consider than you can even cope with. The result: total overwhelm. The solution? Slow down, relax, find your center and re-approach when you are ready.

Details About This Eclipse

Date: March 8, 2016
Time of eclipse: 5:54 PM Pacific Time
Type: total (strong in intensity)
Visible in: eastern Asia, southern China, Indonesia, northern Australia, Korea, Japan, eastern tip of Russia and western Alaska.
At: 18º Pisces
Nodal Orientation: the eclipsed Sun conjunct South Node creates a Releasing (not Initiating) nodal orientation
Shadow Agents:  Jupiter in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn in Sagittarius, Juno in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, Ceres in Pisces

Does It Affect You Personally?

If your birthday is on any of the following dates, you’re most likely to experience this eclipse:
March 3 to 13
June 3 to 13
September 5 to 15
December 5 to 15

Remember, not every eclipse touches everyone, but when it does, it’s usually noticeable.  A solar eclipse is likely to be marked by an external, real-world event (unlike a lunar eclipse, which is likely to bring up strong emotions and to be experienced as a subjective event).  This solar eclipse falls at the South Node, making this a releasing eclipse, one which is designed to force you to let go of old things you may be attached to, but don’t really need anymore.  Let go of attachment and this eclipse will go more smoothly.  You may notice events happening anytime within the week surrounding the eclipse (up to a few days before or after).  The following script is just one possible way it could go.

You hear a knock at the door. You answer it. There stands a veritable crowd of planetary archetypes, pushing and shoving to get in your door.
You: Oh no, you don’t! There are too many of you. Please go away.
You shut the door. Through the door-window you see the Moon cast an arc of sparkly energy in the air. The door dissolves.
Moon: When I’m in Pisces, I specialize in dissolving things. Especially boundaries.
The Moon enters the living room and stands there for a moment silently, with her eyes closed. You notice that a light mist, or possibly a smoke arises from her feet and her hands and fills the room with a foggy glow.
Moon: Ok, everybody, come on in.
You: I didn’t ask for this!
One by one, the planets troop across your threshold: Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn, Juno, Chiron and Ceres. They are followed by the Sun, who is quite dark and weak, and who fumbles for a chair. The Moon stands over him, making more sparkles in the air.
Sun: I keep trying to establish my center, but I’m so confused.
Jupiter: You remind me of Superman with kryptonite.
Sun: Yes, it feels like that. I feel so weak and unclear.
Jupiter: Hey everybody, what can we do to help the Sun get his center back?Saturn: You would ask that. You’re at the North Node. You want the Sun to take the high road. But how can he do that, when he’s at the South Node? I’m critical of your method.
Juno: Maybe I can help. The Moon is eclipsing the Sun in the House of Partnership. I am an archetype of Partnership too. Perhaps the answer lies in balance, mirroring and consulting with others.
Saturn: (warningly) It’s possible to do that too much!
Pluto: I have a helpful thought to offer too. Vulnerability and a willingness to share one’s innermost thoughts can bring the Sun all the way through the fog and out the other side. Because, as I like to say, the only way out is through.
Chiron: I agree. Healing is what’s needed, and that takes time and openness. You have to go deeper before you can get through the fog and come out the other side.
Ceres: I think it’s time to check in with bodily wisdom. Sometimes your body knows things you are unaware of. (to the Sun) What is your body telling you now?
The Sun just moans in confusion, thrashing about a little.
Jupiter: All those things are true, but if being near the North Node in Virgo has taught me anything, it’s this: Languishing in a state of confusion and mud can only take you backwards. Onwards, then, into boundaries, common sense and clarity!
Chiron: But don’t leave compassion behind.
Jupiter: True enough. But compassion is no excuse for boundarilessness.
Sun: You’re all speaking in abstracts. I’m more confused than ever.
Moon: Let’s go watch a sad movie together.
Sun: That actually sounds like a good idea. A really sad movie, that will make me cry.
Moon: Then maybe you’ll know what you feel.
Sun: And maybe then I’ll find my center again.
The Moon turns on Netflix and finds some choices. Ceres makes the popcorn, and the Pisces bunch (Sun, Moon, Ceres, Chiron) settle on the sofa to watch. Pluto and Juno join them.
Saturn: Ridiculous!
Jupiter: Idiotic!
Jupiter and Saturn sit in separate corners, reading their phones.
The movie-viewers happily snuggle together and start the movie. Soon tears are streaming down all their faces. After an hour and a half, and a whole box of tissues, they are all hugging.
Moon: That was so sad!
Sun: But also life-affirming—
Ceres: I really felt it in my heart and gut—
Pluto: I let myself be vulnerable to it—
Juno: I was able to feel the main character’s pain—
Chiron: And the pain mixed with my own pain—
Moon: And then when I cried, it all was released together!
Jupiter and Saturn shrug at each other as the still tearful but now happy group gets up and leaves the house in a bunch, punctuated by the occasional hug, back-slap or handing over of another tissue. Saturn and Jupiter follow them.
Jupiter: There’s no accounting for tastes!
Saturn: None at all.

Read about 2016’s eclipses here.

If you’re feeling this eclipse
and you want to know what it means for you,
and especially if your birthday is in one of the spans above
contact Jamie for a reading.



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