There’s a new James Bond movie coming out next week (Quantum of Solace), which reminds me how very much James Bond exemplifies the nature of the sign Scorpio, which happens to be the sign we’re in right now (kudos to the movie studio for their timing).

In what ways does Scorpio resemble James Bond?  To begin with, Scorpio, like Bond, has a reputation for being sexy.  Bond is a seducer, a womanizer who can control others—or be controlled by others—via sexual passion.  Bond radiates masculine magnetism.  An emphasis on Scorpio in a person’s chart can cause them to radiate sexuality in a similar way.  Hopefully most individuals are more intimate in their sexual expression than Bond is.

Scorpio is also highly intuitive, sometimes in ways that are startling.  Scorpio’s brand of intuition is sharp, incisive and not easily tracked.  Bond, like Scorpio, has a particular talent for reading the motivations and desires of the people around him.  Scorpio has the instincts of a spy, a person who must always be hyper-aware of his surroundings and the possible presence or actions of the enemy.  If this sounds like paranoia, that’s because it sometimes is—to the detriment of Scorpio individuals who become overly preoccupied with the responses of other people, even to the point of obsession.

Scorpio, like Bond, has passions that run very hot and very cold, with not a lot in between.  I’m reminded of Billy Joel’s lyrics: “darling, I don’t know why I go to extremes.  Too high and too low, there ain’t no in between.”  Joel is an honorary Scorpio, having Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) squared his Taurus Sun.  And if he doesn’t know why he goes to extremes, it’s probably because no astrologer ever told him to read the Scorpio section in addition to the Taurus one.

But back to James Bond.  Scorpio, like Bond, can be sneaky, secretive and private.  That also goes along with being a spy.  In fact, the Scorpio in us sometimes likes being sneaky for its own sake, purely because it’s fun.  And sometimes just because we feel we have something to hide or protect.

And finally Scorpio, like Bond, we suspect is soft on the inside, but hard on the outside.  This is part of the fascination.  When we see hints of vulnerability or emotion behind that armored exterior, we are intrigued.  We want to know more.  This is why Scorpio is so seductive.

But what is actually going on behind these rumored traits?  What is behind the spy’s mask?  What is it like to be Scorpio?  More on this in my next post.

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I just discovered that for some reason I had posted October’s forecast dates through only the 14th, as if that was all there was to October.  I have now added the “Fortune Cookies” for the second half of the month.  It seems both ironic and appropriate that the last day on my forecast page was also the day Mercury turned direct, as if life ended there.  Now it’s been corrected–enjoy!



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Venus, archetype of love, beauty and relationship, has a dual nature:  one side of her is the sultry sensualist (hedonistic and self-indulgent at the worst) and the other side is the cool, unapproachable beauty (or ice princess at the worst).  How can one archetype have two such different sides?

Every sign of the zodiac has a planet that rules it.  But there are twelve signs and only ten planets,* so that two of those planets have rulership over two signs each.  Venus is one that has two signs, those being Libra and Taurus.

These two signs aptly illustrate the two sides of Venus’ personality.  Libra is more intellectual and distant, the cool, remote beauty, the lovely statue on the pedestal, the unattainable ideal.  Libra is also highly sensitive to beauty, but as an air sign, Libra is more interested in the abstract than the actual; to the Libran mind, a pure, beautiful, balanced idea is a perfect idea.  It doesn’t matter whether the idea can ever manifest in a real, physical form—Libra treasures the idea itself.

Taurus on the other hand, represents the earthier and more sensual side of Venus’ nature.  Taurus is the part of us that lives in the realm of the senses that takes pleasure in hedonistic desire that magnetizes our desire to us.  Taurus is drawn toward objects of beauty, toward fine, well-made objects, and wishes to possess them.  Taurus luxuriates in all things beautiful and delicious.

Libra is also the sign associated with agreements, promises and contracts.  Libra appreciates the rules of a relationship, whereas Taurus appreciates the sensations of being in contact with another person.  Taurus loves physical affection and comfort.

