What, did I say that with my outside voice?  Yes, friends, I’m sorry to have to tell you that Sagittarian types sometimes have it so good in life that they forget to behave nicely to the rest of us.  In my two previous posts I talked about how you can become as lucky as a Sag (pronounce that “Sadge”) by adopting their behaviors.  Those articles are great to read if you want to hear tons of praise for the Sagittarian temperament.  In this post I’ll talk about how our friendly, neighborhood Jupiter folks can stop annoying people who are not like them.  And here we go . . .

Beloved Sagittarians, please remember to have compassion for people who don’t have your easygoing, positive-minded ways.  You’re not lucky in every area of your life—why should other people be?  As a Sagittarian, you were born to grow, open up and expand in every part of your being.  Seek out the areas where you tend to contract and practice your Sag skills there.  And be gentle with the people in your life who are more contracted than you are.

Sags of the world, you have a tendency to exaggerate.  It’s not exactly lying, is it?  More like embellishment or a tendency to put a positive spin on something that has some downsides you conveniently forgot to mention.  To some you may come off as if you are trying to sell something.  That can be off-putting and counter to your real purpose, which is to create possibility.  But skeptics may be more open to your ideas if you address the negative rather than ignoring it.

My dear children of Jupiter, remember that not everyone is as tolerant as you are.  You’ve probably got a huge variety of friends and acquaintances and you can’t expect all your friends to like each other.  In fact, some of them might hate each other, which is just a reflection of your breadth of personality.  And that’s a good thing, right?!

Sagittarians, this may seem like a contradiction to the previous piece about tolerance, but you can be quite dogmatic and zealous.  This is because when you discover or develop a point of view that really works for you, you are very excited by it.  It’s best to avoid forcing your philosophy on the people around you because what fits you may not fit someone else and other people need to discover their path for themselves.  Handing someone a complete, finished perspective may deprive them of important discoveries they need to make on their own.  Instead, practice asking them useful questions that may lead them to their own best next discovery.

Remember too that your Sagittarian lack of attachment can be disturbing to people who are more emotionally or financially attached to this material world.  Sometimes a Sag can enjoy possibilities more than actualities, because there’s a kind of deadness in the finality of a possibility coming to fruition.  You like to “keep your options open,” which sometimes makes you act like a commitment-phobe, job-hopping or running from relationship to relationship and leaving each one when it becomes too binding or serious.  You may feel the weight of seriousness keenly and can use humor to lighten things up, which can annoy others who have more invested in you than you do in them.  So it’s prudent to avoid engendering attachment in others before you are capable of returning the same serious feelings.

And one last thing:  Jupiter-touched people tend to project a large aura.  Remember that a Sag just “feels” big to others—you may be a little bit louder, physically larger, wear a bigger hat, dress in brighter colors.  A Sag lights up the room.  But sometimes people find this intimidating, even when that’s not what you intended.  Sometimes it feels to them like you’re taking over.  It’s important to be aware of the amount of space you’re taking up, and to be deliberate about making room for smaller, more fragile or younger creatures to grow.  Encourage them and create space for them.  That is a wonderful way for you to express your wisdom and to be a role-model.

Being a role-model and expressing wisdom are some of Sagittarius’ favorite things, and thank goodness for it.  Thank goodness for all the hope and abundance generated by this grand fire sign.  Lovable Sags of the world, you may sometimes be annoying, but what would we ever do without you?

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