Both signs have their negative side:  Taurus overindulges, becoming a hedonist or gourmand, while Libra becomes a temptress:  cold and unapproachable, standoffish and teasing.  At Libra’s worst, there is the promise of love with no satisfaction; at Taurus’ worst, there is consumption with no satisfaction.  Libra can be the siren, luring sailors to their deaths, while Taurus can be like Tantalus, with the grapes forever dangling above his mouth, perpetually unable to reach them.

A Venusian “type” (someone whose chart shows a strong, centrally placed Venus) may identify with both sides of Venus over time.  This is so whether the native is a woman or a man.  Such a person will struggle with overindulgence as they embrace embodied experience and may at times fall in love with the idea of love.  But the Venusians among us also live lives rich in relationship, both to others, and to themselves.

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* Holding all arguments about Pluto’s status as a planet aside, that is.  Astrologers have not abandoned Pluto just because it’s been demoted by astronomy.  Pluto may be small, but its effects are potent.

On my Mercury Retrograde page, I’ve said that trying to complete projects with normal efficiency during Mercury retrograde is like having a picnic in a rainstorm.  You may want to go through with the picnic, because it’s what you planned, but if you’d realized it was going to storm that day, you would have planned the picnic for another time.

Knowing Mercury retrograde is coming is like being apprised of a Details Storm, an occasion where the wind picks up and swirls office details, communications and electronics equipment functionality into eddies of confusion and mess.  Sometimes it’s best to simply batten down the hatches.  There is no way to know in advance exactly what form it will take (a fax breakdown just when you needed to get those papers to your loan officer?  A heart-stopping letter from an ex?  A life-altering, unexpected wipe of your hard-drive?)  Your best strategy is to be prepared for anything.  Clear your mind.  Clean your desk.  Take a break.  And when the emergency strikes (as you know it will!), approach it calmly, with a clear head and an open heart.

It’s October 14, 2008.  Mercury has now been retrograde for 20 days.  You may even have known that.  Are you still trying to picnic in a rainstorm?

Mercury’s retrograde stint finishes tomorrow (Oct 15), but don’t expect things to get smoother until later in the week.  In the meantime, continue the practice of taking yourself off the hook, relaxing and cultivating mental stillness.  Have that picnic next week.

Libra is one of the Cardinal signs.  Cardinal means active, motivated, driven.  Cardinality is the quality of beginnings.  This means that Libra is a motion-oriented leader, a sign that starts things.  But how can that be?  Everyone who knows something about Libra knows that Librans are famous for their inability to make decisions.  It’s hard to move forward on something when you feel the need to carefully think through every possible argument for and against it before you take action.  Why on earth is such an inherently indecisive sign also a Cardinal sign?

Libra is all about what’s fair.  This sign, above all others, is motivated to create balance and to give in measure equal to what is received.  Libra is highly sensitive to imbalance.  But it is not really possible for one human being to see into every level of both their soul and the soul of another person and to see what really, truly is fair.  Thus the dilemma:  Libra cannot truly judge what is fair and must deliberate for a long time, asking herself what is the right thing, the fair thing?

So Libran types get paralyzed in indecision, unable to make a choice because they are longing for that still point of perfect balance to be struck.  But perfect balance, even if it is reached, cannot be maintained for long.  And here we find the answer to our question, because what Libra excels at is not static balance (the noun), but the act of balancing (the verb).  Balance is not a static state to be achieved, but an action, continually in progress.  If you think balancing is not active, just try the yoga “tree” pose right now and notice how active and busy your muscles are.

Since Libra is both a Cardinal and an Air sign, the (cardinal) action takes place in the (airy) mental realm.  Libra loves debate, a favorite phrase being “but on the other hand . . .”  The continual search for ideas, arguments and perspectives that will bring a discussion into balance is consummately Libran, very active and very Cardinal.

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